The rest of the story.

OK, that was a pretty intense video of the Texas DPS officer pulling over the truck.

If you are curious here is an article covering the outcome of the trial.

I still fail to see how a guest-worker program would solve behavior like this.


  1. OVD, I have enjoyed your commentary in the Sonoran Alliance for the most part – you offer balanced, incisive blog. But your last comment in this post makes no sense: None of the good conservative minds who support a guest-worker program have ever implied that it “would solve behavior like this.” To link our President’s guest-worker proposal to an isolated incident of violent crime is rank demogoguery. What a guest-worker program will solve is the problem of millions of needed workers in our country living in the shadows, undocumented, untaxed, and in constant danger of deportation. As Pres. Bush, Jack Kemp, Jeff Flake, Sam Brownback, Dennis Praeger, and numerous other conservative leaders have articulated, a guest-worker program is necessary to stabilize our economy and deal justly with the undoc immigrants who have become part of our communities.

    As a retired career law enforcement officer, I frankly resent the off-handed use of the tragic death of one of my brothers to take a cheap shot at a reasonable policy proposal. Your previous writings would indicate you are better than this, OVD.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Gary, you raise some good points.

    First, if there is a guest worker program without sealing the border then people like Ramon Ramos will be able to keep entering the U.S. We should seal the border first. Then hammer out a compromise on guest workers.

    If they pass a guest worker program without sealing the border people like Mr. Ramos will be able to still enter illegally. We secure the border in Korea, how about in the U.S. We sealed the border in Germany during the Cold War, how about here and now to protect our own country.

    I did not use the tragic death of one of your brothers. He did not die.

    My family has been going camping along the border in Coronado National Forest each fall for about 20 years. The damage to the environment down there is very serious. I have talked to law enforcement while camping along the border and they have told me about the drugs coming across the border. The first priority should be to stop the drugs and violent offenders from entering this country. I do not believe that the President’s bill put enough emphasis on addressing the drug trafficking and environmental damage happening along the border.

    Enforcement first! Work out a compromise for those already here after that.

  3. OVD, thank you for the response. I fully agree that the border must be secured and immigration controlled. I only hope that more conservatives will approach this issue in the same kind of thoughtful, balanced manner as you have, and not reject guest-worker or earned citizenship proposals out of hand. Keep up the good blog!

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