Like the global warming meeting that gets snowed out, Daniel Patterson does not have good timing. Maybe it is the fact that his story has a dateline of “San Diego.”

     The Tucson area had the just had the 6th wettest July on record. There was a steady rain this morning as I drove to a meeting at 8:00 am. The temperature was below 70. The weather service has issued a flash flood warning through this evening. So Daniel posts a story about dryland degradation and desertification. Maybe next time he should post the story before the monsoon rains arrive.

BTW – Daniel is thinking of running for the legislature from LD-29.


  1. Thanks for the mention.

    We’re lucky to have a good monsoon season this year so far, but a slightly above average monsoon won’t end desert degradation.

    In fact, degraded deserts can erode badly during heavy rains, leading to more flooding.

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