The good old days.

A few GOP malcontents made hay out of Randy Pullen’s “blue finger” press conference. While reading a story about Tim Bee we came across this gem – Garrick Taylor shows how it’s done.

Southern Arizonans will be thrilled to lean that Garrick may be applying his talents to the Tim Bee committee. Oh boy! I hope the results turn out better than they did for the campaign that Garrick was trying to help with that winning press conference back in ’06.


  1. TR named official GOP “malcontent” Thanks. Awesome. I love it.

    Garrick was working for all GOP campaigns in 2006. [A thankless job] Pretty much all Republicans but Jon Kyl had it handed to them…it was a perfect storm.

    So, anyone that has worked for a losing candidate isn’t acceptable? What about our fearless leader? 1999 35%. 2003 28%…And those were the good old days for Republicans.

  2. If Bee is stupid enough to sign up those losers, he will lose and deserve to lose. They ran Munsil into the ground and lost the marriage amendment. No one knows what they’ve ever won, so hire them at your own risk!

  3. Channel 12 was behaving the way most liberal publications behave in bashing on and making fun of Republicans. Why would we give any credit to what the liberal media does in this regard? They think that they are being funny in mocking Republicans. Its not Garrick’s fault that a rogue reporter decided to poke fun at him.

  4. Julie,

    While I sympathize and in some ways agree with your comment, I also tend to think that most communications people would have been able to see that this should have been a no-go from the start. Come on! How could anyone not expect the press to poke fun at the idea that two pieces of mail went missing.

  5. It is virtually impossible to defend the way Sproul, Taylor and the rest of them got their butts kicked. It isn’t a matter of simply being on a losing campaign, everyone in politics has that. But their win/loss percentage is obscenely bad. In a “results matter” business like politics seems to be, that they keep finding work is a testament to the power of the establishment in this state.

  6. Sorry, I don’t get it. This is actually the first time I’ve even heard of this – must have been “big” news when it broke.

  7. Pass it on…I heard Nathan Sproule was responsible for Global Warming, The bridge collapse in Mn. and the war in Iraq- Oh yeah and Pullen’s need for new friends…lots of ’em

  8. You get it? Bray… Like a donkey… No surprise to see a Dem sticking up for Sproul and attacking Pullen. Poor Nathan, he must be getting truly desperate…

  9. grassroots girl says


    What was significant was that Napolitano’s campaign acutally filed for matching funds with Clean Elections for a mail piece that had not been mailed. It wasn’t that “two pieces of mail” were stolen, it was that the Dems got their hands on a mail piece and then, without even checking to see it if had been mailed, filed to get state funding. I guarantee that if the role would have been reversed, Goddard would have opened an emergency investigation and tried to throw someone in jail – because it is a felony to defraud the state – which is what Janet’s campaign was doing. It was a huge deal, so much so that Jack LaSota, who was the Democrat appointed AG to replace Babbitt, appeared at at REPUBLICAN press conference to denounce the actions of the Dems.

    Not only did the press give the whole thing a massive blow off, not even the Republican County attorney did anything about it.

    Basically, it was a scandal that was monumental, and it got completely panned by the liberal press.

    What I don’t understand is how any of this has to do with Nathan Sproul – did he encourage Thomas not to investigate?

  10. GRG,

    Thanks for the explanation – very helpful and now I’m really wondering what really went on behind the scene with “the establishment.”

  11. Hello folks?
    Knock Knock!
    Grass roots Republican pay attention!

    It’s the losers that are looking for the campaign jobs again and they are out in force. This time they have set their sites on Pima and Pinal County cash, the Jim Click cash machine, as well as, and dumbo newbies to the political process who will all pay their way through the next round of election fiascos. They are losers – and sore losers at that!

    They have been tossed out of Maricopa County and have resettled in Pinal and Pima County. Sproul, James, Gill, and Judi White; they are circling the wagons and nuturing their wounds amongst each other – after being tosed out on their asses.

    The real grass roots circles of power and influence are in control in Maricopa County.

    Sproul and Comopany are shuttling to and from Pima and Pinal County daily. They are mining the outskirts of the state for whatever monies they can clamor together to make up for the losses of income that they raped from Maricopa County clients.

    It’s hilarious to watch the process.

    And every damed one of them is a loser. No wins. Zip. Nada. Nothing.

    Suppose that’s why they got tossed out on their asses?

    They deserve everything they get!

  12. Kralmajales says

    Eh…Bee’s gonna lose anyway…if he runs against Giffords. I still don’t see what this race gets him. He could wait it out a year and run for something feasible like Governor…frankly…if the Dems win the White House, Napolitano might be leaving us anyhoo…meaning someone will have to replace her and before her term ends.

    Anyone know the succession law here if Napolitano were to join a cabinet as, say, Attorney General?

  13. Pearce vs. Flake – CD5. That’s my district. Hmmmm…

  14. Diogidog- aren’t you just chalk full of conspiracy theories today?

  15. Sec of State Jan Brewer would become Governor if Napolitano were to get an appointment under a possible Democratic administration.

  16. Flake is CD6. CD5 is currently (unfortunately) Mitchell.


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