Them Thar Are Fighting Words!

Did you read Dan Nowicki’s recent blog post about the GOP showdown in LD-11? How’s this for a headline: “Tully ousts McCain-hating GOP chairman in District 11”

Not to continue the inter-party rift but, Nowicki’s words seem to urge on the battle with words like that.

Someone please correct me if I missed it but where was Dan Nowicki when a certain East Valley Legislator and his wife were under very personal attacks by an anti-employer sanctions group in the Primary Election?

On a tangential note, Random Musings has an interesting post about the GOP Senate leadership deciding not to renew lease space to the media in the Senate building. Instead, arrangements are being made for the media to move to the old capitol building where they can lease from Legislative Council. Here is the text of that letter that was sent to Howard Fischer:

Dear Mr. Fischer:

This letter is to inform you that the Arizona state Senate will not be renewing the current lease ending December 31, 2008, for the media space within the Arizona Senate building.

Arrangements are being made for you to continue to lease space from the Arizona Legislative Council on the Capitol Complex in the old Capitol. The Legislative Council will be mailing out a new lease that is similar in all material respects with a few modifications.

The new lease amount is not anticipated to increase over the next lease term. If you choose to enter into a new lease with the Legislative Council, please respond as soon as possible so the space can be made ready for occupancy January 1, 2009.

Thank you for your consideration.


Timothy Bee, Arizona Senate President

My impression on both Nowicki’s and Random Musing’s postings is that the Republican Party certainly cannot count on any love from local media. As I noted in an earlier post, The Republic has gone antagonistically hostile on the GOP and leadership is preparing for the onslaught of attacks and negative press.


  1. George of the Desert says

    The Republic is stoking the fires as best it can. I recall when Mecham was elected, the Republic immediately began its “sky is falling” stories. The sky did get lowered a bit, but Ev, bless him, didn’t help his own cause much.

    The big difference here is that this not 1986 and the Republic is a shell of its formerly powerful self.

    Speaking of shells, so the Republic, Star, AP and what few broadcasters remain are being kicked out of the Senate first floor.

    That shouldn’t be a surprise. When I worked there, we had KFYI, KJZZ, KTAR and Bill Gruver crammed into the radio room. Now only KJZZ and Metro have any real presence there.

    On the print side, AP still staffs, but the Republic’s contingent is much smaller, Howie pretty much takes care of the Star and Tribune and the Gazette is long gone. I can’t really blame the Senate for wanting the space. I mean, it just ism’t getting the use it once did.

  2. Matthew Benson says

    Just for the record, during the legislative session the Capitol Press Corps consists of:
    The Arizona Republic (3 reporters); Associated Press (2); Arizona Daily Star (1); Capitol Media Services (1); KJZZ Radio (1); Skyview Radio (2); Community News Service – UA (1).
    The Arizona Republic

  3. Casual Observer says

    If not to continue to the rift…why mention it? No question it was bad, but that episode was part of ugliness all around in the primary with the winner of the vilest effort clearly being Randy Pullen and the Saban ad; an ad that was so filthy it was pulled from the air while paid for by illegal contributions. Pullen’s short-sighted poor judgment is despicable. But to paraphrase Dennis Greene, he is what we knew he was.

    The other good thing that came out of the LD-11 vote was our former Governor Ex-Con did not become a state committeeman. Allegedly adulterous, convicted felon, bankrupt businessman, UFO whacko having any say past Royal icing or fondant was just too much.

    SO, a big thank you to the LD 11 PC’s… they rid our party of the shame and negativity of Haney and spared us the humiliation of more of Symington.

  4. Casual:

    You are “right on” about Randy Pullen being “what we knew he was.” He didn’t disappoint. Listen up elected committeemen! It’s time for Dandy Randy to move on.

  5. Wooden Teeth says

    Well, if everyone in LD 11 thought Fife was anywhere near the character CO says above, then why did he get, what, a couple hundred votes?

    I don’t agree with the UFO stuff, but I also don’t agree that “alleged adultery” is adultery or that surviving and S&L witch hunt, or even banruptcy for that matter, are somehow dishonorable. Embarassing, maybe, but so are many things we all do every day.

    And the next time you hear talk like “rid our party of…” just fill in the blank and pretty soon you’ll have a party of one.

  6. And once again, we watch the Republican wing of the GOP come out and vote for conservatives, so the monied moderates respond by kicking all of their counterparts out of their district offices.

    Hold on to whatever power you can, in any way you can, right guys?

    Take a gander at this …

    Like it or not, the GOP base is conservative. They like conservative candidates. If the “moderate to liberal” wing of the GOP was enough, McCain would be on his way to the White House by now.

    Time to stop munching on sour grapes, get a grip on reality, and let the real Republicans take the reins of the GOP again. You all like to talk about a “big tent”, but it seems like the tent is only big enough for your heads to fit in it.

    Funny how that works …

  7. Casual Observer says

    What the heck are “monied moderates”? Tully isn’t conservative enough? Big tent, huh?

    The insinuation that all but Haneyites are moderate, and apparently even more egregious if they have money, is the label and divide tactic used when the phrase “open border crowd” doesn’t fit. Label any opposition with terms guaranteed to cast a negative connotation regardless of the appropriate fit. Currently those two pejoratives, moderate or open border crowd, seem to be the first line of assault and hope that is sufficient to ward off a challenge of the ability to do anything beyond throw stones. Neither usually fit the intended, but has served as a substitute for authentic thought and leadership…until now.

    Could it be the majority of grassroots Republicans have seen the truth and recognize the divide and conquer mentality some have used to keep their power positions failed the party miserably and has nothing to do with moderate or conservative? Could it be principles have risen to rule?

  8. Fog on a clear day says

    Speaking of Haney…

    For those that worship Haney , the loss adds insult to injury. From my perspective, the imposition of a doctrine was in fact Haney’s own in which he was residing over his kingdom of proxy giving P.C.’s.

    Ignorance sought by Haney , was the one virtue his litmus test would reveal while he hand selected his proxy giving P.C. choices. Yet, ignorance a product of natural human selfishness was something Haney apparently thought excluded him.

    In the end, it wasn’t an ideological aberration that won out but the reality of systematic error. For all the power ascribed to him, Haney allowed his own pessimistic decay to spread to his followers.

  9. “The insinuation that all but Haneyites are moderate, and apparently even more egregious if they have money, is the label and divide tactic used when the phrase “open border crowd” doesn’t fit.”

    Oh please! This from the crowd that coined the phrase “right wing nuts” and throws it around with far more abandon than any liberal Democrat? As long as the GOP provides a residence for “moderates”, we’ll have no need for enemies.

    I’m glad you’re the self-described “opposition”, as it saves me the trouble of repeating myself. Since we already know who the opposition is *supposed* to be, why don’t you explain to the rest of us why you all don’t hunker in *their* bunker, and leave the GOP to the Republicans?

    Some of us have worked hard over the years to try to keep the GOP relevant, only to repeatedly hear “Why should I vote Republican, there’s no damned difference between them and the Democrats?” When that is followed by the “moderate Republicans” shouting “We need to move the party to the center”, and that, in turn, is followed by continual polling showing the GOP base wanting the party to remain conservative, it takes little intellect to discern where the problem is. Or where did you think all those Independents were coming from?

    Personally, I don’t give a tiny rat’s hindquarters where you all stand on whatever issue. As long as you all keep coming at it from the left, you need to dangle a D after your name. Otherwise, your continued presence in the GOP will manage to make it stand for “Gone Over the Precipice”, and you’ll have no one else to blame but yourselves.

  10. Dave K.,

    I’d like my evening Kool-Aid Martini shaken not stirred tonight.

    Thank you.

  11. Casual Observer says

    You assume because I dislike Haney’s tactics I am a moderate. You could not be farther from the truth. Your assumption proves my point.

    The strong 2nd amendment, pro-life, pro-military, limited government, low taxes, anti-illegal immigration, and accountability in government person that I am, I want my party to be a strong and sustainable majority. Tactics that rule based on fear and intimidation only diminishes that ability by making our issues cheap and reflective of weakness requiring such desperate actions to prevail.

  12. “The strong 2nd amendment, pro-life, pro-military, limited government, low taxes, anti-illegal immigration, and accountability in government person that I am, I want my party to be a strong and sustainable majority. Tactics that rule based on fear and intimidation only diminishes that ability by making our issues cheap and reflective of weakness requiring such desperate actions to prevail.”

    Did you mean tactics like paying back the conservatives who voted for and worked for McCain by undermining them in all of the districts they control, doing everything that could be done to put “moderates” in control of all the district offices and PC slots, trying their damndest to establish “moderate” control of the AZ GOP after the elections clearly showed that the grassroots prefer conservative candidates and a conservative direction for the party, etc.?

    Were those the tactics you were talking about?

    Your assumptions about my assumptions are incorrect. I don’t care how you feel about Mr. Haney, or about any of your personal issues. My concern is for the continued relevance of the AZ GOP. If you don’t understand that politics is a rough and tumble business, perhaps you should take up needlepoint, or maybe gardening. In the meantime, if you had issues with the way Mr. Haney tried to keep Sen. McCain on task, you should take them up with Mr. Haney.

    For my part, I have more issues with the way Sen. McCain’s disciples here in AZ seem to perennially want to extract blood from anyone who disagrees with anything the Senator says or does, regardless of the validity of their objections. But again, I do understand the rough and tumble nature of politics, so that’s OK.

    If they want to play rough, then that’s just fine. There’s plenty of time until the next election.

    Let’s see how that works out.

  13. It appears we have the same goal but disagree with the determination of just who is the culprit in the melee. To assume those who oppose Haney, Pullen, or anyone for that matter is a moderate and part of that effort is just wrong.

    I strongly hold that the antics of Haney & Pullen have done more to marginalize conservatives than any positive gain they could have made. The net-net, was a net loss to the party.

  14. Casual must be a description of your involvement if you think that any fear and intimidation within the party come from the grass roots and Haney instead of the McCain/Sproul/Shadegg cabal. GIGO!

    You support people who voted to restrict speech, restrict gun rights, restrict ANWAR use, support Gore’s global warming, support fetal stem cell research, sponsored the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, oppose employer sanctions, sponsored campaign finance reform, etc. etc.

    Supporting those positions clearly identify your conservative credentials. Maybe you should be more involved and less a casual observer. Your points might be more relevant.

  15. Glendale GOP says

    Not that Big Sis has ever been really right on anything she says, but lumping Haney and his record/accomplishments with Pullen and his record/accomplishments is either stupid, or a deliberate attempt to tarnish Pullen with Haney. So we have to choose between dumb or deceptive. Thanks sissy.

  16. Casual Observer says

    Glendale GOP,

    Please explain the “lumping” as an attempt to discredit Pullen, or as you said “tarnish”. That reads like a slam on Haney??????

  17. LD 11 Observer says

    I for one and thrilled that Rob Haney is gone. The air and temperment at my LD 11 meetings has been toxic for a long time. I agree on all of the same issues as Haney, but not at all the way in which he carries himself. He would attempt to silence his opposition, and brings an air of negativity where ever he goes. That is just not healthy!

    He wouldn’t even allow Congressman John Shadegg to speak! What LD Chair would not allow their own congressman to speak, and instead fill time by talking about football scores? This has nothing to do an ‘open borders crowd’ that Haney has convinved his followers that his opposition is and stands for. It has everything to do with his own perceived self importance and lack of respect for anyone other than himself.

    We needed a change in LD 11. No one can make a successful argument that Tully is not a conservative. Tully has an impeccable conservative record that is documented by his history of being a state legislator in LD 11. Thank you Steve for stepping up and running for LD 11!

  18. Casual Observer says

    Well said. Your first hand observation clearly shows that it has nothing to do with issues; which is the very point I apparently failed to make. The “open borders crowd” phrase is about discrediting others with a radioactive topic, a diversion at best. Thanks for the perspective.

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