The Republican Establishment Wants to Pick Our Candidate

A new super PAC has come out swinging at the Republican establishment on behalf of Newt Gingrich. After Mitt Romney’s super PAC friends went after Gingrich in Iowa, Newt’s friends are hitting back without mentioning Romney’s name. It’s accurate to say this Republican Presidential Primary has entered an entirely new chapter.

From the Winning Our Future YouTube account:

The SuperPAC Winning Our Future has launched a new television ad airing on broadcast and cable television throughout Iowa. The New York Times reported: “The group, Winning Our Future, has produced a TV ad that echoes Mr. Gingrich’s version of his economic accomplishments while speaker of the House, which he is making the focus of a weeklong bus tour. They include welfare reform, tax cuts and balanced budgets.” Here’s the script:

VO: The Republican establishment wants to pick our candidate.

When a principled conservative took the lead, they outspent Newt Gingrich 20 to 1, attacking him with falsehoods.

Conservatives need someone who’s fought for us.

Newt balanced the federal budget, reformed welfare, cut taxes and created 11 million new jobs

Newt will take on radical judges and fight against abortion.

Don’t let the liberal Republican establishment pick our candidate.

Newt Gingrich.

Winning Our Future is responsible for the content of this message.


  1. Conservative American says

    Obviously, wearing blinders makes life simple for you, Ms. Dates. The Newt has admitted to cheating on his wife in two of his three marriages thus far. Let’s be clear, Ms. Dates. “Cheating” is a euphemism for extramarital sex, betrayal of wedding vows and betrayal of one’s wife. Newt realized the error of his ways after cheating on his first wife and repented. Unfortunately, he didn’t feel that carried over to his second marriage where he did it again. That is just a wonderful fit with Conservative social and family values, isn’t it, Ms. Dates.

    Then, of course, Newt backed Dede Scozzafava, in the NY 9 race, AGAINST Conservative Party candidate Hoffman. The New York Conservative Party ran Hoffman because Scozzafava supports government funded abortion and homosexual “marriage”. Gee, Conservative social and family values strike again!

    It would appear that you are one of those so called “fiscal Conservatives” who seek to eliminate family and social values from Conservatism. That makes you no Conservative at all. You are the “liberal Republican establishment”.

  2. C.A., The Author is right on target. Romney is the moderate establishment candidate. The establishment is against Gingrich which is reason enough for most of us to prefer Gingrich. From the start there has been a 75% not-Romney vote. As candidates drop out Romney’s numbers don’t change. Of course, Huntsman is pretty liberal so Romney may get “all” his support.

    • Conservative American says

      With all due respect, LD11 PC, the author is all wet. It’s really very simple. Get Newt and you get no Conservative family values or social values. He lives the opposite of those values and supports candidates who are the antithesis of those values. Sorry, no sale.

  3. Lol @ “most of us prefer Gingrich”. Conservatives do not prefer Gingrich. Gingrich is an Pelosi-loving left-winger who sold out whatever conservatism he might have had at one time to the corporations who hired him as a lobbyist, incl. but not limited to (most recently) the Global Warming/AlGore industry, Ethanol industry, government subsidized loan industry, heath insurance industry (in support of Obamacare).


  4. I do have to say one interesting thing about this election cycle, which was present last election cycle, but never as brazen or shrill. If you listen to “party leaders” or the media, they all have a BRAZEN disregard for what Republican VOTERS want or have to say about the election of their candidate. In their opinion, the requirement to even have to go through the primary process is unnecessary. Like Jon Kyl (as quoted in the NYT in 2006) Republican party members should just shut up, donate and make calls and leave the business of vetting candidates to the smoke filled back rooms.

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