Tim Nelson confused about what office he’s running for

For the latest news on ACLU Pinnochio Tim, who was until recently a partisan political hack for Napolitano, check out aclutimwillsayanythingtogetelected. It appears that ACLU Tim is campaigning for U.S. Attorney, not County Attorney. According to the website, Nelson thinks that RICO funds can only be used for federal purposes – ignoring Arizona law that specifies how they must be handled locally. Oops. Pretty embarrassing for a Napolitano-groomed candidate.

Or maybe ACLU Tim should go back to working for the ACLU. There is quite a bit of work in town now with the ACLU filing lawsuits against Sheriff Arpaio over his illegal immigration crime suppression sweeps(challenging Prop. 100, no bail for illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes, which was passed with 78% voter approval) and suing the state over Prop. 200, which restricts benefits to illegal immigrants and requires voter ID. Considering Nelson said on Horizon earlier this week that he only intends to selectively enforce the state’s human smuggling law against smugglees conspiring to smuggle themselves, he would be a better fit at the ACLU than as County Attorney enforcing these laws. ACLU Tim will take the dishonesty of the ACLU to a new level.

We wonder if ACLU Tim is going to post comments using fake names after this blog post. He has a history of doing that.


  1. I am asking that Sonoran Alliance run this story. I found it on the East Valley Tribune’s website….

    The Mayor of Gilbert is being investigated for abusing his spouse.

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