THE WEEKLY STANDARD: “The End of the JD Hayworth Campaign”

The conservative publication, The Weekly Standard, is reporting a story they feel is so damaging they question how JD can survive.  Political Wire  runs the title, “Hayworth Pitched “Free Money” Seminars” and calls the video where he touts how to make fortunes out of foreclosures…priceless.

Using his Congressional seat as verification of the legitimacy of the offer, Hayworth offers this explanation: 

The money is out there, the opportunities are out there. And by the way, it’s not something where it’s the government’s money — it’s really your money. You surrendered it in the form of taxation. Now’s the time to take advantage of a situation where the government can invest in you. And in turn, you’ll have a chance to build a business, or make a better life for yourself — and in so doing, you’ll help improve the country.”

Well, not exactly… KVOA in Tucson reported that National Grants Conference, the company that Hayworth shamelessly shills in the 2007 ad, was investigated and found to be a scam.  In the KVOA video folks tell stories of handing over thousands of dollars, hard-earned dollars, in hopes of claiming what Hayworth called “free money”.  Hayworth adamantly verifies it to be absolutely real and backs it up with his Congressional experience on the “powerful Ways and Means Committee”.

Mercenary much?  How about scruples or shame?  How much did you get paid “Former Congressman JD Hayworth” to use your positions to take advantage of trusting Americans?  A flat fee or a percentage of the take?   

With Mike Broomhead killing the drive time ratings and the Senate thing looking pretty dismal, maybe this guy is ready to retire and a replacement is needed?  


  1. yikes…

  2. Herein lies proof that Mcbloggers don’t have both oars in the water.

  3. Shouldnt they have waited another month for this to come out? If Hayworth falls apart now, then McCain will stop raising money and he wont have anyone to rage against until election day.
    Kinda like Game 7 in the NBA finals, you always figure they will end up there, but it has nothing to do with TV ratings and ad revenue, right?

  4. The McCain supporters are now resorting to sophomoric assaults instead of substantive differences.

    John McCain’s campaign is now imploding because they cannot come up with anything except to spend more money!

    More Money John McCain! More Money John McCain!

    We are going to run against you until you drop!

  5. Jacklyn M. says

    DSW, now THAT is hilarious.

    JD Hayworth, the man who calls himself the “Consistent Conservative” but in fact voted incessantly to increase government when he was in Congress, is the same man that encourages people to sign up for government money for anything their hearts desire.

    This is not sophomoric sir, this is just a hypocrisy right up in your grill. I know it hurts. But it just backs up what I’ve been saying all along. The Consistent Conservative is not that at all. He is merely the Consistent Opportunist, however that opportunity arrives is no matter to JD.

    “Pay no attention to the man behind the JD facade.” DSW

  6. Posting a big story out of The Weekly Standard is a sophomoric assault? I’ve seen it on cable news just this morning with descriptions like “a doozy” to describe just how bad this will affect his campaign.

    According to the BBB, this company was guilty of deceptive marketing. Birds of a feather.

  7. Double Decaf Latte says

    I’ve love to have some of that FREE MONEY….But where do they think that “FREE” money comes from. TAXPAYERS

  8. Didn’t you listen…we “surrendered” our own money and now are just having it given back to us. Rightfully and easily, too! Who could resist such easy money? Obviously not JD!

  9. Radical American Patriot says

    I see the McCainuts are out in FORCE! Well, you KNOW you are up against the PROGRESSIVE ICON of OLD LINE ELITE REPUBLICANISM when you get the Online Editor, John McCormack (Perhaps he loves McCain due to similarities of their names?) writing cheap shots on behalf of the Liberal Democrat lover Johnny! You would do well to read the following, which is an e-mail I sent to the McCain propagandist. It verifies what I am saying:

    John McMormack, Online Editor

    I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised at the blatantly dishonest reporting by this Progressive propagandist “ragazine”! This is the third story by you on the US Senate race involving Hayworth. Now this hit piece comes out AFTER YOU ignore the news that a big dollar McCain fundraiser, Scott Rothstein, a Madoff wannabe, was sentenced to 50 years in prison for bilking people out of $1.2 Billion dollars!

    Your May 27th story about Hayworth’s earmarks, comes out after everyone else speaks out about just how pathetic McCain’s is the “You’re One of Us” ad! Even the Politico, hardly a bastion of conservatism lambasts the ad.

    Then in your first story back in April, JUST one week after the April Rasmussen Poll showing a 5% difference between the two candidates, YOU run a story about some poll showing McCain leading, and Hayworth trailing Glassman!

    It’s been said that there’s nothing like a good, honest reporter giving a complete picture to inform the populace; AND YOU are NOTHING like a good, honest reporter! You are telling half-truths which are FULL distortions! Don’t EVEN pretend to be an HONEST reporter/editor! You are certainly a proud progeny of the Walter Lippmann/Joseph Goebbels school of “Journalism”; or rather Propaganda!

    Radical American Patriot

  10. Radical American Patriot says

    Oh yes Molly, Calling the Weekly Standard a “Conservative Publication” is as logical as calling the “Third Reich” a right wing political force!

  11. CNN and all of the major print media (real print media, mind you…not “fake” media used as a front for the Hayworth campaign) are reporting that this is the end of the Hayworth campaign. Even Fox appears to be throwing in the towel. Try as you might to cloud this egregious lack of ethics on JD’s part by spewing your usual bile and hate, your boy is done.

  12. LD17:

    I notice that your “real” and not “fake” media embraces the ideology that you share with McCain.

    And yes the Murdoch media has fawned over John McCain by giving him countless opportunities to sucker the locals into thinking he’s unbeatable.

    But the fact remains that he still can’t safely climb over the 50% level and J.D. is just galvanizing his campaign based upon major issues which John and staff must avoid!

    Why? Simply because on immigration, government growth and elitist cronyism, he’s been on the wrong side for a quarter century. And despite their election cycle rhetoric so have his supporters!

    This out of state support also points out that when push comes to shove Liberal Dems and Neocon Republicans drink from the same ideological ponds only with different straws!

  13. Michael Holliday says




    Looks like one of those late-night info- mercials where dude hawks services for “discovering” hidden student loan money.

    I just hope the Weekly Standard questions McCain’s proposed amnesty bill and $700B bank bailout a little closer.

    That the Weekly Standard Questions how JD can survive this tells me a lot about the Weekly Standard. Nice statement masquerading as a question.

    Not only will JD withstand this, he will prevail at the polls!

    Let’s look at contributions to the Weekly Standard from outside sources… 😉

    Looks like JD actually thought he was doing a service by connecting taxpayers with their former paychecks stolen by the government.

    What I see is a statement without its full context.

    I’d rather connect taxpayers with their money to buy HUD housing (taxpayer subsidized), refurbish it and rent it out; thereby, preventing blighted neighborhoods and abandoned houses, then have the money just sit there.

    Obviously JD was lied to by these probable sheisters despite his good intentions.


    I’m reaching for my bag of popcorn and coke because this is getting hilarious.

    It is funny to see JD up there trying to reconnect orphan taxpayers with their long-lost money on an infomercial, though.

    At least he’s trying!

  14. I think McCain should debate JD. I think he is afraid to. He would rather stand in the shadows and spread untruths.

  15. AZ Jack:

    Don’t you know that “Character” counts?!!

    Shame on you!

  16. Jacobite says

    And it just so happens that “The Weekly Standard” editorial board provided the key media support for John McCain’s presidential bids in 2000 & 2008!

    Media matters!

  17. McCain’s debate El Problemo:

    Worse, even though they can both riposte faster than McCain, JD Hayworth actually knows some facts, unlike Obama who just made them up as he went.

  18. carl melvinons says

    “Molly” still no answer on why you blog while working on your taxpayer paid job?

    Does your employer know? Or maybe it’s encouraged. Must be nice.

  19. Sherryl Alatosse says

    This brightend my day so can I brighten yours?

    If it’s stupid but works, it isn’t stupid. 🙂

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