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The Ring Around Janet’s Neck

The Ring Around Janet’s Neck

Attending the dedication of the Arizona 9-11 Memorial at Wesley Bolin Plaza in Phoenix with Billy Shields, chairman of the Arizona 9-11 Memorial Commission. 

Watching the whole September 11th Memorial fiasco take place reminds me of the whole Eddie Basha implosion during the 1994 gubernatorial race against Fife Symington. For those who were involved in Arizona politics, a little history reminder. Eddie Basha and Fife Symington both participated in a radio debate during the campaign leading up to the General Election in 1994. When Eddie was called on the mat on the issue of homosexual marriage, he responded that he supported it. That was the beginning of the end for Eddie Basha.

Within the last week, Janet Napolitano has managed to walk her way into a minefield over the issue of the 9/11 memorial at Wesley Bolin Plaza. 

This debate would not be taking place if it were not for the astute work of political blogger extroardinaire Greg Patterson at EspressoPundit who broke the story late last week. Now, the story has gone national and has become a political albatross or should I say ring around Janet Napolitano’s neck.

Even the Arizona Republican Party has launched a new ad pointing out the controversy.

Look for the possibility of things to escalate as the legislature considers calling a special session to take action against the memorial. Maybe they ought to discuss the renaming of mountains in the same session?

Janet Napolitano’s Message of the Week – Monday, September 11, 2006
Arizona 9/11 Memorial Website Message from the Governor


  1. Gretchen Wagenseller says

    Copied From BOREDINAZ on Ted’s website–

    “I just heard on the radio an interview with Billy Shields. Apparently, there were quite a few public hearings on the content/design of the memorial held all over the state. They were open to the public and were arranged to give everyone and anyone a chance to put their two cents in on the design.

    Gee, I wonder if Len Munsil, Greg Patterson, Laura Knaperek or Russell Pearce attended any of them. Hmmm…”

  2. Seen/heard this comment by various people.

    Implies that anyone who did not attend a public meeting has no standing to speak now.

    Ignores fact that John and Jane Doe expect monuments built on public land to be created via good faith effort to commemorate the original purpose.

    Monument to commemorate 9/11 that contains commentary on events before and after is questionable in that regard.

    Personally, I think the Gov. could get out in front of this with one public comment. She’s certainly capable of doing so.

    But simply saying that Munsil, Patterson, et. al are partisan tools out for gain is extremely short-sighted, IMO. John and Jane Doe will have something to say about this (despite what Janet or Len say), no doubt soon to be a factor in the polls.

    BTW, I think this would be less of a problem for the Gov. if the process hadn’t previously been steamrolled in the Piestewa Peak episode.

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