The national mood.

     After doing everything possible to undermine a border security candidate in 2006 (Graf) the NRCC and RNC have been calling and mailing asking for money based on, get this, doing something about illegal immigration. This is only one small issue that I believe has resulted in some strong skepticism within the ranks of the Republican Party.

     I believe Newt Gingrich’s article from last week honestly and correctly addressed this skepticism, not only among Republicans but among many within the overall electorate. Newt has not entered the race but I think this message would get the attention of the electorate, whoever delivers it. Whether he enters the race or not his intellect and vision would be helpful to the party.

     Mitt Romney came pretty close to Newt’s tact with this ad. He also released an open letter to Republicans hitting on the same theme. I do not think Romney addresses the issue as well as Newt but he is getting closer.

     Anyone running for Congress this year (seems like half of the legislature) would do well to reflect on Newt’s words.

     I guess the NRCC is having a little trouble connecting with the party faithful. I wonder if their betrayals in 2006 were worth it?


  1. Mr. Conservative says

    Newt & Mitt Romney both have grasped onto what is “wrong” with the GOP and the “Inside the Beltway” crowd. The voters seem to have had it with Washington, look at congresses 11% approval rating last week. Take heed all CD5 candidates, this is one of the main reasons why JD lost and why we Republicans seem to be loosing political traction as of late…

  2. Gee, “Mr.C”:
    The 110th Congress “enjoys” 11% approval without any help from me!
    In fact, I was the guy who broke with the White House on its failed amnesty vision, and took the matter straight to the Prez aboard Air Force One.
    I didn’t “go Washington…” I got Tempe in redistricting…and just as Bush lost Tempe by 8,000 votes when he carried Arizona by 5% in 2004, I lost CD5 by 8,023 votes in 2006.
    I knew 2006 would be a tough year just based on historical patterns–midterms in a second Presidential term rarely favor the party of the Prez–but it was a little tougher than I would have liked!
    The good news for the GOP is that there is no shortage of talented candidates in CD5.
    With hard work, a strong Republican turnout, and a UNIFIED party, we can retire my successor after two years of unremarkable stewardship.

  3. Honest polls (there are many that are not) show time and again that Americans are far more conservative than liberal or moderate. Further, as I explained to a grown grandson recently when he was considering a modest tattoo that it made no difference to me, as he thought it might. Instead he had to consider his future children. I explained that teenagers from cavemen days to today MUST rebel and throw out (at least to some extent) the beliefs of their parents. And it is clear to me since the general population can not possible be more liberal than it is (there will never be widespread fornicating in public and what else is left?), that HIS children are far more likely to eschew his generations’ liberalism and be more ‘Victorian’. We are surely headed for stronger conservatism. Be prepared for the future. The pendulum is in motion. Newt gets it.

  4. Newt got it a long time ago in the early nineties when he came up with the Contract with America, then he lost it in the euphoria of power as Speaker and maintaining the majority as opposed to maintaining the full commitment to the issues. I think that he is going back to his roots almost like an adult who knew the right, rebelled and paid the price, and is now back on the right track.

    Romney, unfortunately, does not have that track record and it comes off as too politically expedient as opposed to really having it as a core value. He has certainly not acted in any elected office consistent with his latest statements. Remember, he comes from a long line of establishment political stock.

    Romney has used his establishment credentials and contacts to get where he is and now that it is politically advantageous, he eschews them. It is almost as cute as pointing out that the courage and sacrifice of his son to America is proven by the son working on his campaign. What blarney – where is PT Barnum when you need him?

  5. The United States is going to become more “Victorian” in the future? HA!

    There’s a reason the Victorian Age ended.

  6. OK… I get Newt’s newletters, read them, and honestly wish all of America would! So, I could get behind Newt and will get behind whoever our nominee is, we must beat Hillary. BUT in all honesty, can Newt get around his negative public connotations of the past? Will the public be able to get past their distrust of Washington to trust him or will they see him as part and parcel of the problem? If he enters the race will it be one more way for the MSM to paint R’s with that broad brush they like so well?

  7. Oro Valley Dad says


    You are correct that Newt does have a past but the other candidates are not much better.

    Rudy – How many wives does one man need? His support for government funding of abortion is troubling. His “state’s rights” on the 2nd amendment is odd.

    Fred – Can he really sleep through the primary? Talk about a Washington insider.

    Mitt – Got the one woman for life thing down but does have some past positions that are less than appealing to the party faithful.

    Please tell me who’s past is any better than Newt’s. At least when Newt is speaking I do not feel like falling asleep or changing the channel.

  8. Oh I hear ya’… my concern is probably better identified as what transgressions will the voting public accept and what won’t they? I do not have the answer but it surely is something that needs consideration. In as much as dialogue and opinions seem to be easy to come by here, I thought I would ask.

    I will admit I am disappointed in Thompson. I have heard him speak previously and he had much more oomph than he is exhibiting now. I am not happy with what appears to be a lack of preparation. I was all for him and still am if he can get it together.

    Giuliani continues to make me look his way but I have real reservations there, too. Ex-wives are so common and since adultery seems to be a non-issue post Clinton which wipes that one off the slate for all. Guns and abortion, serious setback in my book.

    Romney. Nails on a chalkboard.

    Hukabee, extremely honorable man. Great VP possibility but not ready for prime time.

    McCain. I know better than to even go there on this site. But, you have to hand it to him. He is giving it a real run and I will not speak ill of him. Everything that needs to be said has been.

    But is Newt the answer or will he just raise the level of rancor over corruption and insider trading.

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