The press turns on their former darling.

The New York Times visits Maricopa County.

Matt Salmon thinks the conservatives are dragging branches behind their horses. Sure beats what is behind McCain’s horse.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Salmon says he “resigned” from his position as State Party Chairman so that he could work for McCain’s campaign? What? Seems a bit revisionist, doesn’t it?

  2. Deciding he “resigned” allows Matt to remain delusional regarding the fact that he would have been whacked badly if he ran for a second term as GOP state chairman. He’s just another one in a long line of those hoping to catch the golden McCain ring–only to find it’s made of tin.

    This was just the laugh I needed after a tough week.

  3. Longtime JD Staffer says

    I have been following this blog with some interest for some time, but the extreme negativity found here by so many is shocking. I wonder if all of these hardworking activists had actually worked hard JD still might be in Congress, instead you seem hell bent on tearing down good people like Matt and raising the banners of pro-choice, former mayoral candidates who act like Mitt Romney (aka Randy Pullen). For your information, Matt actually did a lot for real conservatives and not the pretend players who seem so willing to post on this blog. I for one can’t take anymore of the self patting on the back of these phonies. Stand up and admit that so many of your turned your backs on a real conservative when he needed you most. All the claims about the state party chairman leave me wondering did any of you walk in CD5 like Matt? Did any of you make calls like Matt? The answer is NO, so lay off Len Munsil, lay off Matt, and let’s see what you can do, because the only evidence is that you abandoned those who needed you and the legislature is controlled by J-NO. There is a new sheriff in town and he goes by “live up to your word fake conservatives!”

  4. Staffer,

    We are only covering the news. Sorry that it is so upsetting to you. Was Matt misquoted in the NYT story? If so let us know.

    It is very nice that Matt helped in the CD5 race. He sure was no help in CD8, in fact his meddling only made matters worse.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Yikes Staffer, that was uncalled for… I don’t live in or near CD5, but I was sure busy in CD8. We had a race down there too you know… Another good conservative named Randy Graf? Might not sound familiar to you since JD refused to support him in his primary… But I did make phone calls and give money and do all of that good stuff for JD. I’ve even got the shirt to prove it! Sorry you’re out of a job, but maybe if JD had run a single positive ad telling people that he had done a good job and showing them examples (instead of running all hit ads, all the time) he would have done better. And if he wasn’t so over the top all the time for 12 years, maybe he wouldn’t have worn out his welcome among women voters and soft R’s? We hardcore types loved him and his style, but he had to have polling numbers that showed where his problems were.

    As for defending Matt Salmon and the job he did… Please… No one here is buying it. Maybe, after Matt carpetbags into JD’s district to run for that seat, you can show him your posting and he’ll give you a job…

    And so long as you want to lie and call Randy Pullen “pro-choice”, you forfeit your right to accuse people of tearing down good people and of being negative… Get back to the want-ads until you’ve got something useful to say!

  6. Wow STS! Ditto.

  7. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Looking back on it and re-reading it, it comes across as a bit harsh. I wouldn’t change the points I was trying to get across, but I would have looked for a gentler way to write it…

  8. Nightcrawler says


    I can tell you that I personally made many calls on JDs behalf. JD lost because he become as the Az Republic stated “cartoonish” in his presentation. Those of us who love him could see past it, others unfortunately could not. After he licks his wounds he will be back. When that happens, I will support him.

  9. First, Matt was and is a lobbyist who makes a half mil by lobbying while earning every penny he made as the Chairman – which is not paid.

    You can talk about how Matt walked in CD5 if you want, but why did he refuse to work with Grass Roots Party Chairmen across the state as he promised when he need their support in 2005? And why did he keep an ED who signed a deal of silence with the devil over the last few months of the campaign. Maybe the $$ again?

    Matt’s first trip down delusional lane happened when he believed the same people he is now in bed with who promised their undying support for Governor in 2002 as long as he did not run against Jane Dee in 1998.

    As for JD, the biggest reason he lost was a momentary lapse in trying to pander to the left. He wrote an awesome book on the illegal immigration issue – which cost him the votes of the moderate pro-amnesty people – then he bailed out and withdrew his endorsement of Russell Pearce because the media was conducting a hit campaign against Rep. Pearce, which cost him a lot of the anti-amnesty, pro-strong border supporters.

    JD, you should know you can’t alienate both sides of the most volatile issue in a campaign and win. Where do you think he got this brilliant strategy, longtime JD Staffer(?? now RR Staffer ??).

  10. To Longtime JD staffer: The Arizona Conservative was created so that conservative candidates could do an end-run around the liberal media. I have never received a single news release from J.D., nor has he ever offered to do an interview. I posted excerpts from his book, giving him free publicity — even though he refused to support P.A.N. I think J.D. got outsmarted by Democrats who mined ASU votes a lot harder than J.D. did. I also think J.D. under-estimated Harry as an opponent, and he typefies the smug, over-confident Republicans who lost in November. As a reader of T.S.A., there are good and true conservatives here, which is plainly evident in the posts. If J.D. was such a committed conservative, why did he support Planned Parenthood activist Carolyn Allen over pro-life conservative Colette Rosatti? J.D. came over to our side, which opposes the border invasion, very late and it appeared in an election year. Too little, too late.

  11. DD, Do you honestly think that person worked for JD? You have enough experience in politics to know better. Instead you take the bait and smear JD — what purpose does that serve? Continually eliminating people from being worthy of belonging to your group is not a way to win elections.

    I see a guest opinion on your website written by Rep. Hayworth back in 2005 regarding illegals. In his book he acknowledged his error for not recognizing the illegal problem as an invasion earlier. I also noticed no press releases from any of the delegation on your website in 2006.

    So, JD lost because conservatives sat on their hands due to JD being a “johnny-come-lately” on immigration? 1)I’ve consistently read in these blogs that the conservates are true Republicans because they step up and support the nominee regardless of who wins the primary (it’s supposedly the RINOs who leave us high and dry on election day, see Randy Graf). 2) enjoy Harry Mitchell until redistricting.

  12. Walter,

    I have never heard conservatives way they would support any Republican candidate regardless of their position on issues. What I have heard and observed consistently is that conservatives do not go out and endorse against Republican candidates. They either support Republicans or they spend their time in other races where they can in good conscience support a real Platform Republican.

    Moderates, on the other hand, have a long and strong track record of actually endorsing and funding Democrat candidates against Republican candidates – usually because the candidate is too closely aligned with the Platform of our Party to be comfortable for those who want the benefits of being in the majority while not believing in the tenets of that majority.

    Again, JD did more to damage himself than any other factor by being strong on the amnesty issue then withdrawing his endorsement of Russell Pearce for what he thought was political expediency. Bad move.

  13. Walter, let’s see some proof that this guy is NOT a longtime staffer. You threw some red meat out there with no proof. Truth be known, the conservative Republicans in this state have been very patient with the former congressional delegation, often looking the other way and giving them the benefit of the doubt. Well now they’ve had a chance to do it their way, they’ve said “trust us” — and look at the mess they made. We were too trusting and in the end some of them couldn’t deliver. Some of them proved to be hollow men. Some of them won’t be getting any more endorsements from conservative publications. Shadegg and Renzi are looking bad, and Kyl hasn’t done himself any favors lately either.

  14. Brian Murray says

    GOP PK,

    Just got a call from someone who said you were suggesting that I had written the above about my former boss, JD. I can tell you that it was untrue and your assertion makes little sense that it was me. As you know I currently work for Rep. Renzi and we had an election of our own and I would have had no knowledge about what was going on with their campaign. I will tell you that we were blessed to have so many volunteers work on Rick’s behalf. On the weekend before election day we hit 30k homes door to door and our volunteers made over 100,000 phone calls. While there are many of us who were sad to see JD go, I seriously doubt that we have heard the last from him. I believe JD ran a good campaign and won’t comment on why he lost, he just lost and will be missed. To Staffer, I feel your pain about the loss, but agree your attacks were a bit over the line. And to Walter I would agree, I personally know just about every person who ever worked for JD and I have serious doubts that any of them would have written the above comment. It seems that some people are continuing to drive wedges amongst our party when we need to be focusing on unifying and retaking our majority.

  15. Grassroots girl says

    Mr. Durband,

    You have trashed JD, you’ve trashed Shadegg, Renzi, and Kyl. I suppose since I haven’t seen you trash Franks, you might be o.k. with him, but then again, maybe not. Please tell us if there are ANY members of Congress who you like or respect, because if you call youself a conservative, I’m having a hard time seeing how you could get more conservative than some of our delegation.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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