This just in … Peate NOT in

Breaking News. The recent report by Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly that Dr. Wayne Peate might get in the CD-8 race is outdated. Rumors that he will NOT run have just been confirmed directly with Peate’s office.

(Hey we just scooped the Tucson Weekly and Arizona 8th at the same time. We barely even consider the established newspapers competition at this time.)


  1. I have met Dr. Peate only very briefly. My daughter went to school and became friends with his kids. If they are any reflection of who he is, then he’s a great guy.

  2. Good move on Dr. Peate’s part. I just saw Tim Bee speak to the Marana Chamber and he should be our man!

    Nice scoop, OVD!

  3. Oro Valley Dad says

    Looks like Arizona 8th got a nice scoop as well. They break the story that Paton will file and sure enough he did this afternoon.

  4. Just curious, but why would Peate tell you if he was running or not? Who are you guys, 60 Minutes?

  5. Oro Valley Dad says


    That’s a good question. His office was polite enough to return a phone call and the answer regarding his plans was a bonus.

    As to who we are – A scrappy political blog that gets about 500 visits a day.

  6. So his office answered his question? Or am I misunderstanding what happened. And if answering the question was a bonus for the call, what were you calling his office about? Obviously something else that made this information a bonus. So what else did they say?

  7. 500 hits a day?

    Wow. You guys are more important than this humble blogger, almost as important as Tedski.

    Bee needs to get the show on the road. He will make a formidable opponent.

    Defeating him will cement Giffords’ command of the office:-)

    As I said elsewhere, Paton has a cakewalk, and the GOP should trounce any nut that tries to mess with him in the primary.

  8. Oro Valley Dad says


    You are reading way too much into this. Since his name appeared in the Skinny we decided it was fair game to contact him and ask more about his plans.

    After we left a message he had the option of not calling, calling back, or having someone call and relay a message. He very nicely chose the latter. We were not expecting anything in particular and were very please with the polite and timely response that we did get. As to what his office said, pretty much that he would not be running. I figured they were busy and so was I so I did not ask a follow-up. The bonus was that they returned our call.


    re: Giffords – November ’08 is 16 months away. Hard to predict what will happen so far out but you do get an A for confidence.

    We agree that Jonathan will beat anyone in the primary but at this time we do not foresee anyone from the Republican side running against him.

  9. All I can hear is a BZZZ in my ear…
    Hey that is pretty good. Tim Bee the one.

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