The Race for AZ GOP Chair

For those following the race to succeed GOP Chairman Matt Salmon, here is the latest.

National Committeeman Randy Pullen has indicated he will run for the position. This would allow Pullen to work closer to home to refocus and reinvigorate the GOP in preparation for the 2008 races. As some of you may know I publically endorsed Randy Pullen four years ago at the State Convention when he challenged and sucessfully defeated Mike Hellon for the position.

Just entering the race is former Governor, Fife Symington. I’m assuming that Fife wants to play an active role in the party once again and thus the reason for his interest in jumping in.

Check back as more develops on this race…



  1. How do Arizona Republican activists feel about Symington’s candidacy? Do they think it will be a black mark or possibly a new beginning? I’d be interested to know considering his history.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Symington is a non-starter with the base. It is widely rumored that Fife would be McCain’s biach.

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Symington is running because McCain has asked him to. He was originally running for district chairman in LD11 against Rob Haney, who has caused McCain more than his share of discomfort. So they drafted a big gun to beat Haney. Only problem is, Haney has the votes. So its off to the state convention for Fife, again, to hold on to the reins for McCain… Fannin, then Salmon, now Fife? Come on, haven’t we heard this music before?

  4. Thanks Oro Valley Dad for the link for “biach”. I enjoyed this definition:

    “human female who lacks refinement – more prone to drink from a 40oz bottle of Cobra than from a fluted champainge glass “

  5. Honest Abe says

    Honest Abe Says:
    Conventional wisdom would have you believe that Haney had the support of the majority of LD11 elected precinct committeemen to achieve his re-election bid. Certainly the votes reflect that theory, but then again, maybe not .Through exhaustive research I have uncovered the genuine, intellectual prowess of the newly crowned “King”. Perhaps, the most befitting title would be of course, ” King Haney”, since he presides over a kingdom of Haneyites. King Haney, by his own admission, has single handedly recruited more than 400 Precint Committeemen in LD11. This would be considered a remarkable achievement in its own right, yet for King Haney, pursued for a dubious outcome.

    You see, King Haney denuded the vulnerabilities of LD11’s ByLaws, which permits for the chairman to carry the Proxy vote of each and every precinct committeemen he recruited. Thus, allowing the King to converge upon his personally selected Kingdom of followers, obtaining their proxy vote, to be cast in any way he personally deemed necessary to
    acheive a predictable outcome. King Haney essentially crowned himself in this election by voting a number of proxy votes that outnumbered his rival by more than three to one.

    The victory was a forgone conclusion evidenced by the speech Haney recited prior to the ballots even being cast Tuesday night.

    In the Kingdom of Haney we see mostly court Jesters, and the King has no clothes.

    Honest Abe

  6. Honest Abe says

    Randy Pullen has spouted he has the votes to be the next State Chairman, a Haney court Jester himself, Randy is counting on Haney!!! Proxy Power at it’s finest!

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