This Christmas, shop at Pruitt’s

It’s really unfair that local furniture store Pruitt’s is being targeted by pro-illegal immigration protesters. There are plenty of businesses that are doing nothing more than upholding the law by keeping loitering illegal immigrants off their property so they can’t engage in illegal employment. But Pruitt’s is being targeted solely because of its size; it’s a 1-store business, not a huge chain like Lowe’s or Home Depot, so it’s much easier to make a dent in its business. So we’re joining Red State Arizona in calling for other blogs and everyone in the Valley to show their support for businesses that uphold the law and shop at Pruitt’s furniture store. The pro-illegal immigrant protesters are trying to intimidate customers from shopping there up until Christmas. Let’s send a message to let them and let them know that their threats and illegal tactics (they continue to be arrested) will not work. Businesses that follow the law shouldn’t be punished.


  1. Iris Lynch says

    Go to for a view of a pro-Pruitt’s demonstration. If you can’t demonstrate, buy something. There are many small things that woud be great Christmas gifts.

  2. This mornings RAepublic online carries a story on Phil Gordon CONSIDERING changing his position on “sanctuary city.” However, isn’t it interesting that the Republic is not making a “Post a Comment” available on that story like it does on every other story it posts?
    I am proud to say I have bought furniture at Pruitt’s. I probably will again.
    As for the Mayor Gordon, I think the only reason he is reacting to the issue is because Sheriff Joe has embarassed the city by enforcing the law on Phoenix city streets – which, as the senior law enforcement official of the county, he is entitled to do. Perhaps, Mayor Gordon has finally realized that a majority of Phoenix residents are simply tired of doing nothing – as are the rank and file of the Phoenix Police, as expressed through their union, PLEA.
    The question is – will Mayor Gordon use this issue to distract everyone from the huge budget deficit facing his new council that sits in January? I hope that is not the case.

  3. Somebody post Pruitt’s address please!

  4. cactus wren says

    Details and link to map can be found at this group’s website: www.

  5. nightcrawler says

    First off, protest or not, Pruitt’s is a great store. My family has purchased a lot of furniture from Pruitt’s over the years and we are very satisfied. So definitely go down and shop.

    Secondly, as far as I have read, Pruitt’s is near the epicenter of all of this activity but not the reason for it. It is my understanding that the protests were aimed more at the nearby Home Depot and that strip mall than Pruitt’s. Somewhere along the way it spilled over in front of Pruitt’s and that is when the store owners asked for help. Things escalated and now this.

    My belief is that if US citizens would like to protest, fine, do so on public property as in a park or down at the capital, not on a three foot sidewalk in front of law abiding businesses. I do not believe the people who are here illegally have the right to protest anything.

    Imagine what response US citizens would get in certain countries if we blocked a local family run business. You got it, a trip to the Vertical Bar Hotel with the economy meal plan.

    Truthfully such protests are hurting their cause more than helping it.

  6. Pruitt’s web site:

  7. cactus wren says

    I see I added a link incorrectly…

    I understand your sentiments, but the protest of those aiming to destroy Pruitt’s cannot go unanswered. It must be directly confronted. That is the best hope for an immediate and positive outcome.

    The “blue ribbon” panel the mayor has put together is a farce.

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