The Mea Culpa…Sorta

It’s over.

After months of needless foot-dragging, dishonesty, personal attacks and fake martyrdom, LD 23 has finally admitted what we’ve all known all along: Jim O’Connor’s organizational meeting was run improperly, rules were broken, and duly elected PCs were denied their right to seek elected office.

And a massive floor fight at Saturday’s GOP State Meeting has been averted.

On Thursday afternoon, LD 23 leadership released a “Letter of Understanding,” acknowledging for the first time that major mistakes had been made, and that the complaints from dozens of elected PCs were legitimate. In response, Chairman Graham did what he promised he’d do all along: he has agreed to seat the 119 State Committeemen who were “elected” at O’Connor’s flawed Organizational Meeting.

And so, here we are. Months after the statutory violations were pointed out, and weeks after multiple remedies were offered, LD 23’s leadership has admitted to its mistakes, albeit clinging to the lie that the complaints were “anonymous” (they weren’t) and denying they were notified prior to the meeting with requests for a remedy (they were).

But more importantly, this proves that this was never about the rules, or fairness to elected PCs. No, this was nothing more than a cheap political stunt by Jim O’Connor, giving him a platform on which to campaign. After all, why bother presenting a vision for the future or a plan of action at the party, when you can shamelessly demagogue and complain about big, bad Robert Graham.

Unfortunately for O’Connor, he has overplayed his hand. Now, just one day before the election, his LD leadership has admitted to a flawed and unfair process, and he is left with no plan, no platform, and no agenda for the AZ GOP. He’s proven that he is unable to run a proper meeting, and has not bothered to come up with a plan to move the party forward.


  1. Daniel J. Schultz says

    Well I see whomever runs this site is continuing the tradition of posting anonymous articles devoid of actual facts and full of, in my opinion, repeated falsehoods. Well, who knows, maybe the anonymous writer (it is labeled as a “Guest Opinion,” after all) actually believes what he writes. Apparently, it’s just an opinion. And, of course, the dear reader can take what any anonymous writer sets forth with a grain of salt.

    I read January 26, 2017 “Letter of Understanding” signed by Nancy Ordowski.

    I did not see anywhere in it the following:

    An acknowledgement “for the first time that major mistakes had been made, and that the complaints from dozens of elected PCs were legitimate.”

    That “LD 23’s leadership has admitted to its mistakes . . . .”

    That “LD leadership has admitted to a flawed and unfair process . . . .”

    Notice, no words from the “Letter of Understanding” were quoted by the anonymous writer as evidence for the bald, erroneous assertions.

    Will the “moderator” approve this comment, unlike another still being “moderated?”

    Thank you.

    Dan Schultz

  2. Mr. O’Connor and his supporters have been offered on multiple occasion, the opportunity to respond and/or provide guest opinions. It is our understanding that Mr. O’Connor and his supporters have chosen to instead, use the MCRC Briefs as a platform for response. Our offer still stands…

  3. Send your guest opinion to

    Get it posted before the meeting tomorrow!

  4. Daniel J. Schultz says

    So, WHO posted the “Guest Opinion?”

    SA: The guest opinion was written and posted by a longtime Republican activist and state committeeman who has asked to remain anonymous out of fear of political and physical retribution.

    WHO runs this site?

    SA: Shane Wikfors is the founder/owner/administrator of Sonoran Alliance.

    WHO, if anyone, will give evidence of the allegations in the “Guest Opinion?”

    SA: It is left up to the author of the guest opinion to respond to and provide evidence of the allegations.

    My guess? NO ONE will.
    SA: Your guess.

    Not whomever runs this site or whomever wrote the “Guest Opinion.”

    And guess what else? I would bet money whomever runs this site and whomever wrote the “Guest Opinion” will not prove me wrong.

    SA: Sonoran Alliance makes it a point NOT to disclose authorship of posts when requested, because it has led to all forms of retribution against individuals. We have even protected the anonymity of your sources and associates, Dan.


    “Not Anonymous” Dan Schultz

  5. Dan, Send YOUR guest opinion to

  6. Daniel J. Schultz says

    Please answer my questions.

    It’s called dialogue.

    It’s what adults engage in.

    It’s what political children do not engage in.

    Thank you.


  7. O’Connor lost today.

    Immediately after his defeat was announced, he and his entourage retreated to the hallway outside the auditorium to craft some type of pathetic claim of cheating.

    In the end they did not prevail.

  8. Republican MOT says

    the LD23 leadership has spent over $5000 to pay some lawyers to fight an issue they created.

    They should pay the LD back for their pathetic ignorant waste of $$$

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