The Democrats: More focused on defeating Republicans than solving problems

They refuse to call terrorists “terrorists”.  Their response to the worst environmental disaster is to point fingers and block the Governor of Louisanna and foreign firms from cleaning up the oil spill.  Their solution to near 10% unemployment and a long recession is to give handouts to their political cronies and blame former President George Bush.

But when it comes to patriotic and law-abiding Americans, the Democrats seem excited to call them “racist” and “violent”. 

And so it comes to the securing the border.  First Obama claimed the bill would lead to racial profiling despite having never read the bill.  Then Obama lied to Governor Brewer that he would visit Arizona with a plan to secure the border.  Now we find out that Obama lied about telling Senator Jon Kyl that he would not secure the border unless it was part of “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Byron York of the Washington Examiner sums it up nicely:

…Even if [Obama] didn’t have so many other fights on its hands, it would be unusual for an administration to align itself against an American state. But that’s precisely what has happened. Soon it will be up to the courts and voters to decide whether Obama’s campaign against Arizona will succeed or fail.


  1. If Gen. McChrystal’s comments about Obama are any indication of the current White House perspective…we are in deep doo doo.

  2. Jane 001 says

    Insightful post. It’s not just any ole Republican that Dems are targeting. Their sights are strictly set on conservatives and tea-party candidates. Dems don’t have to fear some Republicans, as they have their own candidates in various Republican primaries. 😉

    For our Marxist brethren, solutions-based campaigning went out with the introduction of sliced bread. They cater to the lowest rung of human emotion and that by crises and blame. Arizona’s SB1070 is the ultimate enemy because it’s entirely solutions-based and it empowers something other than a federal institution.

  3. Jane:

    Dead on!

    That’s why John McCain has never, ever had to face any substantial opposition from the Dems who, otherwise have the ability to conduct a competitive state election.

    They know a good thing when they see it! A reliable, extremely cost effective Fifth Columnist whom they can count on when the major chips are on the table.

    We now have the opportunity of flushing this Southwestern Spector into a politcal history toilet!

    Let’s take advantage of it!


    Since the election of George W. Bush, the Democratic PArty has been hell bent on eliminating the electoral college. THanks to a complicit media, which is failing it’s duty to inform the public, no one knows this is happening.

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