The Great American Giveaway

This happened in Florida when a woman by the name of Henrietta Hughes asked President Obama for a job, home, vehicle, kitchen and a bathroom.

Here’s YOUR chance to ask President Obama for whatever you want. Rest assured a member of his staff will be in contact with you shortly…


  1. I have a very urgent need to quit my job and collect money off of the hard working folks. Will your staff contact me asap?

  2. Kenny Jacobs says

    A person makes a plea for help and the President reacts like a human being. Your reaction is to ridicule the President and the situation. How very Christian of you DSW and LD20.

  3. Listen Kenny Jacobs,

    I have been out of work since November (14 weeks) and have a family of six to feed, a mortgage and plenty of bills to pay. (Yes, Christmas was no fun.)

    I have been diligently looking for work ever since and have even picked up part-time, temporary $8.50/hour jobs just to put food on the table.

    Yet, you don’t hear me whining and crying about my situation and demanding that President Obama cut me a check. So don’t preach to me about Christianity and compassion.

  4. But DSW, you don’t understand, Kenny was doing what is called ‘projecting’. He can see himself needing help. You don’t. And when the universal Katrina comes, you will survive. Good JOB!

  5. Kenny Jacobs says

    Iris, I would be careful about bringing up the concept of “projecting.” DSW, you are bitter and understandably so, but since you’d rather get points for not be whiny I’ll give them to you.

    Your anger and frustration screams in the original post, I suggest you speak with your minister about dealing with these issues. The patronizing tone in the comments post tells me you need some counseling sooner, not later.

  6. It's your own fault you're poor says

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