This cannot be good.

According to an article in the Arizona Republic by Matthew Benson Speaker Weiers, Randy Pullen, and Constantin Querard are on the opposite side of an issue from Rob Haney, Don Goldwater, and possibly Rep. Pearce. Combine this with yesterday’s news that Republicans are in third place with new voter registrations and you have bad news for the party.

Someone needs to smoke the peace pipe real soon. If conservatives are upset now they will really be displeased when Governor Goddard and Senator Napolitano are working together on issues.

(Thanks to Wake up Arizona news site for highlighting this story.)


  1. nightcrawler says

    Right you are gnat,

    We all need to come together real soon. I see a three way split in the party at the moment. The tail is trying to wag the dog.

  2. Espresso Pundit has a great post taking a shot at the Repugnant for their grammer and spelling and accusing them of hiring bloggers to write their stuff. I didn’t know what he meant until I read this post. Wow, how about a spell check and a grammer check?

  3. The real issue is that IF there is a referendum approved by the people, it can’t be corrected without a 75% vote in the leg…this poorly written bill needs major tweeking regardless and if a tougher bill got through (just shout “Amnesty!” and people will approve it) it would be a mess that is difficult to clean up. [Regardless of where you stand on this bill, a referendum would be plain insane.]

  4. Tim,

    Are you referring to this post or the Republic article about the initiative?

    We did make a few slight corrections to our piece. I do believe our sentence construction is a little better than the Tribune story to which Greg was referring.

  5. Do you know what kind of chills I got when I read the words ‘Governor Goddard’ and ‘Senator Napolitano’? I’m going to wake up screaming every night now for the next couple of days.

  6. How is it that we are in third place for voter registrations? I thought that the state party had some amazing voter registration program going on, and I heard through the grape vine that they had registered some 50k new Republicans in LD 17. How did this happen?

  7. numbers don’t lie. 11
    the numbers are closer to Libertarians than to Democrats.

    I think the claim of “grassroots” activists was a lark.

  8. Good lord Julie, who in the heck do you listen to? Grape vine? Must be the “Sour Grapes” vine!

    I’ve heard weird things before, but do you really believe there can be 50,000 new Republicans registered in LD17 alone? There are less than 75,000 registered voters in the entire district? In that evenly split district, that means about 25,000 Republicans. If that had tripled, I think we would have read about that somewhere! Now I’ve heard 1,500, but that’s a far cry from 50,000.

    And we can all thank Kyl and McCain for these new numbers. Voters said they were mad and that they were going to leave the party, and clearly many of them did!

  9. Don’t blame McCain or Kyl. Blame the state GOP. Anti-business (they are the ones that pay the bills) & anti-immigration (Hispanics are offended that the poster boy of the party is Pearce that referenced “Operation Wetback”). If you blame Kyl or McCain, you are sadly out of touch with reality.
    The thing that gets me is that they are on Campaign Welfare and due to the fact that their candidates can’t rally support, they can’t raise funds, they live off of the system. How conservative is that?
    I say they aren’t conservative at all, they are opportunistic.

  10. and..they’ll be losers unless they step aside and let capable Republicans save the party.
    When I think of Randy Pullen & Sean & Brett, I picture them re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Their performance will be written in textbooks as what NOT to do.

  11. ThinkRight is RIGHT!

    What was the fear of many is coming to be the reality of all. Such exceptional leadership we have at the state GOP! Obviously that was a facetious comment. True however and no big surprise.

    The state party leadership and self-aggrandizing loudmouths in this state have all but guaranteed a Dem victory at the top and throughout the state. Oh, but at least Pullen had his day in the sun and Goldwater and Pearce had plenty of air time. No matter that the state will be ruled by Dems for FOUR YEARS!

  12. I must have struck a nerve. SA took off my link. I’m sure impressed with you fellas.

  13. Oh me. Oh my. The enemies of the new State Party say the Party is not raising any money, so it must be so. The detractors are not prejudiced, are they? Is it possible that they are upset that they are not in charge anymore?

    I suppose that the precipitous drop in small donors at the RNC that forced them to suspend their telephone solicitation operation was caused by Pullen, Pearce and Goldwater. And the number of people who changed their registration from Republican to Independent in protest of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill did not have anything to do with McCain or Kyl. Yeah, right. And penguins fly with eagles too.

    By the way, have any of you read the six month figures. If you have and you are still saying this garbage, you are deliberately misleading the uninformed. If not, go to and read the facts instead of the rantings of the ill-informed or ill-tempered.

    They accumulated $126,000 NET income, after expenses which includes paying off $42,000 of debt left by the last administration(which had a starting gift of $300k from Fannin and used it to take us to new lows in elected officials). Pullen met with the legislative leadership and set up four new accounts specifically targeting legislative races – something that has NEVER happened before.

    Stop being Chicken Little, crying, The sky is falling, The sky is falling. For those who are Job’s friends, stop being part of the problem and be part of the solution.

    Call the Party, volunteer some time, send some money – targeted to the legislative accounts, if you are more comfortable, and send a message to those who are mad because they are no longer being prime recipients of your contributions.

    We can and will be better off in the long run if those who verbalize they care about the Party would put those words into affirmative action.

  14. Bill Clinton $600k one shot for Dems. 11% new Republican voter registration. Dems registered FOUR times as many voters.

    When they start supporting business & open up the doors of the party, I’ll be supportive. Right now, if I send money in, they’d use it to make a Youtube video featuring Pearce (remember operation wetback comment? well, the Hispanic community does.)

    ’nuff said.

  15. Having read dozens of your posts, I’m shocked! NOT!! When the financial numbers didn’t support the gloom and doom, you change to registrations. When those numbers change, you’ll find another excuse.

    As far as new registrations, you are wrong. Check it out and you will find that a large part of the difference in TOTAL registrations (the number you are looking at) is due to those Republicans who changed their registrations due to the actions of the US Senate and the President.

    Why don’t you admit that if we go back to 36 Reps, 18 State Senators, go back six Congressional seats, leave a working balance to run the Party in ’09 instead of a debt, all of which was lost under the administration of your friends, you will still find something to complain about.

  16. GOP PK,

    How do you quantify your assertion that the change in GOP registrations is due to the Senate and President?

    Reference please, or is it your opinion?

  17. There have been dozens of articles in state and national publications where individuals have been interviewed as changing their registration due to their anger and feelings of betrayal on the illegal immigration issue, especially the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill, as well as the statements and lack of action by the President especially his statement saying that those who opposed the CRAP bill did not have the best interests of the country in mind.

    You will note that I did not quantify a specific percentage, merely a large part of the bottom line is because of these actions by our Republican Senators and the federal government under the direction of the President.

  18. Of the 39,800 new voters who were added to the rolls April thru July, not a change in party registration, 53% chose independent, 36% D, and 11% R, and 1% L.

    36% to 11% of NEW voters who choose a party affiliation choose the Democrat Party over the Republican. If that is success I’d hate to see failure.

    “Why don’t you admit that if we go back to 36 Reps, 18 State Senators, go back six Congressional seats, leave a working balance to run the Party in ‘09 instead of a debt, all of which was lost under the administration of your friends, you will still find something to complain about.”

    With only 11% of all new voter registrations as R’s, I don’t think that is something he has to worry about. Sad, very sad.

  19. Ann,

    If you are looking at the Sec. of State numbers, those are not new registrations, those are changes in total registrations.

    Included in those figures are those who changed their registration from one status to another and includes those registrations purged by the county recorders.

    If you will talk with the people in PInal County, for example, you will find that their Democrat county recorder purged Republican voters disproportionately, and, they believe, purposely.

    Again, one reason there was a spike in those changing from Republican to Independent during that time frame was the actions of the US Senate and the President in trying to force an amnesty bill down the throat of registered Republican voters, 91% of whom disagreed with and felt betrayed by the actions of some of our Republican federal officials.

    That is not the fault of our State Party or County EGC.

  20. The link on the original post of this thread had those numbers. It referenced new registrations numbers over and above the previous number of registrants. It is impossible to know how many I’s had been R’s and the new growth of voters may have replaced some that left with only an 11% gain overall.

    Just as you would say the dozens of articles about R’s who have switched parties because of the immigration bill I would say I know dozens of people who are so disillusioned with the state party leadership, both at GOP HQ and specifically in the House, that they feel totally marginalized and left out. Inviting, we are not. So it is not hard to imagine why our numbers are even worse than weak. Russell Pearce as the poster boy and party leaders who brazenly criticize our Congressional Delegation….now that instills confidence!

    It is not fair to lay this at the feet of the current leadership without acknowledging a very serious vacuum previously that allowed such a place to even come about. Choices in change could have offset some of the old while ringing in the new. Those choices have not been of the sort that would have diffused the conflict but rather deepened the divide. When conjoined efforts (AZ GOP, Maricopa County, and certain state legs) under a mantra of might makes right is based on a singular issue, it only takes one bump in the road to knock the wheels off the bus. Throw in a little bit of power envy for good measure, and hey…you’ve got it! Much like a bump followed by a pot hole, damage is unavoidable.

  21. Ann,

    I’m going to make this short for Tim’s benefit.

    My main frustration is the amount of constant complaining of the Pullen administration that has taken a $42,000 debt and turned it into a positive balance of almost $200,000 while there is NO criticism by any of you of the previous administration that took a $300,000 beginning balance and ran it into a $42,000 debt while losing two Republican Congressional seats, losing six Republican state House seats and losing a Republican state Senate seat. Their abysmal record put us where we are today as all of that happened prior to the election of Pullen.

    The might makes right has been the mantra of the establishment and congressional delegation since the early eighties that I am personally aware of. Their refusal to work with the grass roots created the Pullen election.

    As far as your dozens of people who are frustrated by the current Party leadership, I can personally identify hundreds who were frustrated by the former Party leadership.

  22. Count me in on the frustration with the former party leadership, but one wrong does not make another right. The lack of leadership in the legislature made Janet untouchable in her re-election bid. The lack of leadership at the state level gave up seats in both houses and at the national level.

    The past does not validate the present.

  23. OK

    That is faint praise for an impressive turn around when put in context with the intentional attempt of the CD, Chamber and friends to make the current Party administration fail.

    I am none too happy with some of the Pullen actions, but I am forced to defend him due to the scheme planned and implemented by NS and friends.

    I will not help those who do not care of the damage they do to the future of this Party over personal pique because they are no longer on the gravy train.

  24. There is no force other than your own choice to support and defend him just as others who may have the best interest of the party at heart have chosen not to support someone whom they see as destructive.

    Why should the CD, Chamber, and others support Pullen; just because he is the current chair when there are other ways to skin the cat? If his behavior, personal positions, and leadership decisions are as contrary to their standards as others have been to yours, or even worse, why are they obligated to loyalty in the name of an organizational entity instead of to the principles of that organization. What is the purpose; personal edification or the advancement of the party? To support Pullen is not the definition of being a good Republican anymore than to oppose him is to be a bad Republican.

    The gravy train that was is no reason to allow another to create a more bitter schism in the name of change.

  25. Come on Ann, you are not naive and you are not unknowledgeable. Statements were made by Sproul and friends before the sun had even set on Pullen’s election. Any attempt to color it as a normal reaction by honorable people who disagree with a person’s actions is unfounded.

    These same kind of statements were made by some of these same people when Jerry Davis was elected Chairman in the early nineties. That is neither a coincidence nor an accident.

    The schism was choreographed by those people then, and is being choreographed by them now. I have lived long enough to see this before, and witnessed the destructive nature of their actions.

    If I have to choose between a person who is wrong and someone who is intentionally willing to destroy the Party for personal reasons, I will choose the prior.

  26. I choose neither. The concern and necessity to cover the reality of the wrong by masking it in the paranoid over the intentional destruction does not qualify it as right or even necessary.

    There are many who do not give a hoot about Randy Pullen beyond his singular talent of dividing, allowing conquer to be eminent. This is what those who could not support him feared most and it didn’t take long for it to happen. I have used the term egocentric previously but it really is the only word I can use to adequately express how I see this.

    It isn’t about the party or its interests. Who is in power, who is the consultant du joir’, the voices of the masses (which really means the voices allowed to be heard) enforces the evidence of favor.

    All the while, we are bleeding voters and the Dems are rapidly gaining. If, as you have said so many times, the Arizona voters agree with Pullen and he is on target with the people of Arizona…why can’t he keep the voters, why can’t he gain voters, why can’t he get that message out there? Is it the staff or the leadership?

    I do not believe the voter revolt over the immigration bill registered much more than a blip on the overall numbers. People talk but rarely act. Do you really want to start believing the media for supporting evidence? I believe they wanted to create a story of R’s losing numbers as a way to show how out of touch we are, not the truth in reality. Besides, the numbers are of new registrations, over and above previous numbers. If people merely changed affiliation the net numbers would show no increase.

    The monotone message of immigration only is not a party platform. And now, the chosen ones cannot even agree on that. When you put all your eggs in one basket and then get into a tug of war over that basket…the eggs usually end up scattered about and broken.

  27. Ann,

    With this I am done with this thread. You refuse to accept that the fissure was widened to a canyon on the very day Pullen was elected by those with nefarious intent. THEY CAUSED THE LEVEL OF THE DIVISION AND INSTEAD OF COUNSELING HIM AND THE STAFF WITH POSITIVE INPUT, THEY HAVE WORKED ASSIDUOUSLY SINCE DAY ONE TO DENIGRATE ANY MISSTEP AND REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE ANY POSITIVE ACTIONS!

    In addition, the numbers are of TOTAL registrations, not NEW registrations over and above previous numbers. It is the old registrations PLUS the new registrations MINUS those whose registrations have been purged AND those who changed their registrations. Many people have changed affiliation but there have been MORE new registrations than the combination of those purged and those who left.

    Your paranoid fixation that all evil in the Party is encompassed in the attitude and actions of Pullen and all negative impacts are a result of his attitude and actions will never allow you to see that other more sinister forces are at work in this paradigm.

    My father had a favorite saying, and I quote (in case Tim wants a source):

    A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

    I have tried to demonstrate fact after fact, but you “believe” without corroborating data and are unwilling to say even faintly that Pullen has done some things well, in the face of those who have been plotting against him from the very day of his election. That decision was made by NS and others prior to Pullen making any errors in judgment or even what you might think were inappropriate actions.

    If you won’t see that, there is no longer any reason for me to carry on a discussion with you on this matter. Thanks for the conversation.

  28. And the same to you, friend.

  29. nightcrawler says

    GOP PK and Ann need another trip to the punch bowl. The juice is starting to wear off.

    Seriously, folks lighten up. The two of you can disagree without all this drama.

    Randy Pullen is an intelligent guy who works hard everyday. True, he likes to see his name in print, perhaps more than most, but that is not unusual for those in politics.

    I support the State Party and Randy Pullen. Simply because he was elected at our convention. I don’t agree with his every position, but I do respect the office and the vote that put him there. We live and die and a team.

    The challenges that face the AZGOP are not unique to this state. The party is divided from coast to coast.

    The rumblings of a democracy are at play. Impassioned rants have a purpose in the larger dialogue. The point is there needs to be constant communication.

    You can’t take you ball and go home. Stick around, the party needs you both.

  30. Fact Check says

    GOP PK,

    You continue to defend Randy Pullen no matter what he has done. Admirable. But you always rant about how Randy is raising money and all of that yet a quick look at the FEC is stunning.

    Last month, the AZ GOP actually lost $4,000, yes they lost money. Simply look at their previous months cash on hand and then look at their current one. They lost $4k.

    Now look at the dems. They were in the positive netting $80,000. Yes they made money.

    Now look at the yearly totals, GOP $315,000 and the dems $879,000.

    So now it’s your turn defend that. Who’s fault will it be??? Because it’s never Randy’s right?

    Your assessment would be great.

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