The Club Scene in Tempe and Scottsdale

No, we are not talking nightlife. The Club for Growth has released their AZ CD 5 ad. Here it is. According to the Club web site, the ads should start running today, July 29th.


  1. Do you guys all remember that guy that was threatening to jump off the Senate building last week? Well, I have it on good authority that he was a Club For Growth member who had blindly sent money to David Schweikert only to find out he was twice endorsed by the AFL-CIO…AFTER the check had been cashed! The Horror…the horror.

  2. AZGOP- that is funy!!

  3. AZpublius says

    I’m not a campaign finance expert, but when you have a group doing an independent expenditure, as this seems to be, are they allowed to use photos (and video?) that were produced by the campaign they are independently supporting? that is what this looks like.
    But I could be wrong.

  4. “I left feeling sorry for myself — I have all this campaign debt I have to pay for, I have to rebuild my business, I screwed up a relationship because I was running,” Schweikert said.
    — East Valley Tribune, 11-4-07

    This guy is a joke.

  5. Joshed, David is running on his 2 terms in the House 15 years ago. If that is all he has to run on, I feel bad for his supporters.

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