The Glass Houses of Lacey & Larkin

Following on the heels of the excellent post at, in which certain journalists were “exposed” on the issue of privacy, we decided to take the liberty of also posting some basic information about the so-called “journalists” who instigated the whole fiasco between Sheriff Joe and the Phoenix New Times.

(Did I mention that I’m no fan of Arpaio?)

The first photo is the home of Michael Lacey. He is one of the writer/publisher/owners of the Phoenix New Times. Lacey resides at 5734 N. 11th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014. In case you’re wondering his home is the one in the yellow circle. According to the County Assessor’s website, the full cash value of his home is $331,000.

 Lacey House

We’ve also included a photo of Mr. Lacey. He’s the bloke on the right. His buddy Jim Larkin is on the left.

James Larkin & Michael Lacey

The second photo is the home of James Larkin. He is also a writer/publisher/owners of the Phoenix New Times. As you can see he lives a little higher up on the hog; Paradise Valley, that is. His home is located at 6030 E. Hummingbird Lane, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253. According to the Assessor’s website, his home the full cash value of his home is $3,645,000. I’m guessing you won’t be able to readily access his neighborhood since it’s probably in a gated community.

Lacey Home

Here’s a recent mugshot of Mr. Lacey from his last visit to the 4th Avenue Jail.

Michael Lacey

We thought we’d share this information with you since both Lacey and Larkin were so willing to share sensitive information about elected law enforcement officials despite violating Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2401.

The difference between what we’ve posted and what the New Times posted, is that we didn’t break any laws. Oh and we didn’t reveal the contents of a grand jury subpoena.

I’m sure they don’t mind us posting this information since the latest update on their website confirms the general vicinity of where they live and even their lovely mugshots.


  1. Glass house?? Give me a break. Do you understand the meaning of the term? They don’t live in glass houses I suspect they couldn’t care less if you tried to mimic Espresso Pundit with your google earth pictures.

  2. SonoranSam says

    Actually, based on what I learned about Mike Lacy several decades ago, I’ll bet he’s royally pissed.


    In my opinion, this is the PERFECT way to respond to your dislike for the New Times decision to publish Sheriff Joe’s home address.

    It’s far preferable to the thuggish assault on the First Amendment that the Joe and Andy comedy team cooked up – and screwed up.

  3. Come on Sam,

    I respect you, but this is ridiculous. If somebody wanted to find Arpaio, Thomas, or the New Times owners, they can. This is a stupid fight. Nobody is put in danger because they publish it. If Arpaio was being threatened and his address was hidden so that the general public couldn’t find it and THEN the New Times published it then we’d have a problem, but that was not the case.

  4. Larkin apparently doesn’t represent the environmentalist wing of the Democratic party!

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