Time to take the bark off of Quayle

Admiral Nelson has a fascinating and spot on post regarding the race to replace Congressman John Shadegg. 

Ben Quayle is sitting at north of 90% name identification, thanks to his father.  He has clearly spent some serious money on this race, perhaps a million dollars as some have speculated. 

Yet he’s mired at 18% in the latest Arizona Guardian poll, with Jim Waring at 13% and Vernon Parker at 12%. 

This is clearly a toss up race between the three. 

With 90% name ID, Quayle has nowhere to go but down.  His 18% is likely very soft — people are going with the name they recognize, especially prior to the other candidates advertising another choice. 

I agree with the good Admiral that 20% is likely where Quayle will stay.  In such a balkanized race, however, this may be good enough. 

It’s time to take the bark off of Quayle. 

There’s nothing wrong with so called “negative” campaigning.  In certain cases, failure to point out your candidates shortcomings is a disservice to the public.  This is one such case. 

Vernon appears to have signalled that he will pursue this course in a recent e-mail, decrying Quayle the younger’s out of state high dollar donors and relative lack of real world accomplishments. 

This is a course Vernon and his fellow candidates should pursue, and with vigor. 

Congress is not supposed to be your first real job.  Quayle worked briefly at two law firms following what appears to be a number of attempts at the Bar exam, before taking some nebulous job (with his brother) at an investment firm, clearly staked with family money. 

There is nothing about him personally or professionally that recommend him for such an important office. 

Ben Quayle even has the nerve to suggest that his father has nothing to do with this campaign (makes me wonder how Bob Dole ended up on his DC fundraising host committee, along with 5 former cabinet secretaries, or why a former President hosted a fundraiser at his house).  In fact, the father announced his son’s campaign on TV, has made fundraising phone calls on his behalf, and aggressively tried to muscle out candidate Steve Moak, according to the Arizona Capitol Times. 

Quayle has spent more than the field combined, and he’s still stuck in the polls close to where he was the day his Daddy announced for him. 

In addition to his lack of accomplishments, personal or professional, or service to community or party, Quayle has made some troubling comments about supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants. 

The guy is stuck at 18% with 90% name ID.  That support is soft, a mile wide and an inch deep.  The public has a right to know what this guy is all about.  Early voting starts in less than a month. 

The prize is in sight, it’s almost anybody’s game, and every single one of you would make a better Congressman than Ben Quayle. 

What are you waiting for? 


  1. If I knew Ben Quayle I would tell him to serve in the state legislature. That boy needs some experience. I am sure he is nice young man, but I want someone who has done something.

  2. Andrea Martinez says
  3. geno mcdonel says

    Stop criticizing Lil’ Dan. It’s not his fault that:

    *Lil’ Dan is new to Arizona.

    *Lil’ Dan never had any elective office before.

    *Or Lil’ Dan has not voted much in AZ.

    *Lil’ Dan Does not know his dad Big Dan is raising money for him.

    *Lil’ Dan thinks it’s up to “his generation” to be beholden to lobbyists and special interest that contribute big $ that will determine his votes.

    *Lil’ Dan wonders why the camel came back to Camelback Mountain saying “Where did it come back from?

  4. Chambray Dixon says

    I find it comical that Sonoran News (comment #2) considers this:


    A legit source. The whole story is gossip. There is a reason they have to piggyback off of Sonoran Alliance.

    Also, pot calling the kettle black? No better turn of phrase? It’s not a news story, its an editorial hit job.

  5. Heather, Paradise Valley says

    I agree Congress shouldn’t be your first real job. Instead they should all be like Jim Waring and spend a lifetime in the State Legislature raising taxes and increasing spending. Making sure that, like Leanne Hull and Paulina Morris, they are passionate about the cause of increased government bureaucracy and interference in our lives. Then, once we’ve they’ve had a “real job” like that, they can move on to the big kids table and be a Congressman.

    These kinds of tax and spend Republicans are the reason I’m supporting Vernon Parker.

  6. Oberserve says

    I think Ben Quayle is a joker. That said, between Quayle and Waring, I’ll take Quayle over Waring in a HEARTBEAT.

  7. I would be embarrassed to have “Benji” Quayle as my congressman.

    The kid has only been here since 2006, and has he even voted in Arizona yet?

    To trade Ben Quayle for John Shadegg would be a huge step down.

    Even though this is usually a safe Republican district, I could honestly see the Democrats knocking Quayle off if Republican voters were stupid enough to nominate him.

  8. Oberserve says

    John Q,

    I know. I agree. That’s how bad and undistinguished Waring is though as a candidate that Ben Quayle is more preferable than him.



  10. I love the line the, “Congress should not be your first real job.”!

    The Quayle family has been completely absent from the political scene in this district – and state. Most people don’t even know they are here.

    Only when there is an open Congressional seat do they flex their political and financial muscle.

    That’s NOT how we do things here in Arizona.

    We don’t sell our Congressional seats!

    Vernon Parker has done the work, has never been given anything and has walked away from power several times to serve the people.

    That’s what Arizona is about. I’m voting for Parker.

  11. TrueAZConservative says

    Eric: Vernon Parker has never been given anything? Think again. Actually, Parker illegally applied for a Small Business Administration loan a year or so back for “disadvantaged” businesses. Only later did the SBA terminate his contract with the Business Development Program because he “falsely certified” information on the application. Parker also submitted records that did not match invoices, and were actually less than 66% of the contract income recordered. As a bureaucrat, Parker essentially stole from the American people. And as a businessman, he literally lied to and stole from the SBA, again, the American people. We do not want this guy in office, particularly replacing a conservative!

  12. Oberserve says

    Lol, replacing a conservative? By that I assume you to mean Shadegg who championed the #1 largest spending program of all time!

    2008 TARP.

    Shadegg is a sellout, not a conservative. Maybe 15 years ago he was, but not since he voted for every consecutive largest spending programs of all time since 2003.

  13. Lawrence says

    Paulina “I’m a lawyer” Morris questioned by by the FEC on her campaign reporting stating:

    The acceptance of excessive contributions is a serious problem. Again, the
    p, committee’s procedures for processing contributions should be examined
    fi and corrected in order to avoid this problem. Although the Commission
    ® may take further legal action, prompt action by you to refund, redesignate,
    K1 and/or reattribute of the excessive amount will be taken into consideration.

    Funny how Ms. Fixing the Government can’t get her own reports right.

  14. Lawrence says

    FEC letter to Paulina “I’m a lawyer” Morris


  15. BearDown says

    Ben has never voted in an Arizona election! Shouldn’t that be evidence enough he isn’t ready to represent the constituents of CD3? Asking someone to cast their vote for you and represent them in Congress while you have never taken the time to vote in Arizona is morally incredulous.

  16. Bobby T. says

    When I get my early ballot in the mail, I’m voting for anyone but Waring. He’s the moderate in the race just like Paulina Morris. Voting for Napolitano’s budget (aka massive irresponsible spending increases that have screwed Arizona) and never getting a job outside of the legislature (Where’s his professional experience???http://www.votesmart.org/bio.php?can_id=28214), I’d say this is proof enought that we can’t trust him to be our congressman in Washington. Do we seriously want career politicans in office?
    Looking at the candidates, Vernon Parker looks like the best one to me. He’d be great press for Arizona as the first African-American congressman from Arizona!

  17. Steve Moak would be a great Arizona congressman! Moak doesn’t have the name recognition of Quayle, Waring, or Parker because Steve has been running his successful businesses, ProMark One and Synergy Solutions. Steve and his wife also founded the non-profit, notMYkid.
    I didn’t know anything about Steve until I started checking out all the candidates for CD3. As a small business owner, I probably have a bias towards Steve because of his success as a business man; however, check out his site to see if you don’t agree with me that Steve is the best candidate in this race. I’d love to see some new congressmen who’ve had to not only make a payroll, but also lay people off!


    Bobby T – I don’t think the first African-American congressman is a compelling reason to vote for Vernon. Isn’t that why many people voted for Obama, first African-American President?

  18. obamanation says

    Ben Quayle is still attached by the hip to his Dad’s wallet and much like Justin Johnson is just another born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-the-mouth kid who thinks they are meant to take an office because their DADDIES were once in office. Pathetic, it is a case of generational entitlement, and worse, I would hope people would have learned by now that no experience is not necessarily a good thing… Obama, anyone?

    Morris is one “mean woman” in the CD3 debates, and that’s not complimentary. Seeing her petulantly snap at Hull for being called a lawyer didn’t endear her to my district’s PCs. Her reticence to acknowledge her excess campaign contributions, her Pro-Death stance, and her ties to Planned Parenthood (hmm wonder if those excess contributions came from PP affiliates) make her one to cast my ballot: AS A BIG NO.

  19. Bobby Baby says

    Paulina is a government hawk, she supports more money for government, is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, supports the gay agenda: the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and the Defense of Marriage Act. Is this woman clueless or what? Someone please tell her she is running in a Republican Primary!

  20. Jim Waring is a stand up guy, not caught up in the hype that some of the candidates are getting from local and DC people interested in making deals. I’m proudly supporting JIM WARING!!

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