Thomas & Arpaio release TV campaign ad, Thomas mailer on Nelson hits mailboxes

Don’t forget to attend the joint Arpaio/Thomas fundraiser this Saturday (no minimum contribution required).


  1. Antifederalist says

    In my conservative mistrust of government, I’m not a fan of law enforcement, prosecutors, or judges. I remind you that our Founders built in the right against self-incrimination and habeas corpus into the constitution. They too didn’t believe the government should be trusted 100% of the time.

    Judges, prosecutors, and cops are all paid by the same paymaster: the government. This suggests that their loyalties lie with the government. Cops, prosecutors, and judges all travel in the same little incestuous circles. There is NOTHING stopping cops from accusing anyone of just about anything. Prosecutors and judges, when it’s just the citizen’s word agains the cop’s, the judge will side with the cops 100% of the time. That makes me want to vomit. It should be criminal. And those judges that don’t choose the citizen’s side at least 50% of the time should be disbarred.

    I guess, if you read Thomas’ hit piece, there should be no 5th Amendment rights. All accused are guilty. AFAIC, that’s as bad as the socialists. The end result is the same: everyone supported by the government. With the socialists, you get the shackles of high taxation, thought control, and cradle-to-grave programs. The government has your number and controls just about everything you do. On the other hand, with the dictatorial pro-extreme law enforcement crowd, everyone is in jail and the government ends up taking care of you. BOTH extremes need to be avoided.

    Don’t be a tool. Be SKEPTICAL of what the jack-booted thugs some of you call “law enforcment officers” say. If you’re not skeptical, let’s just go ahead and do away with public defenders, the right to a fair trail and all that other extraneous stuff. Let’s just set the default at if the cops say you’re guilty, they can just jail you for life. No appeal, no nothing. In fact, let’s just skip the accusation part too. Let’s just move the entire population into jails now. We can later get rid of this whole pesky appeals process and just start sending everyone to the chair. Gee, sounds utopian to me!!!!

    Arpaio and Thomas are scum. Vote for the Libertarians or for Mickey Mouse.

  2. Kralmajales says

    Damn…that is one helluva attack piece.

    It raises questions. Why on earth are they attacking if they have so much support?

    This smacks of fear to me…seriously.

    Its also why Giffords is not attacking Bee. She doesn’t need to…she’s winning.

    As for good ole Arpaio and Thomas, are they “winning”?

  3. I urge you to look up the campaign contributions for the various candidates running for office in Maricopa County. You will find that Andrew Thomas has an absolutely ridiculously high percentage of contributors for whom he has blatantly left off their occupation altogether, instead he has written “information requested”! A much higher number actually than Tim Nelson has defense attorneys I assure you. Mr. Thomas you need to get new heavy drapes for your glass house. Then go and look at Tim Nelson’s contributors list and you will find that he is being open and honest about the information requested for the accounting. Why doesn’t Andrew Thomas want anyone to know who the majority of his benefactors are? HMMMMMM. Joe Arpaio set an unbelievably high percentage of “retired” people – not really surprising I guess. Please notice that Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio are acting very defensive and are attacking their opponents vigorously with all the B.S. they can muster (nobody throws out lies like these two do) instead of being honest and forthright. They are both losers and the so-called Justice System in Maricopa County is an absolute Joke thanks to the two of them. Let’s smarten up and elect Dan Saban and Tim Nelson in November and let the fumigation begin in the County Atorney’s office and in the Sheriff’s Department. It is long past due.

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