The Day is done.

     The Pima County District 1 race is really heating up. Long time incumbent Ann Day looked safe for another term until local small businessman Joe Higgins entered the race. Higgins is running a professional, all out campaign. His web site at Vote Higgins is live and now he is going straight to the voters with You Tube videos. He is moving fast on getting his signatures and has some serious backing in the fundraising area. At this time I could not even find a campaign web site for Ann Day.

    Some will say Higgins got in the race late but the real question is can Day react before it is too late. Maybe she can get a web site going before early voting is half over but we are not sure about her You Tube strategy.


  1. And his party affiliation is….? I understand the voter numbers in Pima but can the guy at least acknowledge his party somewhere on the web site? I did a quick look and couldn’t find anything.

  2. I am a proud Republican and have been so since I turned 18 in 1987. I believe that ‘Governement can not solve our problems, governement is the problem.’ – To quote Reagan.

    Visit our web site to learn more about our message and what I stand for.

    Can we afford another 4 years of the same. Doesn’t Ray Carroll need some help in pushing forward against the bureaucracy? Four years ago NONE of the sitting Supervisors were challenged. This election cycle has 3 our out of 5 Supervisors are being challenged in a general or primary election. That sounds like mandate for change.

    I would question our current District 1 Supervisor on some of these decisions while in office these past 8 years.

    Publicly supporting a NEW sales tax that would cost Pima County residents $55 million plus each year. Supervisor Ray Carroll stood firm, and blocked the measure which required a unanimous vote, politics took over and the vote your District 1 Supervisor flip flopped to the issue and voted with the Republican minority when it was safe to do so.

    Continually blocking economic development and expansion opportunities in Oro Valley. Pima County needs to be a partner with it’s local communities not a bully them into line. Smaller Pima County government will save us all in skyrocketing property taxes.

    Being the only vote AGAINST forming the Pima County Small Business Commission. Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy.

    Failing to play a leadership role in most major issues facing our region. We need a representative who will be out front on moving Rio Nuevo forward, saving spring training or supporting TREO’s strategic planning for economic growth in the region. We need leadership now more than ever.

    My name is Joe Higgins, you may not know me know but you will. I am asking for your vote and your support.

  3. I’m still not sure what Ann Day has ever accomplished on the Board? Anyone care to fill me in?

  4. No disrespect intended Mr. Higgins, but is there a reason you do not display any party on your “youtube” message or web site?

    Is it a political move to not bring negative party affiliation into the general? I don’t have a horse in this race, so there is no wrong answer, I’m truly just asking.

  5. Ann,

    I’ll admit there is not an Elephant running across his web site but simply reading his home page will reveal this statement.

    As a proud Republican candidate I am asking for your vote and support. Mail-in ballots will be arriving July 31st. Primary voting is open to all registered Republican and Independents. Election day is September 2nd 2008.

    District 1 is strongly Republican so I do not think there was some ulterior motive.

  6. I’ll look again, thanks for the clarification. There can be too much party stuff, which tells me they want me to vote for them because they have an R after their name and not because they are the best candidate. It can go both ways.

  7. Joe' s a No says

    This guy is ill advised to try to enter into a race against a well known tried and true community and public servant.
    Josey must be “buds” with guy to be so personally involved in stoking the flames. But then again he loves to “pot stir”…Can’t help himself.
    This is bad form on Higgins part and the sad part is that the money that could be spent to shift the balance of power and help Barney get elected will now be going to Supervisor Day’s war chest. She has more support than anyone knows and not just with the big guys. I hear my neighbors talking about what she has done for their area and how she does not take credit for everything she does. Joe Higgins seems to like to have his picture everywhere but we do not need more ego driven politicians. Joe Higgins is hurting the party and hurting himself…What a waste of time and resources..all that to lose…He will lose and the Dems win.. I guess if that what he wants to be known for then so be it…
    Ann Day is here to stay !!!!

  8. No,

    For a second there I thought you wrote of the incumbent “a well known tired and through … servant.”

    I am covering the news because I think Higgins is running an innovative and exciting campaign. When Ann Day gets her web site up and running and she does some You Tube videos I promise I will cover that story.

    I am sorry that Barney Brenner’s strategy depends on Ann Day’s money. The voters of District 1 are still entitled to vote on who their supervisor will be. If Brenner wants to win he should focus on walking Gladden Farms, Continental Ranch, Star Valley, etc. and less on who is running outside his district.

    If you prefer the sanitized version of Pima County Republican news maybe the Elephant Tracks is more your style. We try to cover news that people would actually like to read.

    re: “Day is here to stay” Day would have only stayed long enough to step down mid-term when some insider was ready to be appointed.

  9. It looks like Steve Emerine also likes to “pot stir” He even dared to bring up the fact that Higgins is running against Ann Day.

  10. Crome Dome says

    There is no strategy that makes it smart for Joe to run. Seems like some of the posters of the threads on this site are getting cranky towards their own familia the Pima County Republican Party (elephant tracks) Ann Day, Tim Bee just to name a few. I heard those rumors about Day stepping down after 2 years and decided to ask the question and it is just not true.

    I like blogs I really do and I have read SA for a long time. It seems lately like SA is just throwing anything against the wall to see if it gets a reaction out of people. I like debating the issues and avoid all the personal digs. Why not discuss what we need to make the County better or the city better and leave the “throw the bums out” and get new bums mantra. Don’t we get that enough from the other side already ? As for you tube..?? Well now that is a stretch. I do not think the measure of candidate appeal should be based on how quickly (or not) a web site gets up or a tube video (or not) production schedule. I wonder if SA has lost their way ?

  11. Maybe Barney should concentrate on winning his election instead of having his minions write attacks about Higgins. A campaign needs a good message and solid ideas. Money helps but cannot solve everything. I hope that Barney is not counting on Day for his campaign theme as well as funding.

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