The Political Takedown of Sheriff Joe

One thing Democrats have learned to do well—a skill that Republicans unfortunately have yet to acquire—is the use of government power to destroy the opposing political party. Why, our very own Arizona attorney general (a Democrat), Terry “Barney Fife” Goddard prosecuted Republicans faster than we could elect them.

Now that the Democrats control Washington they’ve taken their act on the road to target Republican Sheriff Joe Arpaio for alleged civil rights violations. A “civil rights violation” appears to be defined by Democrats as any act done by Republicans that Democrats don’t like. Too bad the Bush justice department missed the opportunity to investigate Goddard’s civil rights violations—maybe we could do that next time around?


Could it be that the sheriff is interfering with Democrat plans to turn these ILLEGALS into perpetual Democrat voters? Once the ILLEGALS are on government assistance they’ll be forever Democrat voters—once amnesty is granted. The next time Janet Napolitano is in town busily ignoring our open southern border we should ask her.


What is most troubling about the political takedown of the sheriff is the silence of our congressional Republican delegation. Where is McCain, Kyl and Flake? Where’s the angry press conference?


Why aren’t they demanding an investigation of the Obama justice department?


It would be nice to see a prominent Republican with a spine (just once!)—be willing to denounce this dangerous and naked use of government power to destroy our sheriff. This investigation is nothing more than an attempt by a Democrat controlled federal government to destroy a Republican—a Republican who is doing his job.


Sadly, because McCain, Kyl and Flake are more interested in amnesty than enforcement the sheriff may get thrown under the bus! If this happens no one is going to be willing to enforce the law regarding ILLEGAL immigration. By the way, when do we get to investigate a Democrat for “civil rights violations”?


Stay tuned…


  1. James Davidson says

    You really must be joking. You want some sympathy for Arpaio? This is the guy who prefected the take down. Look at what he did to Sandra Dowling, with not a shred of validity. Remember the Judge dismissed every one of the 26 charges against her. There was never enough to justify a trial, much less a conviction. He cost her her life savings. Look at what he’s doing to Stapley. He’s an old, bumbling, incompetent, fool, who has cost the county millions in lawsuits.

    Democrats are trying to take him down? When she was U.S. Attorney,Democrat Janet Napolitano let him off the hook in 1998, and he paid her back by getting her elected governor.

    Arpaio is out for one person — Joe Arpaio. The toughest sheriff schtick is a joke. A criminal recently walked out of court when supposedly in his custody, and certainly ran back to Mexico. That’s really tough.

    What has he done about all the Mexican crime-lord kidnapping? Nada. Don’t waste your breath on this loser. This publicity hound is getting what he deserves.

  2. Trent Franks often stands up for Sheriff Arpaio and the great job he is doing. Why does Congressman Shadegg get a pass for his silence? After all, Shadegg recently came out with the “intolerant xenophobe” label for border security conscious Republicans.

    Face it, McCain, Kyl, Shadegg and Flake are entirely in the tank for business interests that profit from the illegal invasion. Arpaio and only a few other elected officials stand with the 80% of Arizona voters who shoot down pro-illegal alien ballot measures at every opportunity.

  3. James Davidson says

    “In the tank”? Arpaio campaigned for Napolitano and was in her commercials. He got her elected.

  4. James, it was Terry Goddard who went after Dowling with Stapley pushing the way. And the Judge dismissed the remaining counts as part of a plea agreement when she pled to a misdemeanor but don’t let the facts get in your way.

  5. Sky Hawk certainly is not much of an insider if the way he/she spells Kyl
    Let me bring the esteemed author up to date
    It is spelled Jon Kyl.
    I am sick of this party and it is going to the dogs.
    I can’t stand Kyl or Sheriff Joe. We have nothing to be proud of.

  6. The Republicans, of course, perfected using government power to harass and intimidate the opposition party when U.S. attorneys (all Republicans) were fired for refusing to bring trumped-up charges against Democratic officials.

    This scandal, like the shocking abuses of power of Sheriff Arpaio — here in New York, everyone scratches their heads wondering just how the stupid voters in backward Maricopa County keep reelecting this immoral clown — marks a low point in using government power for sheer political ends.

  7. Tucson Vice says

    We all know that it is name recognition that gets him elected. Most people have no idea what he has actually done for them (if anything) or what he has cost them.

  8. James Davidson says

    Craig, You got it wrong buddy. Arpaio shopped his phony carges first to Andy Thomas, who turned the old fool down cold. The Judas old fool then went to Democrat Goddard, betraying a fellow Reepublican, who gladly filed the charges. You’re wrong on another point, and it’s a big one. The judge dismissed every one of Arpaio’s charges — every last one of them. She pleaded guilty to a

  9. James Davidson says

    To finish the point, Sandra Dowling pleaded guilty to a NEW charge of having hired her daughter to a summer job years ago when she was a student at the U. of A., and she did it because she already had spent $150,000 in attorney fees and had to save what little she and her husband had left of her retirement savings.

    We know what a Judas Arpaio is: He betrayed Matt Salmon and appeared in JaNo’s commercials. Thanks Judas old fool for six years of liberalism and bankruptcy.

    Don’t drink the kool aid. The old fool is a loser.

  10. James, please look up her plea and then admit you are wrong. THe judge dismissed Cts 1-10 without prejudice on 8-20-07 Cts 11-23 and Cts 26-27 were dismissed by the plea agreement with the understanding that Cts 1-10 would also be considered dismissed with prejudice due to the plea.

  11. Arpaio is corrupt plain and simple. He needs to be investigated for his blatant misuse of RICO and other funds. Why the County Supervisors have never audited his books is amazing to me.

  12. James Davidson says


    Duh. Those were the only counts charged against Sandra Dowling in the original indictment. The other counts were charged against other parties.

    If you go to Judge Edward Burke’s order of August 26, 2008, you will see that it has a different case number from the original case; specifically, No. CR2008-007162. You will also see that the Judge wrote in it, “IT IS HEREBY ORDERED granting the motion to dismiss the following: All counts for which the Defendant is charged in CR2006-012508; dismissed with prejudice.”

    The 2008 case is the NEW case involving: “Count 1, Employment of a relative, a class 2 misdemeanor.”

    Judas Arpaio never got her charged with that. Judas Arpaio got her charged with the counts in the old case, CR2006-012508, that the Judge dismissed on August 26, 2008 — every last one of them.

    Judas Arpaio had nothing on Sandra Dowling — absolutely nothing. It is a fact that Andy Thomas refused to file the charges for Judas Arpaio. It is a fact that he shopped them to Democrat Terry Goddard.

    It is also a fact that Judas Arpaio betrayed Matt Salmon and the Republican Party to get Janet Napolitano elected, and it is also a fact that she had no use for him and gave him the bum’s rush when she was through using him. A Judas loses all respect — from those he betrayed and from those who paid him the 30 pieces of silver. Everyone knows what he is. the only point to haggle over is the price.

  13. James not to beat a dead horse with someone who knows nothing about criminal law but CR2008-007162 involved Dennis not Sandra and the ME you cite is in his case. Look at Sandra’s plea and see what was dismissed by her plea. She was originally charged with Cts 1-23 and 26-27.

  14. James Davidson says


    Dude, you are beating a dead horse, and not very well. Judge Burke’s August 26, 2008, order in No. CR2008-07162-001-DT, bears the following caption:

    State of Arizona


    Sandra E. Dowling.

    If you know anything about criminal law, as you suggest, you will know how to find it on the Superior Court’s website.

    The order says what I said it says. Judge Edward Burke dismissed every count against Sandra Dowling in the criminal case that Judas Arpaio got Democrat Terry Goddard to bring against her in the old case, CR2006-012508.

    She pleaded guilty to a NEW charge of having hired her daughter. The incompetent, old fool, sheriff never raised that issue. Mrs. Dowling made the plea to a class-two misdemeanor only because she was running out of the money she and her husband took 30 years to save.

    Judas Arpaio deserves sympathy because the big, bad feds are picking on him. Go cry elsewhere.

    He remains a Judas, particularly for selling us conservatives out to JaNo in 2002, and giving us six years of liberalism and bankruptcy.

  15. James they were dismissed by the PLEA AGREEMENT the judge did it pursuant to the plea look at her plea.

  16. James Davidson says


    Let’s see, you missed:

    1. Judas Arpaio first shopped the charges to Andy Thomas, who turned him down, before he ran to Democrat Goddard.

    2. Judge Burke dismissed every one of the charges Judas got Goddard to file against Sandra Dowling.

    3. The order of dismissal was not in Dennis Dowling’s case. It was in Sandra Dowling’s case.

    You got right that she made a plea agreement. So what? I never said otherwise. That was all over the media.

    The U.S. Attorney agreed to dismiss every one of the charges Judas got Goddard to bring against Sandra Dowling. The U.S. Attorney did it because they were worthless. The Judge agreed. He did not have to accept a plea agreement if he thought it was not in the interests of justice. As a fig leaf, the U.S. Attorney required Sandra Dowling to plead guilty to a NEW charge, not one of the Judas-inspired charges, of hiring her daughter to a minimum wage summer job years ago. Big whup. Sandra Dowling accepted because she had to keep at least a little of what she and her husband had saved in 30 years of marriage.

    Judas is crying because he thinks the feds are bringing a politically motivated case against him.

    Pot meet kettle.

    Face it: He is an incompetent. He is a Judas, several times over. He is a publicity hound. He has cost the county millions. He is old, and he is a fool. That a conservative would defend him is beyond ridiculous.

  17. Tom Buggeln says

    Let’s face it guys, Joe is being singled out and slammed for enforcing immigration laws. Nothing more, nothing less!

    And the real engine of prosecution is as I’ve stated before, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce along with its local affilates and a good portion of our “hoop in the nose” congressional delegation.

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