I was wrong in my earlier post on British Prime Minister Gordon Brown retreating in the face of Islamic terror.  Brown has surrendered!

In his first statement to the House of Commons since assuming power last week, Brown said he would surrender to Parliament 12 powers traditionally reserved for the prime minister under the “Royal prerogative,” including the power to declare war, along with the power to dissolve the House, and the right to appoint judges and bishops.

“I now propose to surrender or limit these powers to make for a more open 21st century British democracy which better serves the British people,” he told MPs, to loud Labour cheers.

Winston Churchill is rolling in his grave.


This sums up Plato’s modern day, self-appointed “guardians” nicely.  Via Instapundit:

ARNOLD KLING HAS thoughts on trust. “My idea of a high-trust society differs from that of many elites. Elitist journalists think that a high-trust society is one where we trust the mainstream media. Elitist politicians and activists think that a high-trust society is one where we trust legislators, regulators, and experts to exercise broad authority. In contrast, I believe that a high-trust society is one in which processes ensure that elites are subject to checks and accountability. It is particularly important for legislators, regulators, and experts to have their authority limited and their accountability assured.”

There is a huge difference between classical liberalism and modern liberalism.  In fact, modern liberalism is the exact opposite of classicists Locke, Smith, Descartes, et al, and their drive for the “rights of man.”  Classical liberalism believes in the collective wisdom of millions, and its superiority of decision-making over the individual wisdom of the few.  Modern liberals believe that because the millions cannot discuss the intracacies of Title IX legislation, they must be governed (or dominated) by the elite few.  Every society that has been run by the self-appointed elites, feudalism, socialism or modern-day European-style corporatism, has failed.  Unfortunately, the liberal “elite” continues to push for government-run solutions.


Oliver Stone hopes bashing America makes him an acceptable member of the Great Satan.  He was shocked, shocked! to find out his hatred of George Bush was not good enough for Irans nut-job “president”:

Iranian “president” Ahmadinejad said: “[Oliver Stone] is considered part of the opposition in the U.S., but opposition in the U.S. is a part of the Great Satan.”

Stone’s reply: “I wish the Iranian people well, and only hope their experience with an inept, rigid ideologue president goes better than ours.”

But don’t question Stone’s patriotism!


The next Ms. America (hopefully) deploys to Afganistan.  Sign me up!


Ms. Utah in her tiara, not camos.


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