The Brewer Ruse: Offering Arizona on a Silver Platter to Obama.

There is a ruse afoot. The highly paid political consultants are failing in their attempt to help Governor Brewer surrender Arizona to Obama so a deceitful plan is being hatched to secure a few votes.  As Obamacare collapses on the national stage the Governor doubles down determined to make Arizona the victory of the year for the Democrats. Arizona – land of SB1070 – leader of State Rights – what a trophy for the Democrats!

Surrender AZThe estimated whooping $750K provided by the Chamber and Hospitals to ram Obrewercare down our throats failed to bully the Legislators or change the mind of Arizonans. Two months of heavy handed intimidation of Republican county and legislative chairman, precinct committeemen, legislators, and weeks of TV ads saturating the public has resulted in the Governor losing 2 more Republican votes in the House and putting 5 votes from the FOR to “on the fence”.

Senate President Andy Biggs and Speaker Andy Tobin have maintained a stalwart stance defending the core Republican tenant of limited government and protecting the state from the train wreck that is Obrewercare. Last week the embattled Republican leadership hindered the Governor’s attempt to employ a downright rotten Nancy Pelosi parliamentary trick to bypass the normal legislative process – just to get her way.

So now Governor Brewer plots to give Arizona a deceitful amendment and utilizes yet another Obama skill: community organizing.

The Governor plans to add an “amendment” to Obrewercare that she knows the courts will rule as unconstitutional because they already have. The amendment will state that no money will go to Planned Parenthood. This is a cover for Pro-Life Representatives Boyer and Orr, and perhaps Pratt, and Mesnard to vote FOR Obrewercare. The problem is that the US Supreme Court just ruled that you cannot deny Federal money to go to Planned Parenthood.

Just in case this deceptive plan fails the governor has a backup plan. She is turning to a far extreme leftist organization for help since her highly paid political consultant is failing to deliver Arizona on a silver platter.

Yes you read that correctly. Valley Interfaith Project, VIP, proudly proclaims a Marxist mission defining itself as “a non-partisan organization of dues-paying member congregations, schools, unions and non-profits committed to building relational power through organizing people for sustainable social and economic improvement.”

Governor Brewer, Majority Leader John McComish, and top Brewercrat Heather Carter attended the VIP meeting to drum up support for Obrewercare! The Republican McComish relished his newfound community organizing role leading the way with rallying cries and inspiring phrases. McComish, who just this last week threw the precinct committeemen of Arizona’s star legislative district 18 under the bus, calling his PC’s an inconsequential minority, showed true leadership with his newfound socialist friends –  passing out signs and calling for widespread community organizing.

Let it be clear – Governor Brewer and the newly minted Brewerlib, John McComish, are utilizing a Marxist group to community organize against their own party.

Governor Brewer seems oblivious to the fact that she is handing the Democrats the victory of the year – Obamacare in Arizona.


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