The worst ex-President

The two hundred year old custom of a President not critizing his successors was broken many years’ ago by Clinton and Carter.  Now the Democrats have expanded their attacks to include vicous bromides against our strongest allies:

Asked how he would judge Blair’s support of Bush, a Republican, the former Democratic president said: “Abominable. Loyal. Blind. Apparently subservient.”

That from the President who refused to defend Americans held hostage by radical Islamists in Iran for over a year; who refused to confront Soviet take-overs and attempted power grabs in Afganistan, Nicaragua and elsewhere thorough-out the world; and whose economic policies made him only one of two Presidents since 1900 to have made all Americans poorer in real terms.

If you can judge a man by his friends and enemies, Blair came out pretty good on that one.

If liberals hated the people actually trying to kill us as much as they hate Bush, the War on Terror could have possibly been over by now. 


  1. Villanova says

    There is no one who can hold a candle to Carter in the “worst President” category.
    He has viciously and shamefully attacked our nation and its leadership on foreign soil, and has benefited financially by accommodating Arab interests abetting terror. Under the guise of being a religious man, he is a blatant anti-Semite. I can think of no one more befitting the title than this angry peanut farmer who is spectacular example of the Peter Principle–exceeding his level of incompetence.

  2. CollateralCabbage says

    Why doesn’t Carter just shut up and go back to building houses?

  3. Carter’s nastiness can best be summed by his wife’s comments on Reagan’s victory: “He [Reagan] appeals to people’s inner racism.”

  4. Villanova says

    I recall watching a video of Jimmy and Roslyn Carter at the memorial service for President Nixon in 1994. Their faces tightened up as Nixon was eulogized and told my wife that they were going to have to do something salvage their “legacy.” Pounding nails with Habitats for Humanity wasn’t going to cut it. He had to figure a way to gain world prominence and indeed he did! He thought we needed other nations to monitor our elections, hob-nobbed with the miserable Yassar Arafat and befriended dictator, Fidel Castro, spewed bile toward Republicans and endorsed the election of madman, Hugo Chavez, among numerous other outrageous acts. For him to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize shows how little that has come to mean.

    In the past, it was unthinkable for a former US President to openly criticize a sitting president.

    Carter has derided Bush on numerous occasions and often on foreign soil. He is a pathetic example of power gone awry. He never got over being a one-termer. Thank God he was decisively defeated by Ronald Reagan.


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