The Fence.

border fence 1.jpg   The debate over the recent immigration bill got pretty heated at times. One of the issues that kept coming up was The Fence. No one could even agree on how much of it had been built.

We were curious about the state of fencing so we put our crack border squad on the story. The reporting is not exhaustive but rather one days impression of three areas: Naco, Douglas, and the Coronado Monument.

We will have a series of article next week but we can report that there is indeed a fence. In some places it forms an impenetrable barrier in other areas it is just strands of rusted barbwire lying tangled on the ground.

We would like to salute the many Border Patrol agents that often appeared out of nowhere. They were vigilant but also polite and professional.

border fence 2.jpg

Update: Border Patrol decides on permanent checkpoint for I-19. Walden, mentioned in the article, was last heard doing ads in favor of the Kennedy residency amnesty bill.


  1. The rumor is that Nan Walden, who is mentioned in the article, is planning on running for the State Senate in LD 30. She is a big time lib with a lot of $$$.

  2. Gerry Mander says

    Just for clarification, the rusted barbed-wire fence you mentioned is cattle fencing. It was not intended as a barrier to keep people out. (

  3. kralmajales says

    yep…cattle fencing.

    I can’t believe that anyone wants to wall the US off from the rest of the world. I also can’t believe that you are willing to spend the billions of tax dollars to put this thing up and maintain it. Talk about a government program of mammoth proportions. I also want to see just who takes these jobs. Ironically, I would bet we end up hiring illegals to build this fence on the cheap. I just cant see many Americans in construction (who aren’t already in Iraq and Afghanistan) wanting to sweat it out in the desert unless paid a pretty pretty penny.

    Sounds again like government taking our tax dollars and paying it out to govt. contractors.

    Will any of you raise taxes to pay for it? Or would it be better to cut education and healthcare spendign to it?

  4. PartyGuy says

    You got a fence at your home Kral? Of course you do, as does every homeowner in America.

    And building the wall is a LOT cheaper than maintaining 20,000 extra border agents for all eternity, not to mention that its a lot more effective.

    And covering the cost? They estimate $4Billion to build it. The state of Arizona already spends $2Billion each year to educate, incarcerate and medicate illegals. The savings from this thing will be huge!

  5. kralmajales says

    I can think of a lot better ways to spend government money that would create savings, since that it what you seem to be advocating. Spend tax and spend to save money.

    Well, $4 billion on education in this state would empower our economy, create growth, and attract real companies instead of retirees. Spending on transportation, the same…infrastructure folks, not walls.

    Once you go down the tax and spend road on projects like this, you lose…you open yourselves up.

    For instance, it is hard to be able to say with a straight face that public schools is wasteful spending when you want to spend $4 billion on a wall and $650 billion on Iraq. The sliver it would take to improve education and transportation pales in comparison.

    This argument will defeat you in 2008.

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