The Jana Jackson Saga Continues

This past week Sonoran Alliance reported that Janifer “Jana” Jackson, a candidate for the Superintendent of Maricopa County schools, has a serious ghost in her closet that voters deserve to know about. Years ago, when she was living in Indiana, she was taken to court over “check deception.” The plot twist? She failed to appear in court and subsequently had a warrant out for her arrest (see case number 53C06-9309-CM-04018).

Today, however, we are ready to divulge that this was actually neither the first nor the last time Jackson was charged with a crime, taken to court, and failed to show up. To be exact, while she was living in Indiana, she failed to appear in court on six other occasions. See the end of the article for the case numbers for further information.  

These cases range from Jackson being taken to court by her former home-county, the Monroe County Bank, the Bloomington Herald Times, all the way to being sued by the State of Indiana. Ladies and gentlemen, this may be the year of the outsider to run for office, but it is not the year of the criminal. We must hold our elected officials to a higher standard, especially those who influence our children, their education, and their subsequent futures. Jana Jackson is absolutely unqualified to be the next Superintendent of Public Instruction for Maricopa County.


Case numbers: 53C05-5903-SC-00591, 53C05-9408-CP-00841,  53C01-9405-CP-00556,  53C02-9311-SC-03072, 53C06-9311-CP-01378, and 53C03-9308-CP-00940.


  1. Mr. Rand McPherson
    I think you should be more careful in your research. You obviously aren’t very thorough and just read headlines and surface material vs the whole truth in a matter. This is wrongful information against Jana Jackson’s character.
    You are taking some misinformation about Jana Jackson and publishing it as if it is True statements which they are not.
    If you would have correctly done your thorough research into the matter you would have found all of these allegations were directed to Jana Jackson but her then husband of which she is not divorced from He was finally officially charged and convicted of all charges. Jana was cleared of all charges as she had absolutely nothing to do with any of what went on. Someone is putting you on a nasty dirty wild goose chase to discredit this upstanding courageous and honest Christian woman who is an excellent teacher and works hard to teach the children what is right and about the Constitution. She wants to eliminate Common core which is destroying our Children in this Country. She wants to give the children back their parents and have the parents have say so on what happens in the classroom. Her credentials speak for themselves. It’s nice you have all the Case numbers, to bad you don’t have the documents so people can read the truth of the matter to see she is not the criminal here, her husband is.

    If you truly wish to remain a Conservative publishing venue telling the truth, I suggest you research all of this to find the truth and do a retraction of what you have printed, and print the truth about this story and clear Jana Jackson’s name. Thank you.

  2. ok. i am assuming you don’t want to hear the truth and am being paid by mr. Watson or someone who wants Jana out of the race.
    I posted and it comes back with I already posted this and it appears to be a duplicate. I never posted anything regarding this issue until just now. So why am I being stopped from posting?

  3. I see what happened. I apologize. I apparently hit the post comment twice not realizing it took the first time and posted. So when I clicked on Post Comment a second time it saw I had already posted. I apologize.

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