Thomas to Face Democratic Challenger

Tim Nelson Andrew Thomas

The Arizona Republic/Associated Press is reporting that General Counsel to Governor Napolitano, Tim Nelson, will be stepping down most likely to challenge Maricopa County Attorney, Andrew Thomas.

At the same time, Democratic challenger, Dan Saban, announced today that he will retire as Buckeye’s Police Chief effective in August. Saban will likely face off against Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the General Election in November.



  1. Hey Pat,

    Saban is Chief of Buckeye not Goodyear.

  2. Thanks for the catch Ann. I corrected it for Pat.

  3. Now for the fun part for Dems. McCain crushes Obama and/or Hillary in Arizona and all of their hopes and dreams go up in smoke. Saban, Nelson and the rest are wasting their time and money, which makes me quite happy!

  4. CD 5 Conservative says

    How ironically sad that the professional McCain haters in Arizona are going to benefit the most from his being the nominee, helping them triumph over members of the other party who don’t hate him with such intensity.

  5. Disgruntled Democrat insider says

    Both Democrats challengers don’t have a shot against popular Republican incumbents for these county races, and they know it. Both Arpaio and Thomas have high approval ratings, beats me but the public still seems to like them for whatever reason.

    The Democrats are putting up no-name Tim Nelson as a sacrificial lamb because they have to put up somebody so they can say they tried to oppose Thomas. Nelson is an irritable and dull person who was on the outs at the governor’s office anyway and so it made sense to throw him under the bus.

    Saban is not a real Democrat and won’t get any support from our party. And the opposition will continue bringing up the incident regarding his stepmother ad nauseum which freaks the public out.

    Professional McCain haters? If I remember correctly, Thomas endorsed McCain last year.

  6. Scrupulous, exhumed says

    Janet has sent poor Tim Nelson on a fool’s errand.

  7. What’s with Thomas’s endorsement of McCain? He seems to be walking the fence on this one – trying to portray himself as tough on illegal immigration while at the same time schmoozing up to the McCain power-broker crowd. You wouldn’t see Sheriff Joe doing that. So much for principle.

  8. Scrupulous, exhumed says

    Uh, Thomas has done more than TRY to be tough on illegal immigration. Absolutely no one disagrees with that, do they?

    People, don’t mix your metaphors. It’s not walking the fence, it’s walking the walk. Or its straddling the fence. Not both.

    From what I can tell Thomas is quite principled, and unfortunately that’s what makes him such a popular target among some groups.

  9. Scrupulous, obviously my attempt to be sarcastic and tongue in cheek has failed. My post was not meant to be a slam on Thomas or McCain, and I’m sorry that I left that impression. Here was the point I was trying to make — on this website a number of posters have shown a tendency to denigrate as unreliable, unprincipled and not a true conservative anyone who in any way is associated with Sen. John McCain, (see various posts about Lisa James, Sean Noble and others.) What I was trying to say is that we need to stop trashing people based on association. Obviously Andy Thomas is not weak on illegal immigration, and yet he has chosen to support Sen. McCain. My hope is that we can all back off attacks on conservatives who believe, like Thomas, that McCain is the Republican nominee who can beat Clinton or Obama, and not assume that means these conservatives are unprincipled or agree with McCain’s position on immigration. Again, I apologize for communicating that point so poorly and sarcastically.

  10. Iris Lynch says

    Regardless of who supports Mc Cain, the cold facts happen to be that Mc Cain is too old with all the unfortunate attributes that come with old age: cranky, doesn’t remember what he said, repetitious and with poor health. His Vice President is a sure thing for being the following president, if only for awhile (remember Ford). Hate him? Of course not, but he is no more presidential material than our identical-twin choice of Bob Dole.

    How sentimental of Republicans to think that heroic, badly injured Vets are precious presidential material. And are we so thick-headed that we keep doing the same damn thing hoping for a different outcome? I am afraid so.

  11. Other CD 5 conservative says

    CD 5 conservative,

    It is conservatives like you who make the rest of us look bad, by jumping to conclusions and spouting off before you know all of the facts. Thanks to the rest of you who pointed out that Thomas endorsed McCain. I agree with LD-11 that it goes to show you can’t lump everyone in the same boat – you can be extremely tough on illegal immigration while having a cordial relationship with McCain.

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