The Passing of Robert Orin Burges


Sunday – August the 19th, 2012

The Passing of Robert Orin Burges

 Arizona State Senator Judy Burges and her family sadly announce the death of a wonderful husband and Dad, Robert Burges.  Robert died suddenly this morning, Sunday, August 19th of an apparent heart attack. While at home this morning, Robert requested that Judy drive him to the hospital, and while en route, Robert died.  Senator Burges and family are in the process of developing the funeral plans which will be announced later this week.  So sudden was this event, you can imagine how unprepared Judy and family were to face the shock not to mention all the details that now surround this time of sadness.

Robert Orin Burges was an Arizonan to his core, a lover of the land and the west, as well as his two girls and son and Judy his beloved wife and partner in every sense.  Robert loved meeting and greeting people and was engaged fully in the process of representative government.  Senator Burges and family fully appreciate and understand why so many folks from around Arizona would like to share their thoughts and good wishes with Judy and family, as well as their personal remembrances of Robert.  Please wait until the announcement is made giving times and details to accomplish that and to meet with the family.  Today and tomorrow are full of overwhelming emotions and decisions every family must make privately at a time like this. 

I spent a couple of hours with Senator Burges at the hospital, and was present when family members arrived.  As you can expect, distraught and numb but intact.  Judy is aware of how many people are thinking and praying for her and her family, and will personally thank you at a later date.    

       Lyle –



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  1. Prayers for Senator Burges and her family. God Bless

  2. I know both the Burges, and love them. This is very very sad news, my prayers are with Judy and her children at this time.

  3. Patricia & Waynw says

    Our hearts go out to Senator Burges and her family. Robert was one of the most political active men we knew, he never once used any demeaning, derogatory, insulting language about anybody that did not agree with his thinking. He will be missed tremendously.

  4. Judy Elaine Blackburn says

    Bob Burges will be missed by all who knew him. What a wonderful man who loved his country and stood up for what was right. Bob was conservative and so politically active in every since. Our prayers are with Judy and family and we share in your terrific loss of a great man.

    Judy Blackburn

  5. Veritas Vincit says

    I miss my friend deeply, and it hurts. A bright point of light in the Arizona night sky is no longer.

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