Tim Bee Closes In on Giffords

 Tim Bee for Congress

Daniel Scarpinato reports in the Arizona Daily Star that State Senator Tim Bee and Congressman, Gabriell Giffords, virtually matched each other in fundraising during the first quarter of 2008. Bee successfully raised $466,092 to Giffords’ $466,786 between January 1st and March 31st. But the Republican hopeful is still behind when it comes to cash on hand. Giffords, the incumbent, holds an advantage obviously due to her congressional connections. Over thirty-three percent of her money has come from special interest political action committees while only nine perect of Bee’s funds come from PAC’s.

Don’t count Bee out quite yet as the State Senator continues to pick up momentum for a seat that has been held by a Republican although liberal.

The funniest quote in this story comes from Michael NcNulty, Giffords’ campaign chairman when he said, “…outside of his legislative district, I don’t think many average voters know who he [Bee] is.”

Mr. McNulty ought to follow current events more often given that the President of the State Senate receives quite a bit of press in the Southern Arizona media market.

Although Giffords may have more cash on hand than Bee, there is a silver lining in this as the DNC reconsiders dropping more money into Arizona knowing that Senator McCain will overwhelmingly carry the state. Any dollars Democrats do invest in Arizona will have to be strategically targeted.

Please consider adding to the momentum of Tim Bee’s campaign by visiting his website at http://www.timbee.com/.

Latest Numbers – CD8:
Tim Bee (R):
Raised 1Q: $466,092
Cash on Hand: $525,439
Total Raised: $752,686

Gabrielle Giffords (D):
Raised 1Q: $466,786
Cash on Hand: $1,672,821
Total Raised: $1,925,354


  1. Wait, has 1/3 of the money Gabby has? This is “closing in”? That’s like saying the Soviets were closing in on Apollo 11 when their rocket exploded on the launch pad.

  2. kralmajales says

    Good post!

    A few things, first:

    “Mr. McNulty ought to follow current events more often given that the President of the State Senate receives quite a bit of press in the Southern Arizona media market.”

    True true, but much of the press has been really bad. It reminds voters that he presided over what is now the worst deficit in Arizona history. It is hard not to pin it on him too. If you argue it was the Govs fault, as many GOP do, remember that he was the one that brokered the compromise, shut down conservatives, and passed her budget. If you believe, like many of us that the power of the purse is with the legislature, then it is all too easy to blame the deficit on Bee yet again for supporting both massive tax cuts and massive spending on border items, corrections, and host of other things.

    Last, one other thing. His total is impressive, no question. He still didn’t keep pace and it will be interesting to see if he is now tapped out of $2000 + donors. I suspect that he hasn’t gotten a lot of PAC money yet, but I bet the fundraising is not really what we would call grassroots, small donors either.

    One more interesting point you raise is about whether the DNC will have to spend money here. I am not so sure about that. The fact is that she has over a million dollars more than he does and she won’t need the DNC money. Same with Mitchell up there in CD 5. The only way they will get DNC money is so that they can run the tough, hard-hitting ads for them, while Mitchell and Giffords are able to stay focused, contact voters, and run hours and hours of positive ads.

  3. SonoranSam says

    So ya think everyone knows Keith Bee because he’s Senate President….

    I’m thinking of another legislative leader who thought he was, to quote Mo Udall, a legend in his own mind.

    He ran for Governor. His name was Burton Barr, and he took on a fringe guy named Even Mecham.

    I wonder how that worked out?

  4. Kralmajales says

    “So ya think everyone knows Keith Bee because he’s Senate President….”

    This says it all and I think it was unintentional.

  5. SonoranSam says



    I think it proves two things (beyond my original point)

    1. I am one old dude.
    2. I’m a brain-addled Libruhl.

  6. Nathan Sproul says

    Unfortunately, this is what is wrong with blogs making anonymous posts. As Knaperek’s campaign consultant, I guarantee you that no one associated with her campaign has any knowledge about the conduct of David Schweikert’s staff on this issue. Furthermore, Laura would not use an issue like this to smear someone’s character!

    I’m sorry that this post has been allowed to stay up so long. It should have come down immediately.

    While I believe Laura is a better candidate for the Republican Party against Harry Mitchell, David Schweikert is a good Republican and his staff are top-notch operatives. Neither Schweikert’s campaign or Knaperek’s campaign should have to deal with this.

    It is unfortunate and shouldn’t be tolerated.

  7. Sonoran Alliance says

    Come on folks, this post was about Tim Bee’s campaign – NOT David Schweikert. I am going to pull everything related to the Pima David post. Keep the comments on target please!

  8. Honest Abe says

    PUBLISHED ON APRIL 17, 2008:

    The Skinny


    Bee might want to rethink some of those expenses–like, for example, the big bucks he’s shelling out to political strategist Nathan Sproul, who has skimmed at least $31,000 from the campaign.

    Sproul has done most of his work in the Phoenix area, although he has done some statewide campaigns. For example, he managed Len Munsil’s 2006 gubernatorial campaign. Munsil got all of 35 percent of the vote as Democrat Janet Napolitano racked up more votes than any governor in Arizona history.

    Sproul is also the only political strategist in America who has lost an effort to ban gay marriage. Guess 2006 really wasn’t his year.

    Sproul has plenty of other experience–he hustled some GOP money guys out of hundreds of thousands of dollars to get an initiative on the ballot to cripple the state’s Clean Elections program, only to see it tossed off the ballot by the Arizona Supreme Court before voters could decide its fate–but his biggest liability is all those stories about funny business related to voter-registration drives back in 2004.

    In a year when Republicans are still trying to scrub away the stench of corruption that has pervaded the party, Sproul is probably not the sort of guy that Bee needs on his campaign. He might want to ask Jim Click for permission to dump him.

  9. Honest Abe says

    Interesting remarks from the Tucson Weekly reguarding our buddy Nathan Sproul. I think it is spot on!

  10. Yikes, I have to decide between believing the Skinny or Sproul? Wasn’t this one of the signs of the apocalypse?

  11. Honest Abe says


    I know what you mean…Nathan Sproul is simply BAD NEWS…

  12. Sonoran Alliance says

    Please get back on topic regarding Bee vs. Giffords.

  13. FreeAdvice says

    Bee will do fine hiring someone like Nathan, who’s not the one responsible for the “bad news” referred to above. His causes have been noble ones, and matters outside his control (Supreme Court) and partisan-driven (voter reg fraud rumors) and/or poorly written (gay marriage ban) cannot be his fault. Nor can long-shot candidates against popular incumbents (guess who). Bee has hired an experienced person, and that’s a real threat to Gabby.

  14. Honest Abe says


    Just list one person Nathan has represented in the past 24 months that has won their race in Arizona. I think Bee could have done much better on his own instead of depending on Click, who sends all his people right to Nathan. One by one they have all failed.

  15. Honest Abe says

    Oh, just for the record, Sproul called Nintzel about the article and wanted to take him to lunch and discuss it. This is a classic Sproul move, each time he has a problem with anyone on any topic he offers up lunch. I wish I owned a resturant!

  16. kralmajales says

    I tried to stay on topic Sonoran.

    Here is one…I think the title of your post is off. He has not kept pace with Giffords, he is still well over a million behind, he has not once…at any time…close the gap with her on funding. Not in a single quarter.

  17. Well Kral, I guess we’ll all call Tim Bee and tell him to throw in the towel since YOU have proclaimed his defeat.

    You and the other boo birds must have been very upset that even the Star couldn’t find the slightest taint of wrongdoing on your latest rallying cry: the school lobbyists ad. Kral, that was some pretty weak cheese y’all got there. REALLY, is that the best you can do? Come on! I thought you libs really knew how to smear people. I’m very disappointed in you and your homies. WEAK CHEESE! Adding insult to injury, Big Education is supporting Tim Bee.

    The Star tried and tried and tried. Raided the emails, probably dug thru the Bee’s trash can, and that was the weakest cheese I’ve ever seen. Even commentary by Bittner and you guys couldn’t get the slime machine into first gear.

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