The Hot Seat.

Jim.jpg     Watch Jim Kolbe squirm as he faces tough questions about his patsy Huffman.

     The stalking web site that Bill Arnold is alleged to been involved with was started sometime in February. Mr. Kolbe is clearly incorrect when he states that it was started after Huffman decided to run for the CD8 House seat instead of LD26 Senate. The correct time line gives Huffman plenty of motive since he was considering running against the target of the stalking web site.

     After Jim is done dancing around the issues the panel goes on to rake Huffman over the coals.


  1. The link to the panel discussion doesn’t play the part where you say that the panel rakes “Huffman over the coals.” It only plays the Kolbe clip, where the Congressman was as bitter as ever and tipped his hat to the thought that he might endorse the Dem or refuse to endorse Graf after he wins the Primary. Kolbe said that he is confident that Huffman will win the Primary. Anyone else, who actually has a brain, should be scared at the thought of Kolbe being right.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    Not sure what happened. I just tried the link and it took me right to the panel discussion.

    Try this link for the panel discussion and a plethora of other political stories.

  3. It worked a little later when I tried a different way in.

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