They’re Back…

Just when you thought it was safe from another political ad, Barak Hussein Osama supporters have released a draft Obana campaign as the first presidential candidate ad for 2008. The only thing missing is the tag line, “We believe in bleeding the rich to pay for the desires of the poor…”


  1. Jeff Zimmerman says

    Spoken like a true racist. Maybe if you’d argue his views instead of lying about his name you’d have a shred of credibility. Is it mandatory to be a disciple of Archie Bunker to join the conservative movment?

  2. One thing you can always count on is some pea-brain knucklehead to pull out the race card in an attempt to discredit a statement. I really wish you had a substantive argument here instead of throwing some blanket molotov comment.

  3. “We believe in bleeding the rich to pay for the needs of the poor…”

    Fixed that for you.

  4. Let’s just call it “Robin Hooding.” The problem in all this is that some of these “poor people” may work for some of these “rich people.” When the majority decides to use the government to beat up on the rich people by punishing their hard work and productivity, this may utimately cost the poor people their jobs or higher prices. Don’t get me wrong. Some of these rich people take way too high a salary but this doesn’t warrant using the government to redistribute wealth. Good grief! Now I’m off on a tangent debating the welfare state when this whole post was all about those damn political ads!

  5. Even if it isn’t not racist, referring to Sen. Obama as “Osama” is pretty friggin’ childish.

  6. Sorry, didn’t mean to put “isn’t” and “not” together.

  7. Thank you for bringing this campaign add to our attention.
    Go Obama!

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