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The new Andrea Dalessandro

The new Andrea Dalessandro

Question: When do you know that a Democrat’s campaign is in trouble?
Answer: The candidate buys a new, more politically correct car.

     Shopping mall developer Jim Pederson did it when he was behind Jon Kyl in the 2006 U.S. Senate contest. Pederson had been cruzing around town in a Lincoln Navigator SUV. He wanted to burnish his green image so he went out and bought a Mercury Mariner Hybrid. Nice effort but the trick did not work and Pederson lost the election. After his loss he was spotted motoring around in an S-Class Mercedes.

     Andrea Dalessandro had been driving around in a German made Audi A6, not too green there. So she went out and bought a VW Jetta TDI. We will acknowledge that the car is a sweet ride but we are not sure it will help her flailing campaign. Republican nominees Frank Antenori and David Gowan are still driving around their same U.S. made vehicles, not needing to remake their image in the middle of the campaign.

     As much as the Democrats love to hate Wal-Mart, it was interesting to see that Andrea is spending her taxpayer campaign funds at Wal-Mart, a Super Wal-Mart no less. Not once but twice.

     On another LD 30 note, Antenori blew off the Tucson Citizen and still ended up with their endorsement. The paper totally dissed Gowan, who did bother going to the editorial board interview.


  1. Man, who’s taking these pictures? Moe Syzlak?

    Does anyone know of any polling done in AZ, specifically for CDs 5, 8, and 3?

  2. You should also look into that charlatan Bob Lord in CD3. Bob shot his first commercial (subsequently been removed from the internet) in front of a Prius. He actually claimed the car was “his” in multiple interviews.
    Truth is, Bob doesn’t own a Prius. It’s his next door neighbors car and he borrowed it for the photo shoot.
    Bob drives an Acura.
    You’d think that for a guy who professes to the be the “solar / green” candidate in the race, he’d run that Prius around town with a Bob Lord sticker on the bumper and prove that he not only “talks the talk” but “walks the walk.”
    Not the case because he doesn’t own one. I know this because I have friends who volunteer for his campaign and they are afraid this will get out.
    Perhaps that’s why they removed the commercial from the internet…

  3. I heard one of Andrea’s ads the other day. She should have traded in her thick New Jersey accent instead of the car.

  4. Ken Jacobs says

    And Frankie Antenori tried to fake a story about signs in Cochise County. Only SA was sleazy enough (or stupid enough) to go along with the hoax.

    Frank Antenori, too dirty for thirty!

  5. Ken call the Sierra Vista Police Department and ask for information on Citation 08-34440. The facts are all a matter or public record.

  6. GOP Spartan says


    That was so cute, “Too dirty for thirty” did you think that all up by yourself or did you have one of your communist focus groups come up with it for you?

    You’re soooooo funny, you can be the grand master of the mental midget parade.

  7. Duke the Dog says

    So it looks like two Democrats got caught vandalizing five signs. It looks like the executive director of the Pima Dems is implying that the Sierra Vista PD and Judge Timothy Dickerson are co-conspirators in this elaborate “hoax” perpetrated by Frank Antenori.

    Hmmmm…. Who am I going to believe? A Police officer and a judge, or a Democrat Party hack who’s trying to divert attention from his two “alleged” operatives?

  8. Mitchell is down 5%. Giffords leads by 3%.

  9. The “CHECK LIBERAL” light is on in Dalessandro’s ride.

  10. kralmajales says


    What poll? That cannot be right.

    As for Andrea, she was great in the debate tonight on PBS….excellent. She had thoughtful answers. The others spouted the same free market baloney that not a soul on here can look in the mirror and actually believe.

  11. Well, if you’re for paying more in taxes and putting health care in the hands of government she was stellar. You want someone who will continue with illegal defecit spending, she’s your gal alright.

  12. Wow. Caught in the act of destroying campaign signs? I think there’s some stiff penalties for this. Five signs? Whoops.

    Must have missed this in the paper.

  13. The car trick is not unlike Gabby’s vote for the bailout to give her a solar energy badge to wear during the campaign. Always expensive, but never effective.

  14. Mariana Spier says

    Disclosure: I volunteer for Andrea
    …so I know when Andrea’s car broke down she had to drive her husband’s car for a while before she bought a new one. Your guy missed that one or he was intimidated by the war veteran licence plate?
    Who is taking these pictures? And WHY?

  15. kralmajales says

    Dont you know that republicans stalk people, Mariana? Remember the Hellon/Huffman thing?

  16. Just to clarify Toni Hellon was the victim. And Huffman was not actually accused of taking the pictures. That honor went to Bill Arnold. Read about it here.


    A rational person could argue that taking pictures of a car parked in a public parking lot is not the same as trespassing on private property and peering in someone’s window to get pictures of the inside of their home. Of course you need to rational to see the difference.

  17. kralmajales says

    Thanks for the clarification Josey. I definitely meant that Hellon was the victim, and I was definitely pointing out a link to Huffman’s campaign.

    Steve couldn’t have done it, he was busy hunting illegals at the border with a flashlight .

    The point is the same though, Josey, you have to admit that it is more than a little creepy that someone in the fold here would be walking around looking for Andrea’s car, or following her around, or whatever.

    Something that rational people don’t do, I think.

  18. An interesting view of the automotive industry. Where do you see the future of the industry, will it ever recover or will there be major casulties?

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