Time to choose

Arizona does not vote in the presidential primary until February 5th but the deadline to get registered, Jan 7th, is rapidly approaching. Those registered as Independent or No Party are not eligible to vote in the presidential primary and should re-register with a party if they wish to participate. Most of our readers are probably with a specific party but if you have a friend who is not direct them to ServiceArizona to re-register. Also, anyone who has moved or change his/her name should re-register. For more information see the Secretary of State web site.


  1. If you don’t vote in the primary, you might as well not bother to vote at all, since you missed the chance (and the power) to get the candidate you REALLY wanted instead of settling for the lesser of two evils.

    I love Lou Dobbs in many ways but when he asks folks to change to Independent, he is inadvertently lessening their power to choose a meaningful candidate..unless he is planning to run??

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