Tim Bee Produces Ad


This really is a great ad! Maybe some of our Southern Arizona readers can tell us if Tim Bee’s ad is on the air yet.


  1. GOP Spartan says

    I’ve got to aggree. Great add. Who produced it?

  2. I haven’t seen the ad on the air yet but it looks excellent. Good idea to define himself before Giffords starts attacking. They should start the media buy now.

    Interestingly no mention of the word Republican. Probably smart given the political atmosphere.

  3. It’s running already. Saw it one morning this week. Good spot. This ad will draw the incumbent into responding.

  4. Ran again tonight during the 10:00 news. Will have to see how Ms. SUV responds.

  5. It’s a good ad, if a bit bland, although bland works (ask Sen. Bill Nelson from Florida).

    I think it’s funny though. Not only did he not mention the (R)epublican, a lot of bi-partisanship and reaching across the aisle and blah blah blah. Looks like the Bush era really is at a close. I remember when “bipartisanship” meant “surrender” to Republicans.

    I wonder if he’ll let himself be photographed with Bush when Captain 28% comes to town.

  6. Live Free or Die says

    Tim Bee is a Janet Napolitano’s water boy. He proved it by voting for Janet’s budget along with 3 Rino’s. It is amazing he can stand without a spine.

  7. Bitter Bible Clinger says

    He should be photographed with Captain 28%. He’s running to raise the approval rating that Speaker 9% and Harry 9% have managed to corkscrew into the ground.

    28% > %9

  8. Bitter Bible Caricature,

    So Congress is 100% Democrat? Awesome! None of those negative ratings are because Congress is blindly siding with Bush’s agenda (like FISA).

    Tim Bee will take his money, but he will run from Bush like McCain is running from this photograph:


    I invite the GOP to run with Bush. Please for the love of God do so. We’d really like that filibuster proof majority.

  9. Tim Bee is another Big Oil, Big Corporation, yes man to Bush. If your happy with the current state of the nation: unaffordable health care, skyrocketing inflation and gas prices, soaring unemployment then vote for another republican. Its been a long and costly 8 years for the US. 4000+ dead US troops, $1.5 Billion+ a week spending on Iraq, yet there is endless cuts in domestic programs.


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