The Face of the Opposition to URAPC

The opposition to URAPC was given $30K recently to block the efforts of volunteer grassroots principled conservatives.  And what are these volunteers with the United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives doing?  Gathering signatures.  They are even bringing their children along to teach them how to be an active participant in their state political process.  The right to petition your government is a fundamental right after all.

These volunteers are now facing paid petition blockers.  Chad Willems ran the “FAKE” petition drive for the Governors Team but for the last two weeks no one from URAPC has seen a “FAKE” petition.  They have seen the man in these pictures and in this video. They have experienced uncouth, foul, disgusting behavior in locations Brewer Thug 6across the state.

Racist insults fly.  A Guatemalan immigrant grandmother was called a “brown skin” in Tucson just yesterday.

Listen carefully to the video for “who doesn’t like black people .. sign up” “you are the same people who crucified Jesus” and in the end the young girl, who hangs her head throughout the video hoping to not be noticed, saying “he is scary”.

Shame on Restoring Arizona for resorting to such heartless measures.

More pictures available, including the “Giving the Brewer Finger” are available at:



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