The deception exposed again.

Espresso Pundit recently highlighted the disingenuous nature of Pete Hershberger’s campaign literature. Now Tom Jenney of Arizona Federation of Taxpayers responds to a misleading column printed on March 26th. Jenney exposes the fraud being attempted by Hershberger in a letter to the editor for the Explorer News. You can read Jenney’s excellent piece here.

Here is the money quote from the response:

Hershberger and Burns were among the legislators who in 2004 broke from a fiscally conservative majority and joined with Gov. Janet Napolitano to push through a 19-percent budget increase—the biggest spending increase in over two decades. Although the budget was supposedly balanced, it relied heavily on fund transfers and other accounting gimmicks, such that the budget actually had a huge structural deficit.

Their past actions clearly explain how we got to a billion dollar budget deficit.


  1. GOP Spartan says

    Mr. Hersheybungler needs to switch parties now that the Dem has decided not to run for re-election to the LD26 Senate seat.

    Hershey has no way of beating Al Melvin in the primary, Al will wipe the floor with Hershey and probably in a fashion much worse than the way Al did when he trounced (Incumbent) Toni Hellon, in 2006.

    Hershey’s only chance to beat Al is to face Al in the General Election. This should be no problem for Hershey since he’s been voting like a Demoncat for his entire term in the legislature; the Demoncats are even likely to accept him with open arms.

    So what’s it going to be Hershey? Still going to pretend to be a Republican or be honest for a change and announce what you really are: a Democrat.

    They say honesty is the best policy, but you wouldn’t know anything about that would you?

  2. kralmajales says

    Its very very funny that Jenney didn’t mention that Tim Bee was the Senate President that brokered the compromise between the houses and essentially led the effort that some here are now criticizing Hershberger for.

    Looking the other way here are we?

  3. It was a response to Hershberger and Burns’ editorial, not Bee’s or anyone else. Jenney also didn’t single out any of the numerous Democrats who voted for that terrible budget, but Kral doesn’t seem to mind that. Looking the other way?

    Goldwater must be rolling over in his grave to hear those two RINOs using his name. They truly have no shame.

  4. Kralmajales,

    Thank you for holding us to account. Since this is primarily a forum to promote conservative ideas we are not trying to provide cover to anyone. If Senator Bee wrote a column as misleading as the one authored by Hershberger and Burns we would be happy to publish a story pointing out the inconsistencies. Since Bee has portrayed himself as someone who can work with others to get things done we do not see any contradiction.

  5. Frank Soto says

    “Since Bee has portrayed himself as someone who can work with others to get things done we do not see any contradiction.”

    How come this is a laudable trait for Bee even though his working with others leads to so-called non-conservative results, but the same trait makes McCain a traitor and not a true Republican?

  6. Sonoran Sam says

    Let’s get back to Pete Hershberger and Jennifer Burns.

    Yes, they have demonstrated a willingness to cross the partisan divide when it suits their constituents. That’s why they’re effective.

    But neither one marches in lock step with Democrats. Any claim otherwise is absurd. Burns will face a full-on challenge from Democrats in 2008. While the Senate incumbent in District 26 isn’t running again, Hershberger or Melvin will have an opponent as well.

    However, Hershberger and Burns both are willing to cross lines OCASIONALLY for things that matter to their constituents – such as better schools, better protections for children, and keeping state spending in line with revenue. That is solidly in the Goldwater tradition.

    John McCain has that same ability, which is why he is the best nominee the Rs can produce. He is a viable candidate for this exact same reason.

    By the way, Goldwater would be proud of both Jennifer and Pete, and he would be happy to see that Pete learned a few lessons when his mom was running Goldwater’s Tucson office.

    First of all, Freddy Hershberger displayed that same willingness to take on the extremists in her own party to serve the people who elected her.

    Second, Goldwater and McCain have something else in common. They were both close friends to Morris K. Udall, a Democrat who in 1982 ignored partisanship to take a young Congressman under his wing, provide advice and mentorship, and help him become an effective member.

    That member was John McCain.

    Don’t ask me. Ask McCain. Oh, right. McCain’s a RINO too.

    Maybe that’s not such a bad thing – if you want to be effective.

  7. Frank,

    Who said it was a laudable trait? I only said that Bee was honest about who he is. The issue is one of candor. Hershberger is deceptive in his approach to campaigning. With Bee and McCain you pretty much know what you are getting. This blog has been perfectly nice to McCain since he wrapped up the nomination so please sell your woe is John act somewhere else.


    On some issues Burns is a solid conservative. She is pro-gun, which fits the Goldwater mold. Hershberger on the other hand is clearly a liberal; the word RINO is too generous. There are Democrats that score more conservative that him on the annual issue surveys. Another trick Hershberger uses is to do everything he can to kill a conservative bill but then vote for the final version when it is going to pass anyway. Talk about extremists, Hershberger voted against Parental Consent for Abortion (HB 2263) and the Partial Birth Abortion Ban (HB 2769.) So your 15-year-old daughter cannot get an aspirin at school without permission but she can get an abortion without the parents knowing. Sounds pretty extreme to me. The bill even included a judicial bypass. Partial birth abortions are dangerous breach birth procedures in which a usually viable baby is killed within inches of being delivered. That is a pretty extreme position to vote to protect that method of death.

  8. Hershberger and Burns have led the charge for the largest expansion of state government and state spending in our history. That is nothing like Barry Goldwater. Goldwater understood that less government meant more freedom. Hershberger and Burns want more spending, more government, and then even more of both. And when they get it, they complain that they didn’t get enough of it.

    Burns is conservative ONLY on life and gun issues. Hershberger is liberal on those as well. There are no redeeming political qualities in Pete Hershberger. He is a liberal liar who poses as a conservative in tough election times.

    It isn’t brave to roll your own party. It isn’t brave to betray your party’s principles on a regular basis. It doesn’t take courage to shoot your fellow Republicans in the back and campaign for their Democrat opponents.

    When Kral and Sam offer liberal plaudits for Hershberger and Burns being such brave souls, it is exactly what it is. Proof that these two are the favorite Republicans of the left because they are leftist Republicans. All the more reason to kick them out of office.

  9. We realize that Representative Burns gives heartburn to some within the party but we appreciate her votes in support of life and for firearms rights. Since she wins elections in an otherwise Democratic district we look at her service as a big plus for Arizona’s youngest and most innocent residents. Regarding spending the feds can always print more money but each baby is a gift from God and should be treated with respect.

  10. Is Burns better than a Democrat? Probably… So the fact that she wins in a Dem district earns her somewhat of a pass.

    Hershberger has no such excuse. He is terrible on life and gun issues and he is taking up a Republican seat. Its time for the GOP to take back Hershberger’s seat! He really isn’t any better than a Dem…

  11. Kralmajales says

    I do think the exact same arguments of this post should be forged against Bee too. He was the most instrumental, more instrumental than Hershberger and Burns, in getting that budget passed. Period. End of story. You attack them not just as hypocrites but because of the stance they took. Bee didn’t only take the same stance, he led it!

    I do think he is getting a pass from you all but its obviously your decision. But if Burns and Hershberger are so called Rhinos then I am not at all sure what to call be…the King of the Rhinos on this issue?

  12. Kralmajales says

    Oh and I don’t think he has been up front and honest with you about his fiscal responsibility. If he had, you would know that what I am saying is just plain true.


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