They have got to be kidding.

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Tim Bee’s new Honorary Campaign Chair.

The Tim Bee Exploratory Committee just sent out a media release that Bee will announce his campaign for congress at the Saturday event. The same e-mail states that former congressman Jim Kolbe will serve and Honorary Campaign Chair. Amazing. The night of the last election Kolbe want on stage with Giffords and gave her a big hug. The Bee campaign is making a big misstate if he thinks that open borders, Democrat loving Kolbe will help the campaign. Good luck guys.

To see the love fest between Kolbe and Giffords go 3 min, 30 sec into the video.


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    Not to say that the democrats are clean either. It is time to start working together and cross party lines. We are all on the same team, and this partisan thinking has hit rediculous levels and is tearing this country apart.

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