The People’s Bill-HB2424

The role of “We, the people” in the effort at much needed probate reform is proving to be substantial and with something to show for their diligence.  A group of people, previously unknown to each other and from extremely diverse backgrounds, found themselves bound by an experience the great majority of Americans would think unbelievable in our free society.  

No one understands just how horrendous the current probate system can be, except those whose families have been devastated; the lives of loved ones reduced to being warehoused and held until death or destitution, whichever comes first.  Watching others control the life of one so dear, depriving them of lifes pleasures and draining them of all dignity.

So, they did what our Constitution demands.  They fought for their rights and demanded action from those who are elected to serve.  They have not given up and won’t be defeated.

Today, HB2424 will be heard in Senate Appropriations.  Once again, victims of probate abuse will testify.  They will tell the stories that have been made all too public in the accounts of local and national media.  The desire for disbelief will be palpable as no one will want to believe our society could treat the most vulnerable among us in such a cruel and heartless way.  But, it is true.  They will be crying out for reform.  Literally crying, their pain is visceral and real.

But, there are forces fighting against the reform.

Of course the hired-guns, paid to “kill the bill” on behalf of special interests who could care less about the lives of so many but look to their next payday as the motivation for their actions. 

The fiduciaries association who have profited greatly from the lacking and lazy courts. 

The “elder law” attorneys and their lobbyist, Susan Bitter-Smith, who have made fortunes from the life savings of those under their care with a steady income requiring little effort but the monthly billing and occasional appearance. 

Those who would deny such a need will be there, pointing fingers at others.  No need to change,  we are the good guys…you can trust us….wink, wink.  They will appear so professional and say “all is well”.  They will claim these are unusual cases and have unusual ends since they are unable to deny the atrocities committed under their watch and by their hand.  They will do this while charging their clients by the hour to retain the right to do so.

The hearing will be held in SHR 109 at 2:00 PM and will be broadcast on streaming video from the Arizona Legislature, either via internet or on cable TV.   Do not think this is not about you, it is.

 Complacency and acceptance of the status quo is the nesting place of corruption.   


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