The Day Washington’s Words Became A Bad Word in Glendale, Arizona

George Washington

Professor Walter Kehowski is in a fight for his career. What was his crime? Harassing female students? Stealing from the college system? Plagerizing?

No, the Glendale Community College professor crossed the line when he sent out a harassing email message. What was the message? It was none other than George Washington’s 1789 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation! Also included in the email message that was sent out by Professor Kehowski was a link to a political commentator by the name of Patrick Buchanan.

According to the Arizona Republic, District Chancellor, Rufus Glasper, “notified the professor March 9 that he intended to recommend to the governing board that Kehowski be dismissed. He said Kehowski’s Nov. 22 e-mail violated the district’s electronic communications policy, which prohibits using district e-mail for private or personal matters.”

The Republic continues, “Glasper’s letter says the professor continued to disregard district policies despite previous sanctions and directives. Kehowski was suspended without pay for five days in September 2005 for a similar violation.” (read Republic article)

Whatever happened to free speech? Moreover, didn’t the legislature pass legislation in the past exhorting our students to learn American history and documents?

Regardless, five employees at Glendale Community College had their feelings hurt by the Professor and Our Founding Father and the link associated with Pat Buchanan and his immigration policy.

Maybe these employees ought to pick up a copy of George Orwell’s 1984. 

On June 5th, a hearing will be held to take up the fate of Professor Kehowski. This will be an opportunity for the members of the Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board to do the right thing and restore our confidence in the college system and more importantly, our right to free speech and historical preservation.

Two of the current board members are friends and strong conservatives. I suggest you contact them and let them know how you feel:


I also suggest you contact Rufus Glasper.




  1. The selective enforcement issue will be a costly one for Maricopa County if this recommended action is upheld by the Governing Board. All it will take is a handful of emails that do not fit the narrow description of allowable email use, and in this day and age that won’t be too hard to come by, and the wrongful termination suit will be headline news. I wouldn’t be too sure if Chancellor Glasper doesn’t have one or two in his inbox that just might not fit such a restrictive usage policy; his hard drive would be very interesting.

    The MCCCD has had its share of scandals this year, perhaps Rufus should have been paying more attention to the dollars spent by some administrators and less worried about a handful of crybabies who chose to take offense.

  2. Incidentally, here is Pat Buchanan’s take on this:

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