The Truth About Mary Rose Wilcox


  1. Conservative American says

    It cracks me up that when Arizona passed SB1070 that all of the bleeding heart Liberals were crying, “Oh, what will the world think of us?” Yet for decades we have had Mary Rose Wilcox in office whose corruption and abuse of public office rivals that of the infamous Chicago politicians! What does “the world” think of THAT?

    The only “good” Wilcox has done is that she has revealed how completely small-town corrupt Arizona has become, from judges to the Bar Association! Not only does Wilcox break the law with complete impunity, but she seeks almost $1 million from taxpayers for “stress” caused by the routine working of the legal process in an effort to bring her to justice!

    The fact that Wilcox remains if office is a disgrace to Arizona and I don’t know why any business would come to Maricopa County or the State of Arizona knowing that they would have to deal with Mary Rose Wilcox and the bribery ring of which she is part.

  2. The problem is that in her district, she has bought off enough voters to get re-elected time and again. Finding a way to break that cycle will be the only way to rid us of Mary Rose. They go after Horne for what seems likely he’s done but leave Mary Rose alone. Makes no sense. I’m really glad to see for once, we have an option and I hope all people who are tired of supporting the corruption in our district will vote for this man on the Republican side of the ballot.

    • There are always more voters who haven’t been bought than those who have. The question is whether the 53% are motivated and educated about who is on their side and who isn’t.

      I voted for Ron Harders for Maricopa county Supervisor district 5.

  3. I have attended several Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meetings in the past year and I have found Mary Rose Wilcox to be a very soft spoken person who projects the image that she cares for others. However she has demonstrated the only person she really cares about is herself and the money she can get from the Maricopa county taxpayers. I applaud Ron Harders for having the spine to challenge her. My vote goes to Ron.

  4. Eric M******** says

    I have known the wilcox’s PERSONALLY for close to 2 years now. I admit this may make you believe that I am biased but in fact I just know the truth and feel strongly inclined to write something. Take it or not, just know that i barely feel like explaining any of this because i am inclined just to say: that your all fools being manipulated with ishy info and if you knew the truth you would most likely be happy with the result of the trials. I have personally seen first hand the way they operate their businesses and the things they do on a weekly basis. They are very good people who very much so care about their community and spend their free time not involved in official city business still giving back to the community. You can try to villanize them by pointing out again and again their “nillionaires”, however they lead a modest life and drive your average vehicles. If you included their assets to quantify their wealth then you must include the once public park and community center that they purchased to keep open when the city decided they could not pay for it because they burned your money and they figured no one would notice when they cut funding because it was in a poor neighborhood. well you know who cared enough to spend their time and money keep it open themselves? The wilcoxes did, not because it was a good idea for them or they had anything to personally gain, but because the wilcox’s knew that this community center is really the only option for children as young as 8 or 9 in that neighborhood to avoid the violence, drugs and gang activity in the neighborhood. They were ABSOLUTELY unfairly targeted by sherrif joe, mcso, his deputies and their cronies. The sherrif’s office did everything they could to get dirt on the wilcoxes because they support different political ideology and when they weren’t able to find any they did everything they could to get them to do something illegal, this is called entrapment, and when multiple other city officials go down for corruption when trying to frame the wilcox’s its pretty obvious that it was 100 percent a sham from the beginning. —>They were awarded a settlement because they deserve a settlement!!<— the whole time they picking up the city of phoenix's bills their business right across the street is forced to stay closed for more than 6 months and unprofitable while a flagrantly erroneous investigation is carried out by people who know they are not guilty. I've never ONCE heard them complain about the trouble they've been caused because they were never guilty and they trusted in the truth to come out eventually. Mr. wilcox is the oldest of 14 children and a shining example of being both a kind hearted person and a dedicated community leader who worked to get where he is.. Also the first thing that they did when they won the settlement is set up a whole new computer learning center within the previously mentioned community center, you never hear this in the news. One commenter said she "bought off" enough voters in her district, not true. Her district is one of the most difficult in the city and there are houses that literally still have dirt floors, the point is she keeps getting re-elected because the community trusts her and she is a trustworthy person who does everything she can to look out for her constituents, which is exactly her function of office and what most politicians aren't doing. I myself am white so i am not being prejudice when i say this: If you think some old white man is going to unseat a trusted member of an impoverished community with some half researched flier and tea party politics then you are clueless to both the situation in your city and humans in general. Respectfully, -E.

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