The Secret to a Six Figure Income?

Is it true that Legislative District 8 Chairman Royce Flora is being considered for a six figure salaried job by Maricopa County Treasurer Charles “Hos” Hoskins?

It wasn’t long ago that Flora, an applicant for the Treasury vacancy for which Hoskins was ultimately chosen, was feeling out potential supporters for a possible primary challenge. You may remember that the County Board did not even select Flora as a finalist for that position.

I know what you’re thinking; aren’t audio/visual technicians for the state House always in the running for these high paying financial services positions? Not to my recollection. Some of our readers who are much younger than me, who can do more with the internet than check e-mail and blog, could probably find out what Flora is making now; I’m certain it’s not anything in the range of his potential County job.

In the time of a severe budget shortfall, where the County has made significant cutbacks, could it really be possible that Hoskins would dangle an expensive carrot to avoid a challenge to his office? My advice to Hoskins, tell him to ‘bring it on.’ In 2004, Flora got waxed in a primary against Collette Rosati.

If this deal goes through, and we don’t see some compelling reason for this hire, maybe we should all start making noise about challenges to people who run large agencies. In the meantime, there’s already a repository for political hacks who can’t find work someplace else.


  1. I’m not sure I understand the swipe at the AZGOP but Sean and his team are gold and have worked their tails off to get the party where it is today and that is a formidible organization to take on the Dems. And this is coming from someone who lobbied for the AZGOP ED position and didn’t get it!

  2. DSW,

    It seems your site is becoming more and more oppositional to the majority, so why are you so surprised? Maybe it just sort of crept up on you, but your contributors are hardly enamored of either the grassroots or the leadership lately.

    You’re a very nice guy with a history of a real walk not just talk and I appreciate your commentary but look at the most recent posts; the threads are mostly comments of disagreement with either the premise or the attitude in the post.

    Maybe it is a phase but the conflict period is over. It is time for efforts that promote not detract. Not to say they need to be a front for anything deceptive, but constant snarky, almost absurd posts will not be good for business.

  3. I hear you. Rather than censoring some of the contributors, I’m going to ask that their contributions be written not in the theme of the circular firing squad. Let’s remember who our real opposition is and that fellow conservatives are our friends.

  4. Few people ever survive a circular firing squad. Leaving that tact to the Dems is a great idea!

    Conservative survival is dependant on us to “get over it”, all of us.

  5. Back to the post.

    The County has been under a hiring freeze for several months.

    I cannot see any reason why the County would hire someone at six figures unless the postion is a critical nature. I highly doubt the Treasurer’s Office has a critical need to fill by hiring Flora. Incidentally, there are only four employees in the Treasurer’s Office who earn more than $100,000 and the Treasurer is not one of them.

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