The South is in play on Feb 5th

Twenty-one states have their primary or caucus on February 5th. Four of those are Southern states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee. Governor Mike Huckabee was doing well in several of these states. Recent polls show that Huckabee has slipped significantly in Georgia and Tennessee. There was not a recent Alabama poll at the time of this post but if the other two states are any guide he is vulnerable there as well. Senator McCain is the beneficiary of Huckabee’s slide in Georgia and Tennessee. If Huckabee slips further the question becomes where do the rest of his voters go. It defiantly puts those states in play. Missouri is another state where Huckabee may fade from the top tier.

Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee allocate delegates by results in each congressional district. Thus a strong second may result in several delegates. Missouri is winner-take-all so there is no prize for second place, even if close.

Arkansas is Huckabee’s home state so we would not expect a big change there.

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