The delegate calls have begun

We are receiving information that the phone calls to delegates to the Arizona State Republican Convention have begun. It would be interesting to ask who is behind the poll and how they got your number.

To all state delegates – you do not have to answer these polls but if you do please leave feedback in our comment section.


  1. Frank Lee says

    hmmmmm. I don’t remember phone numbers getting handed out with the ballots? I wonder how many days is reasonable to obtain the CD ballot once the special request procedure is followed.

  2. Delegate says

    The calls asks 3 questions.

    1.) do you think we should stay the course in Iraq
    2.) do you think that the patriot act has helped prevent another terroist attack in the US ?
    3.) in the early primary who did you support..Ron Paul, Romney McCain ect..

    then at the end of the call it says this call was paid for by John McCain

  3. Sounds like a good idea to me. If they are a registered voter, chances are they are in the voter vault and the number is available. The questions are not intimidating nor do they seem to be intended to influence the delegate.

  4. They also ask if you want paper or plastic.

  5. There you go…it is all about global warming!

  6. Ann,

    How did they know whom to call? If just state delegates are being called then the list was given to McCain. Was the list given to any other interested parties or candidates?

  7. Delegate says

    I got the call on my cell phone..I do not care that I got called..Big deal. I think it shows proactive activities and shucks I felt like my input was important..which is more than I can say about what my wife thinks of my input

  8. Perhaps the state party gave the info to the campaign in support. The application form had personal contact info. I agree with Delegate as to the proactive effort.

    How do you know just delegates are being called? I’m a delegate and haven’t gotten a call. Shucks, I guess Delegate is more important than me….

  9. Delegate says

    they said when they called that “you are listed as a delegate to the state this robert _ _ _ ?”

  10. Ann,

    I didn’t know there was an application form to be a state delegate.

  11. You are correct Ron, I’m sorry; I was thinking of the form to be a delegate to the national convention.

  12. I think they have a full cavity search scheduled for those delegates. We get off easy this Saturday.

  13. I immediately withdraw my name….and no way am I working the credentials committee!

  14. Paid for by “John McCain” is a strange disclaimer. It might be McCain, it might not be. If it is McCain, then the disclaimer would be for his full committee name. I’m also not sure that you need disclaimers on polls. Since there are supposed to be at least two other slates, it might be one of them doing it. Then they just say “John McCain” because they are too lazy to look up his actual committee name.

  15. I don’t see what the problem is with the calls. A state delegate is not in a secret undercover special operation, although some may think so. I’ll only start to worry when the black helicopters come for me.

  16. Willard says

    I received a call….at the onset, I asked who they were making the call for the answer was: “I don’t know.”…..yet, the disclaimer at the end clearly stated that it was paid for by McCain…..

    3 questions, 2 about the war, and one “Who did you vote for in the PPE?”

  17. Randy Pullen says

    The AZGOP has not provided a list of the state delegates or alternates to anyone. Many have asked for it and we have refused to give it out. Obviously, we have released the ballot for the national delegates/altenates.

    The poll is not an AZGOP poll.

  18. Since “the list” was previously disclosed to be had by many people, the dots are not too hard to connect.

    Again, so what is the big deal with the calls? No intimidation, no request for support, disclosure of “paid for” after the questions are asked.

    We might have big problems (Klute, do not quote me) but we probably don’t need to be looking for windmills.

  19. State Delegate says

    Chairman Pullen,
    Why have you refused to provide the State Delegates list to State Delegates? In an open AZGOP election, what is wrong with inquiring State Delegates learning whom their fellow voters are? For that matter, may we get a public posting of the CD ballots as well? What am I missing? What is the reason for withholding pertinent election information from the May 10 voters?

  20. Hey State Delegate, if the Chairman uses his real name, you should too. If I were Pullen, I wouldn’t respond to a fake name…

  21. Another State Delegate says

    State Delegate brings up a good question. What is the reason for the secrecy regarding delegates? I do not think it is to protect the interest of our nominee. The delegates and all Republican voters have a right to know.

  22. Well I really feel left out, I’m a delegate and I haven’t been called and on top of that I’m reconsidering that credentials app I put in!

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