The Long and Winding Road to GOP State Chairman.

road sign.jpgHere is a guest article on the saga of Lisa James’ attempt to be a deligate to the GOP state convention.

Amidst the din of mariachi music at District 8’s Christmas party at the Scottsdale Los Olivos Mexican Restaurant last Thursday; a barely audible announcement was made to the 156 people in attendance. As the attendees were chowing down on their buffet selections, chairman Royce Flora gave the assemblage the news that Lisa James had become a resurrected state committeeman.

James embarrassingly did not win election at her District 8 meeting where state delegates were selected, and was spirited miles across town to District 20 where she was mysteriously elected. After cries of “Foul!” from those who viewed these actions with suspicion, she quietly resigned. Amazingly, she has reappeared as a brand, spanking, new state committeeman back home. The pace is dizzying!

Seems Keith DeGreen, off yachting in the warm, blue waters of San Diego, chivalrously gave up his elected seat. DeGreen was not in attendance at the holiday festivities of the unquestionably accommodating district. Lisa joined the gathering about 8:30.

When District 8 balloting was originally conducted, the final list included 72 nominees through election, and 10 alternates, in sequence of their individual votes. James was far down the list at number 82. The next alternate is Maxine Decker, followed by Lynn Pajerski. There are eight other alternates lined up behind them. Those elected within their own districts are not technically state committeemen until the county chairman asks for a motion of certification. It is ethically appropriate that the person with the next highest number of votes would fill the position vacated by DeGreen.

Running afoul of proper procedure is becoming the name of the game as it relates to Lisa James and her quest for normalization while reaching for the pinnacle of GOP State Chairman. Since she was unable to affect a win in her home district, why are the state party heavies pinning their hopes on her for state chairmanship? The name John Sydney McCain III comes to mind. She is most definitely the establishment pick.

It will be a surprise if these devious moves don’t solicit a challenge at the January 13, 2007 Maricopa County Republican meeting. The party regulars are serious about the task before them. They are mostly tired of game-playing and uninspiring candidates who don’t represent the platform of the GOP. Lisa James has gotten off on the wrong foot several times, and the tough stuff hasn’t even begun.

Sonoran Alliance Reader.


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    So Royce Flora is complicit in this… That leaves Larry Pickard and Matt Salmon to put a stop to this… Is there any hope?

  2. Tonight, the Maricopa County Exec Guidance Council (all Maricopa County District Chairs plus at-large and board) voted to support Randy Pullen for State Chairman. Randy’s strong grass roots work and support were cited as just one of the reasons. The vote was nearly 100% in support of Randy.

  3. Snart Voter says

    I’m a long-time precinct committeeman and was once again elected as a state committeeman. Fortunately, I just found this site. I’m stunned at what I’ve read here about the steps Lisa James has taken while attempting to maneuver her way to the state chairmanship. We are embarking upon a crucial presidential election cycle and most definitely don’t need a woman who has the “take no prisoners” approach to getting her way.

    While it’s true I’m no McCain fan, that has been the case for a number of years. I haven’t voted for him in the past two elections. The McCoattails effect I keep hearing about will serve many well. There are all sorts of perks to be doled out to those who tow the line and many will do just that.
    I’m disappointed in our congressional contingent–except for Trent Franks–who was forthright enough to endorse California congressman, Duncan Hunter.

    McCain has never had a real opponent in his senate races, which is umfortunate. Stuart Starkey never presented a challenge. I wish someone had!

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