Tidball still in CD-8 race.

     Not only is Derek still in the race, he was recently interviewed on 104.1 FM in Tucson. In the interview Tidball reveals that he was a Republican who believes the party has abandoned some of its past values. He does not get very specifics but judging from some of his comments and web site he was most likely part of the fiscal conservative wing of the party.

     Since we first covered this story we have discovered that some within the Republican Party are not pleased about Tidball’s candidacy. Without a formal Republican candidate yet in the race things could still change. Going back to 2006 we can see that even the lack-luster Independent Jay Quick got 1.7% of the vote. If he stays in the race Derek should easily get a higher percentage than Quick. In a close race that could make a difference on the final outcome. It is too early to tell in which direction.


  1. Jay Quick was not a serious candidate. I don’t know what his motivation was, but he did not work on his speaking skills or ability to use the microphone. He took his presentation (dress, etc.) casually and his web site was pathetic. Tidball’s web site, still modest, already exceeds what Quick had. When the debates heated up, Quick quit.

    Derek Tidball is a completely different situation. In a certain respect, he is the Ron Paul of CD 8, someone disgusted with the “deficits don’t matter” corrupt corporate servants that have hijacked the GOP.

    When is the GOP going to get off its knees and recognize the United States of America is a great nation, not a cash cow for the pals of Cheney and Eggplant?

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