The Left: Republican PAC donations bad. Democrat PAC donations good.

     The liberal Blog for Arizona has posted a letter criticizing Representative Shadegg for his PAC donations. When it comes to Representative Giffords the Dems are silent about the PACs and only talk about the large amount of money raised. Here is Gifford’s list of donations for the latest quarter. Looks like lots of PAC money. Giffords received $5,000 from American Crystal Sugar’s PAC. (Estimates put the cost to U.S. families of sugar quotas at billions of dollars per year.) I wonder if Gabrielle will vote with all of the sugar growers in her district of with the families and consumers that she is suppose to represent.

Oh, Arizona 8th did a nice job scooping us on Paton’s plans in LD 30. We will return the favor with some breaking news on CD 8. Maybe that the field has now been cleared for the Republican favorite.

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