Time for Dems to throw in the towel on crAZy

The Arizona Democratic Party has a web site with really bad photos of Arizona Republican elected officials. The site distorts many of the issues and takes swipes at Republicans on a personal level. Now that Representative Mark DeSimone has been arrested for wife-beating we see that the Democrats are no better or sometimes worse than the people they are attacking. It would elevate the level of political discourse in Arizona if the Democratic Party would remove their crAZy web site from the internet. Of course they can choose to leave it up but in the wake of DeSimone’s arrest for slapping around his wife in front of at least one of the children what is the point?

A short call to Representative DeSimone’s office resulted in a “I have no information on that” reply to the question of any plans to resign.


  1. Kralmajales says

    Why throw in the towel on this? Never hurts to have a good partisan watchdog calling for resignations of unethical people who abuse the public trust. Something I would expect from the right as well as the left.

    In this case, this guy should resign just as Trish Groe should have. He (like she) committed an act that violated the law when they both were in positions of responsibility for writing the laws of the state.

    I think your criticism are fair of him. But not fair to call for the shutting down of an organization (while very partisan) that wishes to shine a little light where the powerful like to hide.

  2. Sonoran Sam says

    This is just a lot of partisan nonsense.

    First, DeSimone HAS ALREADY SAID he’s resigning.

    Second, anyone who thinks the GOP has a right to whine about partisan attacks has a twisted sense of humor.

    Third, clean up your own yard before you look over the fence and criticize.

    I’m getting tired of citing the litany of Republican scuz bags who molest children, hang out in restrooms, pimp out for cronies, lard up on pork, and, oh yes, drive halfway across the state in a drunken stupor, get a slap on the wrist, and expect to be re-elected.

    I’m not a fan – or a reader – of the Democratic party website. But if you want to keep it going, continue to whine about it, and draw attention to it.

  3. How many authentic hits does that site get? It is petty and looks sophomoric. The type of viewer that would like it would never be a conservative in the first place. If that is all they have to do, then let them keep busy and not doing things of true importance. Better for us.

    A glass house it is and we can see right thru it.

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