The Obama Campaign’s New Flag Emblem Speaks Volumes

The image on this page is the official new flag emblem of the Obama campaign.  You can see it at this link and read some initial reactions at this link.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Note how the 50 stars have vanished, symbolizing the end of federalism.  Evidently, there is no more need for those 50 laboratories trying different approaches to individual freedom and prosperity for their citizens.  The wisdom of Obama is all we need, you see.

No more Illinois vs Indiana economic/regulatory models to compare.  Or California vs Texas.  Or even New York vs New Jersey.  All we need is the supervision and sanctimony of Obama’s central planners deciding everything for us.

Our old pals Tom Friedman and Ray LaHood must surely love this flag emblem since we know they both envy the Chinese central government’s dictatorial powers.  They do have local governance in China, but everybody knows who’s boss.  That’s what attracts Tom and Ray.   And that’s what makes this new flag emblem an appropriate symbol for the appalling future that the Left is creating for America.

Today, of course, Obama still has to deal with pesky governors like Brewer (AZ), Scott (FL), Daniels (IN), Jindal (LA), Christie (NJ), Martinez (NM), Kasich (OH), Haley (SC), Perry (TX), McDonnell (VA), and Walker (WI).   We know he  laments how difficult the Founders, the Constitution, and these governors have made it for him to bring “change to America.”

Oh, those awful Founders … why couldn’t they have foreseen the arrival of the Dear Leader, Barack Obama?

Actually, of course, they did foresee it — that’s why we have the Constitution’s enumerated powers and a 10th Amendment.  But Obama promises to keep trying to bring “change to America”, and this new flag is the perfect symbol of what he intends to do with the 10th Amendment.

Note also in the emblem how the 13 bold strips have faded into a blurry 9.  That’s an aptly chosen metaphor for the fading memory of our founding history and Constitution, as the mal-education of our nation’s youth marches on toward progressivism, redistributionism, statism, collectivism, socialism, fascism, neo-Maxism, or whatever other ‘ism’ name one chooses to represent what the Left is currently proffering.

Well …

That’s a lot for one new emblem to represent, but the Obama campaign did it!  Kudos to Obama and his campaign staff for jamming all these great Leftist themes and objectives into one symbol.

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  1. Kenny Jacobs says

    Perhaps there’s an actual link to where the image is located on the Obama website?

    • Hi, Kenny — That link is now up at the first link indicated in the article.

    • Conservative American says

      “Our Stripes: Flag Print(SKU OFA1540)”

      “Screen print designed by Ross Bruggink and Dan Olson of Studio MPLS. Limited edition (250 units), hand-numbered, 24” x 36” and made in the USA.”


      Yeah, you can get a print of it from the store on Obama’s website but it will cost you $35. For $24.95 you can get this actual flag which is more to the point:

      “USSR Soviet Flag (old), Hammer and Sickle Flag”

      “The USSR Flag was adopted in 1955. The red stands for communism. The hammer and sicle represent farmers and workers coming together.”

      “Our price: $24.95”

    • Conservative American says

      And if there are those who think that my Hammer and Sickle Flag comment above is over the top, here is the REST of the story…

      “American High School Band Marches with Hammer & Sickle”

      “By Todd Starnes”

      “A Pennsylvania high school marching band is raising eyebrows with a halftime performance that commemorates the Russian revolution, complete with red flags, olive military-style uniforms, and giant hammers and sickles.”

      “Paul Kengor is the executive director for the Center for Vision & Values at Pennsylvania’s Grove City College.”

      “He initially thought the halftime performance was a joke.”

      “This is surreal,” he told Fox News. “This is like something out of the Twilight Zone – but it’s even stranger than that.”

      “Kengor said even if the school was not celebrating the revolution “they seem to be commemorating this to some degree.”

      “The Bolshevik Revolution launched a global Communist revolution that from 1917 through the 1990s was responsible for the deaths of over a hundred million people,” he said. “What the Russian revolution unleashed was a nightmare – a historical human catastrophe. This is something that should be condemned and not in any way commemorated or laughed at.”

      “Gerson Moreno-Riano, dean of Regent University’s College of Arts & Sciences, told Fox News the performance is shocking.”

      “The Russian revolution was one of the most violent episodes of the 20th Century,” he said. “Lenin put into place a doctrine of mass terror to crush the opposition and thousands and thousands of people were murdered.”

      “The history professor said there’s very little to celebrate in that movement.”

      “It’s full of violence, terror, destruction and in some weeks thousands of people were executed – some thrown with rocks around their necks into the river to drown,” he said.

      “It’s quite frankly horrific that a high school would be celebrating that at a football game,” he said.

      “He was even more disturbed by the group photograph of the band in front of the hammer and sickle.”

      “To raise the emblems of the hammer and sickle – the emblems of so much violence, destruction and terror – is a lack of knowledge of history,” he said.

      “In the best case scenario, he said the editors were simply ignorant of the era.”

      “The worst case scenario is someone who is trying to celebrate something they know about – and they’re trying to insert this into their educational agenda,” he said.

  2. I wonder if they reduced the number of stripes to avoid charges of flag desecration? No doubt, when you give this a second look is has a cultish quality. I’ll bet the tatoo parlors will be busy the next few weeks. Maybe it’s time for a remake/update of the 1968 cult classic “Wild In The Streets.” Hats off to dleeper47 for hitting the pause button.

  3. Conservative American says

    Registered Republicans, and many who are not registered Republicans, want to see Obama out of office. Why? Because his policies are no good.

    It isn’t about whether he’s a Republican or a Democrat. It’s about the fact that he is taking the country in the wrong direction.

    If Republicans hope to prevail in the November elections, they need to make it clear to voters that they are going to change course and take the country in a better direction. But what message is the Republican Party sending when they offer up someone like JEFF FLAKE as the Republican candidate for U. S. Senator from Arizona? The message is that they are seeking to take the country in the SAME direction in which Obama and congressional “progressive” Democrats have been taking it! Where is the choice, where is the change?

    Obama has said that his greatest failure has been that he did not accomplish “comprehensive immigration reform”, aka “amnesty” for illegal aliens. But JEFF FLAKE wants the SAME thing that Obama wants! He even went so far as to co-author, with Chicago Democrat Luis Gutierrez, the STRIVE Act amnesty legislation which was killed by Flake’s fellow Republicans!

    Follow the link and watch the video of JEFF FLAKE facing off with Lou Dobbs and Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray over Flake’s STRIVE Act amnesty:

    Those who are thinking of voting for JEFF FLAKE because he has an “R” after his name had better think about what Flake actually stands for!

    The current approval of Congress is the lowest it has ever been this late in an election year:

    “September 14, 2012
    Congress’ Approval Poised to Be Lowest in an Election Year
    Thirteen percent of Americans currently approve
    by Jeffrey M. Jones”

    “Thirteen percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, the lowest Gallup has measured this late in an election year. The prior lows were 18% in 1992, 2008, and 2010.”

    It is insanity of the highest order to send someone like JEFF FLAKE to the U. S. Senate and to then disapprove of Congress! If you want a Congress of which you can approve, don’t send flakey people there in the first place!

    B. Hussein Obama has GOT to go but let’s not put one foot on the gas and the other on the brake by sending to Congress an Obama rubber stamp like JEFF FLAKE!

    • Dear Conservative American,
      Are recommending that since you considerJeff Flaketoo far left leaning that we vote for someone who sides with the party of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? You want me to keep the Senate controlled by socialists with ‘D’s behind their names? The primary elections are for voting your conscience. Those elections are behind us. The general election is where conservatives need to band together to WIN the Senate. A vote for Carmona is a vote to keep Harry Reid at the helm of the Senate. A vote for Carmona is a vote for someone who will surely cast more votes than Flake in lockstep with the hard line socialists. A non-vote or a “conscientious” vote for someone who can’t win is half a vote for a socialist Senate.

      • Conservative American says

        I provided answers to your questions, Cassy, but apparently they were censored out.

      • Conservative American says

        Looks like Sonoran Alliance is willing to censor comments when they feel that Jeff Flake is taking too much heat, LOL!

        What does that tell you? 😉

      • Conservative American says

        Was that you who deleted my comment, dleeper47? From what I understand, when someone posts an article they are responsible for moderating the comments. It’s alright, I’m just wondering where you stand. 😉

        • Hi, CA — Haven’t been at the computer for a while. I haven’t ‘unapproved’ any comments on this article (yet)! 🙂

          • Conservative American says

            Roger that! I’ve noticed that even when liberals post ridiculous snark in reply to your posts that you don’t delete it. Thanks for the reply! 🙂

      • Conservatie American says

        Okay, I get it:

        Sorry about that, David and Susan. Didn’t mean to rain on your parade. Could have brought this up in the comments of an article where it would be more “on topic”.

      • Odd philosophy you have on voting: vote for your best candidate in the primary, but vote in lockstep with your party in the general. Does that mean that Obama’s re-election is in the bag? The GOP is counting on some Democrats to abandon Obama for a victory, but you’re saying all Democrats should vote for Obama.

        Republican primary voters in Arizona showed me they are NOT my party. They rejected Russell Pearce, who has taken a lifetime of bullshit just so he could save Arizona taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars by encouraging tens of thousands of illegal aliens to leave the state. They chose amnesty-sucking co-conspirator Jeff Flake over Cardon who pledged no amnesty and full enforcement of immigration laws, and the did this at the wishes of John “Amnesty” McCain, who should have a stroke and die tomorrow.

        In March 2011, Republican state senators Nancy Barto, Rich Crandall, Adam Driggs, Linda Gray, John McComish, John Nelson, Michele Reagan, Steve Pierce, and Steve Yarbrough killed five immigration bills at the command of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. THIS was our reward for giving the GOP S.O.B.s a super majority the year before.

        Adam Driggs is an immigration lawyer, and due to re-districting, he is now on my ballot. I will vote for his Democrat opponent – whoever he/she might be. I also will vote for Richard Carmona vs. Jeff “Luis Gutierrez” Flake. The checked-pants country club Republicans can suck it.

    • Reality Check says

      Jeff Flake isn’t left leaning. He is a Conservative Republican backed by other Conservative Republicans like Jim DeMint, Pat Toomey, Mike Lee, and Paul Ryan. He isn’t a country club Republican. He is allied with the very same people and organizations who have been knocking out country club Republicans all over the country.

      • The GOP in Arizona is trying to move to the “center” – evident in the defeat of Hayworth, Pearce, and Cardon. Fine. But thousands of voters like me will simply vote Democratic for this abandonment of the rule of law. You can argue semantics all day long as to what defines “conservatism”, but the punishment for slipping on silk panties will be defeat at the polls. Look at the bright side, once the Arizona Republican party loses a U.S. Senate seat and a few other key races, they then can drop the “conservative” pretense and go to full blown Democratic principles and policies. It’s win-win. The GOP can split election victories with Democrats, and the rest of us will get a new third party.

        • BTW, I forgot to mention that Arizona Republican voters are f****** idiots.

          The Arizona GOP got a super-majority in both houses of the state legislature in November 2010 BECAUSE they passed Arizona SB 1070. BECAUSE! Then what did GOP voters do?

          1. November 2010: slaughtered immigration enforcement hero J.D. Hayworth at the polls for bleached-out illegal alien-sucking amnesty whore pig meat John McCain.

          2. November 2011: ousted Russell Pearce, America’s most successful immigration enforcement legislator for invader strumpet RINO Jerry Lewis.

          3. November 2012: again rejected Russell Pearce for yet another Mormonized jumper-licker RINO Bob Worsley.

          4. November 2012: rejected overwhelmingly Wil Cardon, a man who was committed to seal the border, enforce the laws, and trounce amnesty – and spent millions of his own money to say so – for a liar and Democratic co-conspirator amnesty humper Jeff Flake.




          – we hardly knew ye.

      • Conservative American says

        @ Reality Check:

        Jeff Flake is a leftist.

        Jeff Flake is not Conservative.

        Who endorses Jeff Flake has nothing at all to do with what Jeff Flake is.

        Jeff Flake is a self-admitted liar. No one accused Flake of lying, Flake himself stated, “I lied. I don’t know what else to say.”

        Now, Reality Check, I have proof and irrefutable facts to back up my statements. Want to debate? Let’s go! Show me what you have to back up your statements and I’ll show you what I have to back up mine. Want to put the light of day on this? Let’s go!

        • Reality Check says

          Jeff Flake is one of the top conservatives in the House. His voting record proves it as do his top ratings from the overwhelming majority of conservative organizations.

          You can argue that a particular person is more conservative than Jeff Flake on one issue or another. But to say that Jeff Flake is not only not conservative but “leftist” is either just plain batshit crazy, the ranting of a bunch of bitter wackadoos, or both.

          Who endorses Jeff Flake has EVERYTHING to do with proving that you are CRAZY too. The idea that Jim DeMint, Pat Toomey, Mike Lee, Paul Ryan, and every major conservative organization would all be pushing a “leftist” is comical. Leftists don’t usually get ranked things like “number one friend of the taxpayer” or get years of number one ratings from Citizens Against Government Waste. It just NEVER HAPPENS!

          • Conservative American says

            No, Reality Check, Jeff Flake is NOT one of the top Conservatives in the House. His ratings from organizations mean nothing. His record proves that he is a self-admitted liar and that he worked hand in glove with “progressive” Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Chicago to co-author the STRIVE Act amnesty legislation which was shot down by his own felllow Republicans.

            When Flake first ran for Congress he pledged to not serve more than three, two year terms. He broke that pledge he made to voters, stating, “I lied.” So no one accused Flake of lying. Flake admitted that he lied. Flake is, in fact, a self-admitted liar who thinks nothing of breaking his word to voters. That is irrefutable fact. No matter how you may try, you can’t get around the fact that Flake is a self-admitted liar who cannot be trusted by voters.

            Flake didn’t just express support for illegal alien amnesty, he actually co-authored illegal alien amnesty legislation in full cooperation with one of the most liberal pieces of “progressive” Democrat bad news in Congress; Luis Gutierrez. While Flake’s fellow Republicans saw to it that Flake’s STRIVE Act amnesty went down in flames, then Congressman Rahm Emanuel actually co-sponsored Flake’s bill.You know, that Rahm Emanuel who went on to become B. Hussein Obama’s White House Chief of Staff and who is currently the Mayor of Chicago.

            Flake is not only NOT Conservative, he is an unabashed leftist of the worst kind, the kind who thinks nothing of lying to voters, as he himself has admitted.

            • Reality Check says

              “His ratings from organizations mean nothing.”

              Basically, your argument amounts to:

              1. The opinions of everyone you disagree with mean nothing

              2. The opinions of most major conservative organizations mean nothing

              2. The opinions of most conservative leader’s mean nothing

              3. Jeff Flake’s overall voting record on spending, taxes, small government, entitlements, federalism, etc., etc. mean nothing.

              all because he once worked with a Democrat on one issue that you don’t agree with him on. And therefore he is a “leftist”.

              That’s some single issue wackadoo logic for you.

              • Conservative American says

                First of all, Reality Check, there’s something you need to get your mind right about. “Endorsement” isn’t running for office. Jeff Flake is running for office.

                Secondly, you’re not fooling anyone. Readers can see that you have once again avoided adressing the factual issues I have raised and that you have avoided providing the explanations I have asked for. Instead, you want to attack me. Sorry, but the heat is going to stay right where it belongs, on JEFF FLAKE, not me, LOL! 😉

                Lastly, since you’re such a nice person, here’s something special to make your day:

                “Poll: Carmona leading Flake”

                “by Dennis Welch | 3TV Political Editor”

                “PHOENIX — The results of a surprising new poll in the U.S. Senate race were released Wednesday showing Democrat Richard Carmona beating his Republican rival.”

                “The survey, which was conducted by a GOP-friendly firm, shows Carmona holding a 5-point edge over Jeff Flake.”

                “Another surprising element in the race is the lack of money coming from outside spending groups.”

                “During the primary, the powerful Republican group, Club for Growth, spent more than $1 million helping Flake.”

                “So far the group has spent nothing on the race. The only money from outside groups came from conservative Freedomworks for America. The organization tossed in about $85,000 to help Flake.”


                Have a nice day, Reality Check! 🙂

              • Reality Check says: “…all because he once worked with a Democrat on one issue that you don’t agree with him on…”

                According to JPD (posted below):

                “…May 10, 2012 U.S. House Representatives (U.S. Senate Candidate 2012) Jeff Flake voted NO on H.R. 5326. By a vote of NO, Flake voted YES to continue FUNDING LAWSUITS the Department of Justice is filing against States that have passed, or are in the process of passing THEIR OWN IMMIGRATION LAWS…”

                So as recently as May, Flake voted against defunding DOJ lawsuits against Arizona and other states. Arizona is fighting illegal immigration, and we have an S.O.B. like this representing us in Congress? Voting to fund Obama to sue Arizona is treason!! So much for ” once worked with a Democrat on one issue.”

              • Conservative American says

                I’ve had enough fun playing with you, “Reality Check”. Yeah, I know who you really are. You can change your handle but you can’t change your style. It’s like a fingerprint, LOL! So now that you’ve called me names and attacked me personally, it’s my turn!

                Your “debate” style reveals you to be a liberal. Conservatives handle issues straight on. Liberals like you use name-calling, insults and avoidance instead. That’s because Liberals never have the truth or the facts on their side so they always have to use failed, disingenous tactics.

                Now tell us, “Reality Check”, do you support what was in Jeff Flake’s STRIVE Act? Yes or no? Just give us a straight up answer. That shouldn’t be too much for you to handle. Don’t be shy. Come on now. Yes or no? 🙂

              • Conservative means squat – it’s a meaningless word – it rivals the boy who cried wolf.

                Reality Check this: “Chocola has stated in writing that “Club For Growth considers illegal immigration a social issue, not a fiscal issue”…….. What about this FreedomWorks PAC endorsement of Amnesty Flake: In June of 2011, Ted Cruz was endorsed by Freedom Works, which is led by former Congressman Dick Armey (Wayne Slater, “Ted Cruz endorsed by Tea Party group Freedom Works,” Dallas Morning News, 6/1/11). FreedomWorks Chairman Dick Armey Has Publicly Voiced His Support For Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants…….And then there is DeMint where I’m in total agreement with Annette McHugh:

                REALITY CHECK this: NumbersUSA – Roy Beck is a white supremacist key word John Tanton.

                This is A reality check

                Are you sure you’re not the drunk from CD-9?

              • Reality Check says

                “Have a nice day, Reality Check!”

                Don’t get your hopes up on a poll when the article says:

                “The authors of the poll did not want to be identified because they were not authorized to release the details. ”

                Some poll! Ha ha. How about the latest real poll:


                “Yeah, I know who you really are.”

                Ha ha. I sincerely doubt you have even the faintest clue who I “really” am.

              • Reality Check says


                Shouldn’t you be busy helping Van “The Radio Man” lose his LD13 write in campaign?

              • Conservative American says

                ROFL!!!!!!! 🙂 Suckered you right in on that one, LOL! You’re so predicatable, LOL!

                Polls are as meaningless as are endorsements. The only poll which counts is the poll on election day and the only endorsement which means anything is the endorsement on the ballot by voters. Duh!

                Have a nice day, Liberal Check, LOL! 😉

              • Conservative American says

                Now, Liberal Check, answer the question. Do you support what was in Jeff Flake’s STRIVE Act? Yes or no? 😉

      • What……. just look at his nose, which direction does it point?

  4. Conservative American says

    Hi, Cassy! 🙂 You ask good questions! I’ll answer!

    The game changer is going to be replacing Obama with Romney, not Kyl with Flake. Why? Because Obama has repeatedly gone around Congress with executive orders, “rules” in various government departments, a “recess” appointment when Congress was in session and the assertion of executive privilege. Because Obama knows that he hasn’t been able to pass any legislation not approved by Republicans, since Republicans control the House, he has essentially nullified Congress! So electing Flake to the Senate isn’t going to change anything. Only getting rid of Obama will change things!

    You asked me this, Cassy: “You want me to keep the Senate controlled by socialists with ‘D’s behind their names?” Let me answer your question with a question. Do you want to keep the Senate controlled by socialists with “R’s” behind their names? Is that any better? This is the point. A lefty is a lefty, whether they have a “D” or an “R” behind their name. We need to rid ourselves of socialists, not “D’s” or “R’s”!

    Cassy wrote: “A vote for Carmona is a vote for someone who will surely cast more votes than Flake in lockstep with the hard line socialists.” We disagree on that point, Cassy. I’ll tell you why I disagree.

    First of all, it isn’t how many votes Flake casts in step with Republicans, it’s a question of whether he will break with Conservative Republicans on critical, important votes. I say he will. Why do I say that?

    Jeff Flake chose to co-author legislation with “progressive” Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Chicago. Gutierrez is one of the worst pieces of liberal bad news in Congress! What does that tell us about Flake? It tells us that he is willing to give aid and comfort to the “enemy”, the very people who you don’t want to be running things! When I called Flake’s office, they told me that Jeff Flake is “proud” of his collaboration with Gutierrez! He isn’t repentant at all!

    The legislation which Flake co-authored with Gutierrez was the STRIVE Act, amnesty legislation for illegal aliens. Flake’s fellow Republicans killed the bill BUT it was co-sponsored by then Congressman Rahm Emanuel who went on to become Obama’s White House Chief of Staff and who is now Mayor of Chicago! How aligned with the “socialists” can someone with an “R” after their name be?

    To top it all off, Jeff Flake is a self-admitted liar. When he first ran for Congress, he pledged to voters that he would only serve three, two year terms in the House. When he ran for a fourth term he was asked about his pledge and stated, “I lied. I don’t know what else to say.” If Flake lied to voters then, what won’t he lie about now? He’s proven that he is willing to say anything to get elected but has no problem at all not keeping his word!

    Lastly, there’s a bigger issue. The Republican Party will continue to put leftist candidates like Flake on the ballot until voters make it clear that they will not “hold their nose” and vote for them any longer! We are not beggars and we deserve to be given a choice other than “bad or worse”! The Republican Party is stacking the deck, giving us a choice between “left” and “left”. That is NOT a choice! That will stop as soon as Republican voters wise up and learn to say “No!” at the ballot box to Democrats in Republican clothing.

    • Conservative American says

      NOTE: This is what I originally wrote in response to Cassy which didn’t show up. Saved by deus ex machina, LOL! 😉

  5. Conservative American says

    By the way, Cassy, you are more concerned with supporting and electing Republican candidates to Congress than is the Republican Party itself!

    In Missouri, Republican Congressman Todd Akin is running against “progressive” Democrat Claire McCaskill for U. S. Senator from Missouri. But Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said that he won’t give Akin one penny to help him get elected!

    “Regardless, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus flatly reiterated on Sunday he would be sending no resources to aid Akin’s campaign.”

    “We’re not going to play in Missouri with Todd Akin, I can tell you that.”

    “Play”? Is that what Reince Priebus thinks this is, a game?

    You need to ask yourself, Cassy, what is wrong with this picture! Here you are, being loyal and true to the Republican brand, even supporting Jeff “Amnesty” Flake, and the head of the Republican National Committee is hanging the Republican U. S. Senate candidate in Missouri out to dry! What’s the matter, Reince, Akin not liberal enough for you?

  6. So I have been censored on this post, I don’t think that is a good idea.

    • Conservative American says

      I would like to see what you wrote, JPD! You write things worth reading!


        Turned it into a blog post and spiced it up a bit.

      • Turned it into a blog post and spiced it up a bit.

        • Conservative American says

          Oooooh! Thanks for posting the link! You’re a stitch, JPD, ROFL! 🙂

          You’re “cursed” with brains but blessed with a great sense of humor!

          Here we are, sitting on the deck of the Titanic, watching as the iceberg looms ever larger before the bow, saying, “Turn.Turn! TURN!” What do we hear back? “I’m a Republican and the Republican Party says to keep on going just as we are.” Duh! Hello! See that big thing in the water out there? That’s called an “iceberg”. Can you say, “iceberg”, boys and girls?

          Long gone are the days when the Republican Party could safely be characterized as Conservative. Infiltration and the attack from within, proven an effective strategy by the Communists, has made it such that each and every candidate must be considered on their own merits rather than simply accepting a candidate based upon party affiliation. Party affiliation has become entirely meaningless.

          I’m a registered Republican because there are still more Conservatives assosciated with the Republican Party than with the Democratic Party. However, we have too many Flakes and McCains floating around. Time for Republican voters to get a clue and toss the garbage over the side!

          • Reality Check says

            “Long gone are the days when the Republican Party could safely be characterized as Conservative.”

            Explain when the Republican Party was somehow more Conservative and running more Conservative candidates than it is now?

            • Conservative American says

              No problem, Reality Check! Let’s start with this:

              “How things have changed since 1994. That year, self-described Republican revolutionaries ran on a “Contract with America” that promoted a constitutional amendment limiting terms for members of Congress.”

              “They ran as citizen legislators — antidotes for “career politicians.”

              Where is that now, Reality Check? The Republican Party isn’t even stating that as a goal any more BUT that’s what got them elected at the time!

              Jeff Flake was one of those who ran on serving no more than three, two year terms in the House. What happened with that promise?

              “Jeff Flake pledged during his first campaign for Congress in 2000 that if elected, he would serve three two-year terms. But the Arizona Republican is running again to keep his seat in the House of Representatives.”

              What was Flake’s response when called out on breaking his promise to those who elected him? “I lied. I don’t know what else to say.” So the more Conservative idea of “citizen legislators”, as opposed to “career politicians”, has gone down the drain thanks, in part, to Jeff Flake!

              Now, let’s look at the last race for U. S. Senator from Kentucky.

              More Conservative elements were supporting Rand Paul. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, backed Trey Grayson. McConnell believed that Paul was too Conservative to win the general election. Today, Rand Paul is U. S. Senator from Kentucky and Trey Grayson is co-leading, along with Democrat Robert Reich, Gabrielle Giffords’ “Gabby PAC” whose stated purpose is to elect Democrats!

              Does that help to explain why I wrote, “Long gone are the days when the Republican Party could safely be characterized as Conservative.”? Look at the change in just the two areas I have focused on! The idea of “citizen legislators” has passed away as a stated Republican goal and the U. S. Senate contender favored by the Republican leader in the U. S. Senate is now co-leading, along with a liberal Democrat, a PAC to help elect Democrats! Do you interpret those events as somehow preserving or furthering Conservatism or do they have to be seen as moving away from Conservatism and more to the left?

              • Reality Check says

                The following statement of yours proves conclusively that you are an ignorant moron:

                “Now, let’s look at the last race for U. S. Senator from Kentucky.

                More Conservative elements were supporting Rand Paul. Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, backed Trey Grayson.”

                Just who were those Conservative elements? Well, the biggest conservative in the Senate to come out and back Rand Paul early was Jim DeMint. Guess who Jim DeMint backs in Arizona and backed in the primary? JEFF FLAKE! And the biggest conservative PAC that came out early and supported Rand Paul was the Club for Growth. Guess who Club for Growth backs in Arizona and backed in the primary? JEFF FLAKE!

                Jeff Flake is a part of the same group of Conservative elements in Congress who fought and defeated people like Grayson, Bennett, Specter, Lugar etc.

                You wackadoos are the only people in America who would consider Jeff Flake a leftist.

              • Reality Check says

                1994? LOL. Are you kidding? The current group of Republicans House and Senate GOP is WAY more conservative than the one in 1994. It’s not even close. There were so many more northeastern Liberals in the GOP back then it wasn’t even funny.

                As for term limits, the best term limits are called elections. More RINO’s have been defeated recently by elections than were ever defeated by term limit pledges.

              • Conservative American says

                Let’s refocus on the subject of these most recent posts.

                I wrote: “Long gone are the days when the Republican Party could safely be characterized as Conservative.”

                You responded: “Explain when the Republican Party was somehow more Conservative and running more Conservative candidates than it is now?”

                I offered an explanation which you are completely unable to refute, despite alll of you howling and insults.

                First of all, you have entirely avoided addressing the fact that the Republican Party has gone from advocating for “citizen legislators” to dropping even the slightest pretext of that. Would you care to speak to that point which you so studiously avoided?

                Once again, you return back to the only point you think you have; endorsements. Endorsements mean nothing. It is what the cadidate has actually said and done which is the only thing which matters. You can bring up endorsements until the end of time and I will come back with the irrefutable facts that Jeff Flake is a self-admitted liar and that he worked with liberal “progressive” Democrat Luis Gutierrez of Chicago to craft illegal alien amnesty legislation which was shot down by Flake’s fellow Republicans.

                In addition, you don’t even attempt to refute the fact that the Senate leader of Republicans, Mitch McConnell, endorsed Trey Grayson who is now co-leading Gabrielle Giffords’ “Gabby PAC”, the purpose of which is to elect Democrats.

                Now you do some explaining. Explain to me how abandoning the idea of “citizen legislators” and having the leader of Republicans in the Senate endorse someone who is now leading a PAC to elect Democrats equals becoming more Conservative. Explain to me how being a self-admitted liar, which Jeff Flake is, is being Conservative. Explain to me how working with Chicago Democrat Luis Gutierrez to craft illegal alien amnesty legislation makes Jeff Flake a “Conservative”.

                I’m listening. This time, try to address the issues instead of simply ranting and throwing out insults, practices which persuade no one.

              • Reality Check says

                “Let’s refocus on the subject of these most recent posts.”

                LOL! More like “Let’s ignore everything I disagree with and read another wall of text.”

                You are out of touch with reality. The reality is that Jeff Flake was allied with all the same groups as Rand Paul. Jeff Flake has no connection to Trey Greyson. He is connected with the guys who BEAT Trey Greyson.

                I’m not just throwing out insults. I am pointing out how out of touch you are. You are so confused that you have things backwards.

              • Conservative American says

                LOL! More empty assertions without any facts. More avoidance of the issues. You’re dancing around the issues but your dance isn’t working. It’s called “the avoid dance”, LOL! 😉

                Here, avoid this:

                “Poll: Carmona leading Flake”

                “by Dennis Welch | 3TV Political Editor”

                “PHOENIX — The results of a surprising new poll in the U.S. Senate race were released Wednesday showing Democrat Richard Carmona beating his Republican rival.”

                “The survey, which was conducted by a GOP-friendly firm, shows Carmona holding a 5-point edge over Jeff Flake.”

                “Another surprising element in the race is the lack of money coming from outside spending groups.”

                “During the primary, the powerful Republican group, Club for Growth, spent more than $1 million helping Flake.”

                “So far the group has spent nothing on the race. The only money from outside groups came from conservative Freedomworks for America. The organization tossed in about $85,000 to help Flake.”


                Have a nice day, Reality Check! 🙂

              • Conservative American says

                Now here’s a REAL easy question for you, “Reality Check”. Do you support what was in Jeff Flake’s STRIVE Act? Yes or no? Don’t give us a bunch of dancing around, give us a straight up answer. Yes or no? 🙂

    • JPD — I don’t know why your post was ‘censored’. I just checked, and it looks like it was flagged as “spam”. I can’t see why. Maybe it’s some automatic filter(?). I’m just a contributor, and it’s possible that an SA editor made a decision, but given some of the responses I read on SA, I don’t think responses are getting much of a review(!). The open nature of this site are one of the things I like about it.

      At any rate, I unflagged it as spam and approved it. It should appear now.

      All (well, almost all) feedback on my articles is welcomed by me.

      • Conservative American says

        Thanks for posting that, dleeper47. Helps to clarify things. Also reveals a rather interesting situation, LOL! 😉

        History shows that you do, in fact, tolerate all sorts of comments on your articles. You don’t try to censor or to hide out from things. You take the bull by the horns, if need be. Good for you! 🙂

        • Thanks for the support, CA — keep on truckin’ !

          • dleeper47: it was a spam hold due to too many links within the post (comment) I put up. As near as I can figure three links within a comment is the limit for posting up, When posting up more than three (on SA) a verification response usually pops up saying an email has been sent, confirm your (my) email and your post will be approved.

            The post (comment) in question has more links than usual which exceeded the site (programmed) limit where it was flagged as spam. No problem as SA has an excellent track record for allowing free speech, at least in its comment section. In any event it’s a privately owned site and can do whatever they want.

            • Conservative American says

              From my experience, you’re right about the three link limit. SA does have a good track record for allowing free speech. The post of mine which didn’t show up didn’t have any links in it but it did eventually show up in full. Gremlins? 😉

  7. Conservative American says

    dleeper47 added a link in the article to where the flag is for sale on the Obama website. That link is now down. Does this explain why?

    “Obama’s new flag looks like bloody Benghazi wall”

    “Circulating on the Internet is a combined image of a bloody hand in the last moments of life clutching at a wall at the U.S. compound in Benghazi where Ambassador Christopher Stephens was murdered and the U.S. flag redesigned with the Obama logo where the stars are typically placed.”

    “The point being drawn – the similarity of the images – is a graphic criticism of the Obama campaign’s indulgence in the Obama cult of personality, while the Obama administration neglects to provide adequate security for our diplomatic personnel currently in danger as the Arab Spring turns to a Muslim Brotherhood radical Fall.”

    “The American flag redesigned by the Obama 2012 presidential campaign with the Obama logo in the place of the stars and five red-orange painted lines in place of the red stripes was offered for sale last week on”

    “The advertisement for the redesigned Obama flag appears to have removed from the campaign website after criticism the American victims in Libya were desecrated and disrespected by the Obama campaign.”

    Of course the Obama campaign will say that the limited edition of prints simply sold out quickly. 😉

  8. Reality Check almost sounds like CD-9 the drunk.

    REALITY CHECK this: May 10, 2012 U.S. House Representatives (U.S. Senate Candidate 2012) Jeff Flake voted NO on H.R. 5326. By a vote of NO, Flake voted YES to continue FUNDING LAWSUITS the Department of Justice is filing against States that have passed, or are in the process of passing THEIR OWN IMMIGRATION LAWS.

    REALITY CHECK this: That brings us to the question of where in the Constitution does it grant U.S. Congressman the right to defer (proxy) their Constitutional Authority (enumerated powers) per ARTICLE 1, SECTION 1 to others, others that have not been elected by WE THE PEOPLE? The EPA that feeds its growing appetite, citing the need to control activities that affects ‘commerce’. Supported by Congressman Flake’s Expressed Consent by offering an amendment to an unconstitutional law.

  9. Subject at hand – the Obama FLAG (just love this modern art stuff) to me it looks like skid marks on a piece of shit paper with a thumb hole in one corner.

    Professional Political Image Protection Inc. L.L.C.

  10. Conservative American says

    …and now, some more about the Obama flag…

    “The Dissolution of the “United States of Obama”

    “Carol Platt Liebau

    “Apparently, the Obama campaign has surreptitiously dumped the mocked-up American flag it was selling in its campaign store.”

    “Good riddance. For someone who is so hostile to free enterprise, the President certainly seems willing to enter the market with some pretty sleazy merchandise. Perhaps his obvious dislike for enterpreneurs springs from a misperception that they, like him, will sell anything to make a buck.”

    “In any case, it is telling that he tried to market the flag in the first place — and equally telling that it is now gone. Obviously, they were getting feedback that concerned them . . . not that we’d know anything about that from the MSM.”

  11. VAN the radio man, that he is. LD 13 you say………. write in? Too bad about Darin Mitchell.

    Tell us Reality Check the reality of Bob Branch getting appointed. Has Bobby given up his christian ethics and morals to gain a House seat?

    Tell us Reality Check, how do you lose a general write-in election when the candiate will be disqualified? Better yet how do you lose when the other party isn’t on the ballot? Is there something you are trying to tell us? A scheme to defraud the voters perhaps?

    How do you lose when you are it and there is nothing else in sight? Care to tell others what the plan is?


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